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Chapter 2545 Huge Force

Zora Luan narrowed her eyes as she watched the Zenflames pompously enter the wedding venue.

She couldn\'t help but clench her teeth in annoyance, especially when she saw that Tegon Zenflame had entered the Immortal King Stage.

Wasn\'t he supposed to be receiving punishment How did he quickly improve

However, looking at the faces of their lackeys, she saw that they were slightly puzzled.

It was different than their leaders, who seemed to exude the very essence of arrogance as they walked inside with their chins high.

\'Could it be that Davis allowed them inside...\'

Seeing this scene, Zora Luan couldn\'t help but come to this conclusion.

After that, she no longer deigned to bother with them and quickly turned around, trying to be seated before they could catch up.

Subsequently, the Zenflames lost the opportunity to initiate a conversation with her even though they were heading in her direction after spotting her.

They merely smiled upon seeing her leave, mistaking annoyance for fear and respect.

However, they didn\'t make a fuss but came in and also found a spot to sit in silence, neither participating in the events nor the banquet.

Time passed, and more people of different backgrounds but similarly shared the status of a disciple of the Aurora Cloud Gate began to arrive.

True Disciple Rea Tyriel has graced the wedding with her presence.

Core Disciple Zahara Zenflame has graced us with her presence.

True Disciple Waine Might has graced us with his mighty presence.

Legion Captain Praezen\'s voice echoed throughout all day.

He especially announced the names of the important people and true disciples with enthusiasm so that they don\'t find it offensive, but his real intent obviously was to name them to the skies so that they don\'t go back without gifting.

It would be a loss of face for them.

He was also excited to see powerful people swarm over to this wedding.

Just by being near their presence while announcing their names, he could feel untold power from their calm and steady auras.

He couldn\'t believe just how many powerful people existed in this sect.

If someone had said such geniuses existed before in droves before he had met Davis and become one of his people, he would be in full denial mode and, perhaps, would have even taken a hit to his will.

But now, all he could think about was to surpass them one day by following the Legion Master he revered.

Not only he but all the soul cultivators of the Reaper Soul Legion were having their horizons broadened.

Yes, I\'ll take care of it as you please.

Legion Captain Starlily cupped her hands towards a true disciple as she took care of their rightfully inflated egos.

Although some had a tinge of lewd gaze when viewing her overflowing peaks, she couldn\'t be bothered to make it a big problem on this day as this was a special day for her Legion Master.

She was determined to make this wedding flourish and not have any guests feel undermined over the due attention they required.

Threelotus went on doing the same, treating the guests with courtesy, but of course, she was slightly clumsier, but that made the crowd all the more entertained by her cuteness.

As for the other captain of the Reaper Soul Legion, Legion Captain Lightsky, he was strictly looking after the venue\'s security along with Legion Commander Yotan.

Everything was going fine, that was until...

Who dares to marry our inheritors at the same time! How irresponsible and disrespectful! Let\'s see what happens before I deem this appropriate or not!

Suddenly, a winged crimson-robed Immortal King crashed into the marriage venue with incomparable anger stemming from his voice.

Legion Captain Praezen went pale as the formation was flicked away like it was a tent unable to withstand the storm.

He was unable to stop the other party from entering inside.

The others also went pale, feeling an enormous amount of pressure descend on them, locking them in place.

Yotan and Lightsky tried to make a move, but they couldn\'t move, feeling entirely suppressed as well as feeling frightened over this terrifying pressure.

It was unlike anything they had ever felt, causing their blood to turn cold.

Who\'s making a fuss in someone\'s private property in the presence of Law Enforcement

But suddenly, a voice emanated from inside the venue, causing that young Immortal King to narrow his brows.

He was forcefully flying but suddenly harrumphed and stepped onto the ground, lowering his stature a bit as he walked to the venue and took back in his aura.

Just like that, that powerful Immortal King was subjugated in the countless eyes of the disciples, causing the people to be full of awe over the authority of the Aurora Cloud Gate\'s strongest department.

Inside the venue, in one of the many buildings, Davis turned to look at Ruven Longstrand with narrowed eyes.

Who is that

He had just been engaging in a pleasant conversation with Law Enforcement Officer Ruven Longstrand, who helped him shed his violent name, turning him into an innocent.

Since Law Enforcement Officer Ruven Longstrand had shown some promise and sincerity, he was willing to treat him like a close acquaintance rather than a stranger.

Besides, he understood that he needed to be allied with the Law Enforcement Department to have better maneuverability in the sect so that he doesn\'t get framed or get killed by someone.

Ruven Longstrand thought for a moment before he answered.

Probably Rai Zenflame.

Be careful.

He is a fey of a much senior generation and a Level Nine Immortal King core disciple, so he could almost match an Immortal Emperor in prowess.

Davis\'s face was solemn.

He had noticed this name when he roamed around and looked at the Immortal King Rankings, knowing that it was ranked hundred and sixty-two amidst a thousand Immortal King core disciples.

Perhaps, Rai Zenflame was on a mission or seclusion all this time and had only just returned Davis couldn\'t help but curse the timing.

However, he is an uninvited guest.

It\'s a good thing I brought a few seniors along with me.

Do you want me to make him leave Ruven Longstrand gestured.

No, let him stay.

Someone like him would\'ve barged in even if I didn\'t open the island.

Davis felt heartened by Ruven Longstrand\'s words but still frowned.

The barrier of the island was not impervious to Immortal Kings who could cross Level Nine.

There was a stronger barrier, but the number of contribution points required to purchase was not something he could afford in a short period of time.

Ruven Longstrand was astonished over Davis\'s bold decision, but he didn\'t say anything and even smiled.

The other party clearly knew that there was a limit to carrying the power of Law Enforcement, or people would doubt their credibility and become suspicious of siding with him.

Then I\'ll see you with the brides.

He cupped his hands and left, leaving Davis alone in the room where he exhaled and smirked.

Nadia, keep an eye on Rai Zenflame.

If you see he\'s up to no good, assassinate him.

However, the chances of failure are extremely high, so if the assassination fails, instantly retreat as you inform me through our soul link.


Only a voice echoed from the room, but there was simply no silhouette to be seen.

After some time, he made sure he looked presentable as the groom, looking at his handsome face with an amused expression.

I\'m counting on you this time.

Don\'t fail me.

With seemingly uttering a few words towards himself, he left the room and made his way to the altar.


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