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The small underground black market auction of the Golden Bamboo Mountain was soon coming to an end.

After auctioning off the last few hidden medicinal pills, the auction was about to end.

“This auction is more or less boring.

I came all the way here because I thought there would be some new treasures.”

A sloppy old man scratched his exposed stomach in boredom.

The old mans long hair was covered in weeds and hung casually on his body.

His face was even more dejected, as if he had just crawled out of a mud pit.

He was also holding a big oily gourd in his hand.

Every time he tilted the gourd to his mouth, a large amount of wine would surge out.

His gourd seemed to be filled to the brim.

No matter how much he drank, it was always full.

He occupied several seats alone, but no one dared to come over and bother him.

Seeing that there was only one item left in the auction and that it was about to be sold, some people beside him had already quietly left.

The old man hung his dirty gourd on his waist.

He was about to stand up when his red nose suddenly twitched slightly and he glanced at the small door backstage in confusion.

“This smell”

The old mans blurry eyes were clear for a moment.

His eyes flickered as he stared in the direction of the back door for a long time.

The anxious people at the side left one by one.

They chatted as they walked, but the old man did not complain anymore.

He sat down again and leaned back leisurely, drinking his wine.

“Then lets congratulate this gentleman for obtaining these two bottles of Rejuvenation Pills!”

“This auction…”

The host on the stage was about to speak when he suddenly stopped.

He stared at the side in confusion for a while and seemed to hear something.

The eyes of the man on the stage widened slightly.

He finally reacted after confirming for a while.

“Everyone! You cant leave yet!”

Many people had already left their seats, but they were called back by his words.

“I just received news that we have another mysterious guest who has delivered a very, very rare treasure!”

“What treasure”

“Why so sudden”

“What could it be Did you hear anything before”


The previous news was just these few pills.

I didnt hear anything else.”

The people below were all very puzzled, not knowing what this fellow was talking about.

The host regained his usual calm.

“Everyone, you might be very curious about what kind of treasure it is.

I guarantee you that this treasure will definitely excite everyone!”

As soon as he finished speaking, two servants immediately walked up with a huge rack.

Their cooperation was very smooth.

The two servants walked forward.

When they reached the back of the host, they stopped and put down the rack in their hands.

There was a huge black cloth covering the rack.

The black cloth was bulging, and it was unknown what was inside.

“What will be down here”

“Could it be some good stone”

“Could it be that a new species of demon beast has been born”

“It doesnt look like a demon beast.

Could it be a new Dharma artifact It looks like this and is so big.

Its even a treasure.”

Everyone below had different opinions about this so-called treasure.

No one knew what the good thing they had taken out at the end was.

Many people had already left.

The host suddenly removed the black cloth on it, revealing the two fire spirit fruits wrapped in sparkling yellow energy below.

The Fire Spirit Fruit was tightly sealed by the protective array formation.

It did not reveal any special aura just now, so no one could guess it.

The moment this huge Fire Spirit Fruit appeared, everyone below was stunned.

None of them had seen such a huge Fire Spirit Fruit before.

Fire Spirit Fruits were very common materials, but generally speaking, high-quality ones were only the size of a human head.

What was this thing that could grow so big on vines

The host scanned the faces of the people below and saw that they were all shocked.

He relaxed a little and finally stabilized the situation.

“Everyone, please take a look here! This Giant Spirit Fruit was planted by a very mysterious apothecary, a good friend of Master Wuyan.

This new Spirit Gathering Fruit has cost that master countless efforts and is extremely valuable.

Today is the first time it has appeared here! Its value is naturally self-evident.”

“Twenty high-grade spirit stones! Ill take it all!”

Suddenly, someone started bidding before he could finish.

The host looked at the person and warned, “Fellow Daoist, the rules here are very clear.

Bid according to the rules.

I havent said the bottom price of the Fire Spirit Fruit.”

“How much to start”

“The starting price of these two Giant Spirit Fruits is ten high-grade spirit stones! Every increase is one high-grade spirit stone.”

“Ill pay twenty spirit stones.

Everyone, give me some face and dont snatch it from me!”

“You want to buy it for twenty spirit stones Can you let everyone feel how rich the power in this so-called Giant Spirit Fruit is What if this is an empty shell Im afraid no one will be willing to do this deal.”

The host gently rubbed the top of the Fire Spirit Fruit, and a small array formation cracked open.

A very rich fruit fragrance instantly filled the entire hall.

There was also a lot of fire-attribute spiritual energy mixed in the fragrance of the fruit.

The burning aura surged in everyones noses.


Everyone was in an uproar.

They were only curious when they saw this huge fruit just now, but now, they really had the urge to buy it immediately.

“Twenty-five! I must get these two fire spirit fruits.

Everyone, give me some face!”

“Theres no need to compete like this.

No matter how good this thing is, its just basic material.

However, Im refining a set of fire-attribute spiritual liquid recently and need this huge spiritual fruit.

If you can bear to part with it, Ill definitely take a step back if we encounter other treasures in the future.

Ill pay twenty-seven spirit stones!”

“I wonder how many such Spirit Gathering Fruits your pavilion has in your hands.

If there are more chances in the future, it doesnt matter if I give up this time.

Im not in a hurry.”

Li Yuanqing really wanted to tell Wuyan that his Giant Spirit Fruit was unlimited.

However, it would be inappropriate if he could not expose his entire wealth.

He could only say cautiously, “Master told me that there might be dozens of them every month.”

Master Wuyan nodded slightly and said to the communication device, “Tell them that we only have two Giant Spirit Fruits here now.

If they want more in the future, theyll have to rely on luck.”

The corners of Li Yuanqings mouth twitched slightly.

This fellow was just going through the motions when he asked him that just now.

The host looked at that person regretfully and replied, “Fellow Daoist, if there were more, we would definitely have taken them out.

But its a pity that this master only took out these two at the moment.

I think this opportunity is still very rare.”

“Thirty spirit stones! Dont fight me for it.”

“Thirty-two spirit stones.

I must get these two today!”

They competed with each other and saw that the price was already more than twenty high-grade spirit stones higher than the starting price.

Many of the people below were anxious.

Many of them weighed their wallets and silently retreated to their seats to watch the show.

After the price reached thirty-two spirit stones, this number became more sensitive.

Generally speaking, although this thing was huge, the Fire Spirit Fruit was a very ordinary thing.

It wouldnt cost three high-grade spirit stones even if they bought a hundred Fire Spirit Fruits.

Was it worth it to spend so much money on this large fire spirit fruit

“Thirty-two high-grade spirit stones once!”

The host smiled at the customers below and continued to wait.

“Thirty-two high-grade spirit stones…”

“Fifty spirit stones!”

Suddenly, a lazy voice sounded, covering all the sounds at the scene.

Everyones gaze was gathered in the dark corner behind it.

The old man raised his greasy dirty gourd above his head.

In the face of so many peoples gazes, he even yawned lazily and scratched his stomach.

Even the host on the stage was stunned on the spot.

For a moment, he did not know what to say.

“Is this old man crazy”

“Shh! This is the drunkard Wang Lan.

You cant afford to offend him.

Dont let him bear a grudge.”

“What Hes the Crazy Alcoholic, Wang Lan”

“Who else could it be Other than him, who would swagger in and out of these black markets every day without even wearing a mask”

“How unlucky.

Why did I bump into him today”

“Hurry up and leave.

No one can stop this guy when he goes crazy.

I reckon no one will be able to snatch this thing away.”

There were still many people who did not notice the old man just now.

Now that the old man had increased the price to fifty spirit stones, many people silently retreated from the side.

Li Yuanqing stared silently at this strange-looking old fellow from the crack.

This old man was too generous.

Two Fire Spirit Fruits could be sold for fifty high-grade spirit stones.

If he mutated all the Fire Spirit Fruits in those medicinal fields, just the high-grade spirit stones would be enough to pile up a mountain.

Even someone as rich as Li Yuanqing could not help but feel flustered when he encountered such a way to earn money quickly.

The old mans expression was originally quite relaxed.

After a while, his expression suddenly turned ugly.

He glared at the host and said angrily, “Little brat, why arent you bidding How long do you want me to wait”

Only then did the host react.

He hurriedly knocked his hammer on the stage and shouted.

“Fifty high-grade spirit stones once!”

“Fifty spirit stones twice!”

“Fifty spirit stones thrice! Deal!”

“Congratulations to Apothecary Wang for obtaining these two very rare Giant Spirit Fruits!”

Even the knowledgeable Master Wuyan could not help but be stunned for a long time.

He turned around and looked at Li Yuanqing as if he was looking at a treasure.

“I wonder where you cultivate”

Li Yunqing replied without thinking, “Im a servant looking after the medicinal field at the Huang Sect.”

“Huang Sect”

Master Wuyans eyes widened slightly.

He looked at Li Yuanqing a few more times, as if he was searching for the old fellow related to the Fire Spirit Fruit in the Huang Sect.

“The planting techniques of the masters in the Huang Sect are all extremely superb.

I was lucky enough to experience it in the past.

I wonder if you can reveal some news about this Fire Spirit Fruit Which master can actually plant such a fruit I really want to visit them.”

Li Yuanqing hurriedly shook his head and pretended to be reserved.

“But Im afraid its a little inconvenient.

Master told me before I came that I cant reveal this matter, so I chose to come here.”

Master Wuyan hurriedly comforted him.

“Little friend, dont be anxious! I dont have any ill intentions.

I was in a hurry just now.

Just pretend that I never asked.”

“Thank you for your understanding, Master.”

“Thats easy.

You said that dozens of Giant Spirit Fruits can be produced every month”

“If Master is right, it shouldnt be a problem if the time and place are right.”

“Alright, this is an opportunity between the two of us.

If we cooperate, we can rely on this Giant Spirit Fruit to make a killing!”

Master Wuyan gently pulled Li Yuanqing over and sat beside him on the floating meditation cushion.

“In recent years, there have been more and more alchemists.

The demand for herbs has also increased greatly.

This is a huge gap.”

Li Yuanqing nodded cautiously and replied, “Thats what Master said too.”

“Thats why I said that this is our chance.

You have such a rare treasure in your hands now.

As long as we operate it well, we will definitely be able to sell this huge spirit fruit for a good price.”

“Master might know a little more than I do.

I dont really understand.”

“It doesnt matter.

It doesnt matter if you understand or not.

As long as I understand.”

Master Wuyan pulled out small balls in front of Li Yuanqing as representatives of the sects.

“Look, although these sects have medicinal herbs to plant, most of them are only provided for the internal members of the sect.

Its easier said than done for the rogue cultivators outside to plant medicinal herbs.

Brother, this is a good opportunity.

If you have other medicinal herbs in your hands, you can hand them all to me to operate.”

“Get out of the way! All of you!”

As the two of them were talking, there was a commotion outside.

“Apothecary Wang, your fruits are here.

Where are you going”

“Why do you care where I go The fruit I want is here.

Dont fool me!”


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