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Chapter 123: The Winner

Paz Town/Game Venue

The noise of the audience stopped, and only the reverberation of the roar created by the falling meteorite echoed.

There was no longer a stage in the area where Kelvin and Sylvia were fighting, and only the upper layers of the giant ice star were visible from the ground.

There didn’t seem to be any effect outside the barrier, but the two were nowhere to be seen in the sky or around the ice star.

“Eh, erm, Goldiana.

Please explain…”

“It looks like an emergency, so I won’t stall.

During the fall, Sylvia stabbed her and Kelvin’s hearts and crashed.

“Well, didn’t the shrine maiden’s death avoidance magic activate when she stabbed in the heart Did that activate a second time as well”

“It was a disposable one-time use!  Rescue! I must rescue the two! Hurry up!”

Goldiana’s cry brought the people back to consciousness.

Famous adventurers and warriors from around the world rushed into the barrier, but they were puzzled as to what to do in front of the ice star.

Sylvia’s S-class Blue Magic [Falling ice star/Hail Meteor] generated the giant ice star, they were taken aback by its excessive scale.


“How should we destroy this Shall we smash it with a hammer”

“Don’t touch it carelessly! You’ll get hurt the moment you touch it!”

“Melt it with red magic! Someone, a magician…”

While everyone was confused, there was a person who suddenly approached the ice block while raising a cloud of dirt.

“Get out of the way!”

It was Goldiana.

She jumped down from the commentary seat while changing her red fighting aura to pink.

Whether they were defeated by the aura or there was something instinctive about it, people naturally opened the way.

“Everyone, get out of the barrier! I’ll take this away”

When the aura was about to converge on Goldiana’s right arm, the giant star in front of her distorted.

“This is…! Everyone, evacuate! It’s gonna collapse!”

Along with the scream, several lines were engraved on the ice’s surface.

All of them were traces of slashing attacks.

The passing slash reached the sky beyond the giant star, cut through the barrier, and flew away.

Eventually, the giant star began to collapse in a short time, and now that the barrier had disappeared, the gigantic pieces of ice began to snow outside the stage.

During that time, slashing attacks continued, minimizing the wreckage of the ice star.

“Run with all your might!”

“Magicians, build a new barrier! Ensure the safety of the audience, hurry up!”

The collapse of the giant star adds to the chaos in the venue.

Luckily, there was a distance to the audience, so it didn’t seem like there would be much damage, but it could still happen.

People were trying their best to get into action.

“Eight heads pyro hydra!”

A single red arrow was suddenly released from the audience.

Before long, it spewed out flames and transforms into an eight-headed flame dragon.

The heads separated one by one and coiled around the outer shell of the area flooded with ice fragments.

The Ice fragments of the giant star that had been minimized by the mysterious slash; when the Pyro hydra touched them, they disappeared as steam.

The flame dragons gradually moved to coil inwards, and eventually, the giant star disappeared completely.

It succeeded in preventing damage before it happened.

[Are you sure you’re okay with this, Master]

Efil, the person who shot the arrow, mainly sent telepathy.

Her words were a little stronger and she seemed to be angry.

[Oh, it’s great.

Efil, don’t be so angry.]

A crater was created by the ice star.

If you looked closely at the center, you could see a square-shaped hole.

Before long, a figure emerged from the hole.

“Because I live like this.”

Kelvin showed up with Sylvia held by his side.

The hall was filled with cheers of joy.


“Huh… I just made it in time…”

I seriously thought I was going to die.

I certainly died once when my heart was skewered by Sylvia’s sword.

But, at that moment, Colette’s death avoidance magic was activated.

It revived me with the sword removed from my heart.

I wonder if it’s more of a rewind than a recovery.

We had an experience we had no experience with, and even though it was an emergency, Silvia and I faced each other putting a question mark over our heads.

Looking from the side, I was hugging Silvia.

I don’t think the audience saw it because it happened for a very short time, but if I stopped that state and showed it to Kyojuu, he might go mad again.

Even though it was force majeure, it was good that he was on sick leave.

I don’t know what happened, the situation moved fast, and I was in a half-doubt state.

Sylvia’s Hail meteor was falling right above steadily approaching.

Colette’s magic was activated, and there was no point in continuing the match any longer.

First, I held Sylvia on the side and manipulated the wind to attract and recover the Black Cane, which was also falling.

After that, I dug a hole like a bomb shelter with green magic so that I did not touch the frigid ground.

The walls were hardened by Adamant Rampart and dived down.

Then I waited for the ice star to fall.

In anticipation of the bad stability, I slashed with the Death Scythe Boreas to start the work of shattering from below.

I didn’t know how big it was, so I adjusted the slash so that it would reach the sky anyway.

I also sent telepathy to ask Efil and the others to follow up so that there would be no damage on the ground.

That’s how we survived.

It was a dangerous situation, but I think it went well as a result.

I didn’t have to use the last trump card, Melfina’s protection, in front of the public.

“I failed to kill you.”

“No, no, I was killed!”

It made my heart pound.

Mhh No, wait…

“Perhaps the reason you came towards me was to kill me twice”

“Well, I said I’d keep my promise, and in this case, it doesn’t make sense if I don’t kill you twice.

I figured out how to kill you with some action I could do during the game.”

What a terrible thing to say with a straight face.

I’m not the type to talk about people either, but this kid is pretty much the same.

I’m very satisfied with the content of the battle.

“Well, it looks like it’s settled down somehow.


“Um, why am I sitting in this seat I’m not feeling well right now…”

Amidst the endless cheers, the voice of the commentator spread out.

For some reason, Colette was in Prettya’s seat.

“That’s because this mock battle is unusual! Because of the simultaneous activation of Lady Colette’s magic, the activation is not a criterion! We can’t judge by ourselves alone!”

“So, you want me to judge”


I couldn’t see her from the crater, but I felt that Colette let out a sigh.

“It was not exactly at the same time.

When Miss.

Sylvia’s sword pierced the two, the sword stabbed Miss.

Sylvia first, although there was a slight difference.

Therefore, it was also Sylvia’s magic that was activated first.”



The winner of the match is… Mr.

Kelvin! Congratulations!”


There was a proclamation of the priestess of Delamis, someone who stood above other people.

 The speech was understood, and the hall trembled.

“The winner is Kelvin! It was a great match.

I barely understand it!”

“It was a game worth watching, and even for Delamis, you can’t do it like them!”

“Lady Colette Why do you suddenly cover your mouth Mi, Mike! Stop the sound!”

With the grim music in the background, my friends rush over.

Oh, I won’t forget today…


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