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"I don think thats an excuse, Alexa is your daughter,I don know where she had wronged you but this is not some sort of punishment"Xander said

"She didn offend me,I just got tired of her,at least shes old enough now,she can take care of herself"Bernada said.

"You should have gotten tired of me instead,you should have sent me away instead of her,Im the one whos a burden to you not her"Xander fired

"No son, thats the last thing Ill do"

"Why mum"he shouted at his mother "Alexa is my everything, still yet you sent her away, do you know shes the only reason why I have hope of surviving but still you sent her away, why can you send me away instead"

"Because you are my son"

"And Alexa"

"Shes not my daughter"

"Why do you keep repeating the same thing,I need a better explanation of why you sent her away"

"Yes Xander Alexa is not my daughter"

"What do you mean"he said looking confused.

"Listen Ill explain everything to you,be patient"she said

"Im listening"Xander said as he sat down on the nearest couch.

"When I gave birth to you and your twin sister" she started

"Alexa" he asked

"No not Alexa, would you let me talk"she said shooting him a deadly glance and he nodded his head that she should continue.

"Your real twin sister had a hole in her heart when i gave birth to the both of you. On the day I gave birth to you Alexas mother also gave birth to Alexa"

"When the doctor told me about your sister illness,I was very sad because there was no money for surgery to be carried out on her"

"So how did Alexa got to your hands, and wheres my twin sister"

"When Alexas mother gave birth to her, the doctor told her that she was healthy and nothings wrong with her then I used the opportunity"

"Opportunity to do what"he asked like a reporter whos on an interview.

"To switch the kidsshe said "I met with a nurse to help me switch Adrianna with Alexa"

"Whos Adriana"

"Your real twin sister, at first the nurse won comply but I bribed her before she could accept to do it"

"You did all this mum"Xander asked really shocked.

"Yes I did it to save your sisters life"

" So did she know about all this"

"Of course not, shes not even a day old yet when I switched her with Alexa"

"So have you seen her since then, do you know where she lives" Xander continued his interrogation.

"On the day they left the hospital, I traced them to their house so I could know where they live,I started going there everyday to see my daughter, I worked for them as a laundry woman, then I went there one day and I was told they already left for the United States for Adriannas surgery. I was very happy but sad because I won get to see my daughter again" she said

"What did you call her name again"


"Adrianna what"

" Ehm......I think its Wilson"

"So supposedly this girl comes your part one day will you be able to recognize her" Xander said.

"Thats what Im scare of son, Im afraid I won be able to recognize my daughter"she said breaking down in tears.

"You don need to cry mum, do evil doers cry"xander said.

"I don understand what you are saying"

"Yes mum you are wicked and a evil doers,how could you do all this, and not only that you maltreated that innocent girl, she knows nothing. After twenty years that is when you know shes useless, how sure are you that when you eventually meet with your so called daughter and she learns about everything shes going to accept you"

"Stop saying that Xander"

"Its the truth mum,a girl who has been living in wealth all her lives, she won want to live in this wretched house with you. Now you have lost your daughter, you also pushed away the girl who unknowingly help you and now its me youll lose this time"

"What are you saying Xander ,Ill not lose you"

"Yes you are , Ill go out there, search for Alexa and start a new life, very far away from you"

"No Xander you can do that"

"And what if I do"


e Ill Xander, what if you have another attack while you

e out there"

"Forget that mum since the past three years Ive had leukemia did you find any solution to my problem and if its not time for me to die I won die so you can use that to tie me down" he said and walked out of the house.

"Xander please don go,I shouldn have told him all this, now Im in trouble where do i start from" she cried bitterly

"Didn I tell you not to cry, remember evil doers don cry........ I came for this" he said picking up his wallet from the couch and walked out of the house.

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