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Gina looked at Caroline with shock. She didnt expect her to agree to let Kiddo and her live in the restaurant.

She had stayed in the restaurant before, but that was before Caroline came back. She stayed in the big fish tank, but now… where should she stay

Mag saw that Irina had agreed, so he lifted Kiddo up high and gave her a peck on her cheek. “From today onwards, Kiddo will live in the restaurant. Father will tell you bedtime stories every night.”

“Oh yeah! I love that I now live in the restaurant!” Kiddo hugged Mags neck and pecked him on his cheek too.

“Kiddo, are you deserting your favorite Big Sister Babla” Babla looked at Kiddo aggrievedly.

Kiddo turned around and said to Babla with a cute voice, “Be good, Big Sister Babla. You can come and sleep in the restaurant too. Ill ask Father to tell you bedtime stories too. If you are afraid, he can even sleep with you.”

“Forget it…” Babla quickly shook her head.

She didnt have the guts to ask the boss to sleep with her in front of the lady boss.

As a demure princess, she could never say that out loud.

“I can do that.” Camilla suddenly spoke up lazily. She crossed her legs and leaned back against her chair as she flirtily said to Mag, “My sleep has been very bad lately. I always lose out on my sleep at night. I think I should be able to sleep very well if I get to listen to Boss bedtime stories.”

“That is your species habits. It has nothing to do with bedtime stories.” Mag frowned as he looked at Camilla judgingly. It seemed like this woman was still trying to make trouble. She actually wanted to come and sleep in the restaurant now.

Then, his gaze landed on Irina at the side, but Irina didnt say anything. She was just smiling gently as though all of this was none of her business.

The maidens revealed a curious expression. Gina had to come to sleep at the restaurant reluctantly, while Babla was just teasing Kiddo. However, Camilla was taking the initiative by requesting to sleep in the restaurant and listen to Boss bedtime stories.


Did Camilla and Boss have something between them

Different from the others, Camilla had never appeared in front of the customers as Mamy Restaurants employee. She always left after doing her work and eating her employees meal before the operation began.

If she was only doing it for three meals a day, given her status and fortune, she had no problems eating three meals at Mamy Restaurant daily.

Hence, what was her reason for staying at Mamy Restaurant

Did she love the job of chopping ingredients

It didnt look like it.

Looking at it now, she might be lusting after Boss body.

If not so, why did she ask to stay in the restaurant after Lady Boss came back

“Thunderstorms are raging at night lately. I cant sleep at night and Im afraid of the thunder,” Camilla said to Mag daintily and even winked at him.

Mag frowned even harder. This woman was very bad. A 9th-tier powerhouse said that she was afraid of thunder This was a Batwoman who dared to drink fresh blood.

“We dont have so many rooms in the restaurant. If you want to listen to bedtime stories, I can record a few on the photostone for you and you can take it back with you,” Mag said smilingly. He deliberately emphasized on the wordphotostone.

Camilla clenched her teeth in anger. Was this fellow still trying to control her with the photostone

Hmph! She might be afraid in the past, but now

Camilla flicked a glance at Caroline. What would happen if Lady Boss knew that Mag had done that to her

“Then, I want two photostones and you know what kind” Camilla looked at Mag and extended two fingers with a meaningful smile.

Miya raised her hand and said, “Is the sleep-inducing effect that good Can I have one copy too”

“Alright, Ill give them to you later.” Mag nodded, pretending not to understand Camillas underlying meaning.

“If the photostones effect isnt good, I will come and sleep on the floor. I dont really care about having a room.” There was a hint of cunningness in Camillas smile.

“Lets eat. Lets eat.” Mag quickly changed the topic as he looked at Irina with the corner of his eyes.

Now, he was a little worried that Camilla would try kamikaze. If the photostones matter was exposed, they would both lose.

Although Camilla would be the one to be disgraced, who took the photostones footage Who was the sadist!

See, didnt that problem land onto him again

“Big Sister Camilla, our room is huge. If you want to sleep on the floor, you can sleep together with Ugly Duckling. The carpet is super soft too,” Amy said generously.

Camilla looked at Ugly Duckling, who was crouching on the floor and eating with full concentration, and disdainfully said, “Im not going to sleep with Ugly Duckling.”

“Meow~” Ugly Duckling turned around to look at her with disdain and contempt in its eyes too.

“How dare you look down on me!” Camilla was furious.

“What evil thoughts can a little kitty have” Kiddo said, looking at Ugly Duckling.

Ugly Duckling turned around and meowed at her fawningly.

“Then, let it sleep outside of the door.” Kiddo continued.

Ugly Duckling: “…”

How could she say that

Of course, as a completely domesticated ride, it dared not say anything. It could only look to Amy for help.

This was its real mistress. It only let Kiddo ride on it because of its mistress.

After pondering for a while, Amy nodded. “This is a good idea. Ugly Duckling has been snoring very loudly lately.”

Ugly Duckling continued eating the meat in its bowl.

Yes. Love would indeed disappear.

After the lunch service was over, Mag didnt go out. Instead, he went upstairs to have a discussion with the system. He was going to prepare a room for Gina.

Gina was already used to sleeping on the bed. He didnt have to prepare another tank for her to sleep in.

However, Mag still prepared a separate shower and a huge bathtub for her.

The setup was similar to their master bedroom. It could prevent the awkwardness of her having to go to wash up at the common washroom.

That was the advantage of having a big house.

There was still plenty of unutilised space above the designated hot pot area.

Irina stood at the door with her arms across her chest and asked Mag, who was pretending to organize the room, “Dont we have a lot of space Why dont you let Camilla move in too”

“Its inappropriate,” Mag answered calmly.

“What secret do the two of you harbor” Irina walked in and stared straight into Mags eyes.

“If we indeed had something going on, either she or I would have been dead by now, right” Mag looked into Irinas eyes calmly.-

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