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The only real world is rooted in a gray and lonely place, drawing resources and growing wantonly. Now it is a rare practice holy place, comparable to the highest heavens.

Compared with the gray and lonely place separated by a world, although it is far worse, its status is higher. The meaning of existence is much higher than its own value, and non-native creatures, even the strong on the other side, cannot step into it.

"It's still this world, which makes me feel comfortable."

Bai Donglin stood on the "Slaying God Monument", his eyes were slightly narrowed, and his consciousness was slightly rippling.

The only real world is the place where he was born, the second hometown, and the carrier of the crucial "Ring of Time Paradox". It begins here and ends here, and this is complete.

"Huh I didn't expect this old friend to be alive."

The things related to the detached person, no matter how big or small, are reflected in the heart, it is omniscient, but Bai Donglin is not very interested in this ability, and he actively blocks it. After all, it is useless to the detached person who can threaten him, leaving the rest. , it can bring some small surprises from time to time, which is also quite interesting.

Like now...

Bai Donglin stepped out in one step, crossed the dimensional space and time, ignoring all obstacles, and appeared in a small world of gray tones.

The monument world, it is a bit inappropriate to call it a small world now. Its size has expanded hundreds of millions of times, as if a vast universe is filled with a whole dark continent.

On the mainland, a forest of steles stands, each stele is tens of thousands of light-years high, with a mighty breath, the inscriptions inscribed on it are shining brightly, and different steles are lingering with different wills.

The first generation of the twelfth landlord - Mrs. Baigu, sleeps here forever.

The first generation of the Twelve Masters - Blade has no edge, and sleeps here forever.

The first-generation Twelve Landlords—Poison Tooth Miaomiao, who sleeps here forever.

The first generation Qingdi City Lord - Jiang Wudao, sleeps here forever.

Xue Tu, the ancestor of the Fourth Age of Extreme Dao Sect, sleeps here forever.

The ancestor of the first era of Jidao Sect, the Lord of All Saints, sleeps here forever.

The last bell-keeper of Jidao Sect - fierce and fierce, sleeps here forever.

clang! clang clang—

The faint sound of a bell rose from the center of the forest of steles and brushed past the endless stone steles until the end of the world. There was a faint sound of Sanskrit, which made the world appear more solemn and solemn, and calmed the will of the sleeping powerhouse.

"Hey, life and death, how few people can truly be aware of eternity and transcend everything"

Bai Donglin shook his head and sighed. He saw a lot of familiar names, many of whom were amazing and brilliant. Unfortunately, they all died, either on the battlefield, or in a secret realm, or could not survive a long time. The erosion of consciousness and the collapse of the ego...

What is eternal life

In the eyes of mortals, 10,000 years, a million years, is already an extremely long lifespan, and to some extent, it can be regarded as immortality.

The only real world is connected to the endless heavens, and time is in a hurry. It has been three, one hundred and three trillion years after one hundred Yanji. For the existence that has not achieved the other side, is this not immortality

Unfortunately, because of the practice system, the self-consciousness remains self, which leads to the possibility of self-disintegration and death even in the eleven realms that have closed the timeline. It is not difficult to solve this drawback, that is, to abandon the self, annihilate human nature, and become a ruthless dead thing. The consciousness without self is naturally not afraid of the erosion of time.

But very few people take this road, look at the stone tablets in front of them, many of them died due to the collapse of consciousness, annihilating their own humanity, that is a self-cutting road, and they will never be able to step into the consciousness of the eight realms and achieve the other side. arrogance, naturally it will not be like this, even if it is death.

Everyone has their own destiny, and it's good to do everything to work hard. Bai Donglin did not feel sad for these former comrades in arms. After a moment of silence, he walked to the place where the bell came.

A black lotus was suspended in the void, and the withered black-robed old monk crossed his knees on it, holding the pole bell in his hand, beating with a strange rhythm, slow and firm, as if it had been the case in ancient times.

"Morra, long time no see."


Moruo's figure was stagnant, he put away the Jidao bell, slowly got up, and put his hands together in the eleventh salute.

"Ami Wutian Buddha, poor monk Mora, I have seen adults!"

With the support of Bai Yujing, there are not a few creatures who have come out of the only real world, such as the Wandering Emperor, Xilifeng, Ban Xian, etc., not to mention those who are close to him, but Moruo is different. .

After leaving the only real world with the help of Bai Donglin, Moruo didn't stay much longer, and never thought of getting benefits in Baiyujing, but left alone, roaming the endless heavens alone.

Surprisingly, Mora Feidan didn't die, and he stepped into the other side of eternity, and even more so than Bai Jiange Bai Xuanzhen.

It is unbelievable, and the difficulty is self-evident.

"How long have you been sitting here, comforting the souls of the dead"

Bai Donglin had a strange look in his eyes, a man on the other side, even if he was an old acquaintance Moruo, he should not have stopped him, because this Moruo was even more shocking than what he showed.

"Master Hui, the poor monk has been sitting in this world for ninety-eight trillion years after obtaining permission from Bai Yujing and Ji Dao."

Mora, who was dressed in pitch black, had a look of compassion in his eyes. Facing the question, he also responded warmly. In the extreme darkness, there seemed to be infinite light bred.


Bai Donglin nodded and praised. Although Mora's cultivation method was strange, if he was asked to predict the next transcendence of the only real world, this Mora could at least rank in the top three.

With his own strength, he was able to get to this point. This guy Moro is indeed terrifying and can be called a monster.

"My lord, I didn't know you came back this time..."

"Like you, retreat and seek to go further."

After that, Bai Donglin was about to turn around and leave, but he didn't know what to think, he suddenly stopped, and continued: "Forget it, there is still some time, I will discuss with you a little bit, how much you can comprehend depends on you. myself."

Moruo is a wicked person who fell into the trap in order to obtain the divine stone "Cang". He once committed monstrous murders in the ancient world of Mingyu, but to this day, Bai Donglin actually saw his shadow on the other side.

Slaughter, in order to become stronger, he slaughtered a lot of creatures. Although they were all alien black disasters, if it was evil, Mora couldn't be more evil than him.

"Thank you sir!


When Moruo heard the words, his eyes that were as quiet as stagnant water trembled slightly, and his emotions that had been quiet for a million billion years actually fluctuated. .

"The "Meaning" that was passed on to you at the beginning is not perfect, let's talk about it today."

To enter transcendence, one must first be conscious of eternity, and it is most appropriate to point to Mora with "meaning."

Although it is true, how can Moro get in

After ninety-nine-eighty-one days, Bai Donglin got up and left, and Mora was still in a deep epiphany, unable to extricate himself.


The faint sigh reverberated in the monument world, forever engraved in time and space, forever.

Qianyuan Continent, Nanyang Kingdom, the first forbidden area in the real world - the ancestral land of the Bai family.

On the top of Xiaohui Mountain, two figures have been standing for a long time. Xian Bai Donglin descended here one step at a time, silently looking at the three tombs in front of him, as if waiting for something.

"Eldest sister, second brother."

"Hehe, eldest sister did not guess wrong, if you come back, little brother, you will definitely come here."

Bai Jiange's appearance has not changed, but his long snow-white hair is extremely eye-catching, and his sharp eyes are also full of boundless vicissitudes.

"Second brother, do you need me to take action"

Bai Donglin frowned and said somewhat unbearably.

"No need."

"In 100 Xiao Yanji, every one trillion years, one by one will have a collapse of consciousness, and I will resurrect her. She knelt down and begged me to make me forget her..."

Bai Donglin opened his mouth, sighed secretly, and said nothing more, sure enough Among every 10,000 swordsmen, there is bound to be an infatuation species.

Fortunately, he is heartless, not trapped by love, and the relationship between him and Lianxin Xiaozi is not like love, but another kind of thing...

The three didn't talk much, Bai Donglin took out the incense wax money paper and lit them one by one in front of the tomb.

"Mother, I'm here to see you."

Today is the 1,059,000,000,000th anniversary of Qingying's death.

Understand everything and cut off distractions.

Bai Donglin crossed his knees on Xiaohui Mountain. The starting point of his practice, on the edge of the cliff, began to retreat.

When he has reached such a state, there is no difference in where he retreats, and the cultivation environment useless to him. safety Just ask the world, who can hurt him in the slightest

The only real world, UU reading www.uukanshu.com In the tolerance of the gray and lonely land, Bai Donglin, as the master of the gray and silent, retreats in this world, and it will not affect his increase with the help of the gray and silent vortex.

"My he and me! Destroy—"

The first thing in the retreat, Bai Donglin destroyed the outside world, countless others and myself, and made it into the observer state.

After clearly comprehending the heels of the seven-color divine light and controlling part of the power of the white light, Bai Donglin now finally understands the nature of immortality and immortality, and the so-called "observer state", in fact, it should be called - logical consciousness.

It involves the power of logic, which is why, immortality and immortality are so powerful and incomprehensible that even the detached cannot peep.

After self-destruction, he and I, the logical consciousness, has other meanings at this moment, which is the essential key for Bai Donglin to quickly grasp the source point.

"With my will, change the source to the heart of heaven and earth!"

"Blue Star Will! Li-"


The source point is shrouded in logic, exists at the logical level, invincible and selfless, and cannot be invaded by any external force.

Only the logical consciousness of immortality and immortality can cross this gap and become the master of Blue Star, from superficial control to advanced to complete control.

Moreover, the burden of the source point on Bai Donglin's consciousness is all transferred to him and me, and the pressure is sharply reduced, which can greatly improve the efficiency of controlling all the source points.


"However, this is just the beginning, and the main source point is only one in a billion."

Need more of him and me.

At the same time, the heavens in the body must continue to expand, strengthen the power of the vortex, increase the efficiency of controlling the source point, and buy time.

‘Original Black Light, you are the same as me at this moment, right On the road of controlling the black light, weeping with heart and blood!

'Unfortunately, I hate the gold thread every year to make wedding clothes for others. -

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