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Chapter 168.2

Let You Taste It Too

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


“Baby.” Ryan finally put his mind at ease, and he slowed the speed of his big rod entering and leaving.

He leaned down to kiss her pouting mouth because of the grievance and asked softly, “Why are you learning this Want to please me Hmm”


“Hmm,” Tian Xin perfunctorily replied.

Although it was not the case, seeing his pleased appearance, Tian Xin could not bear to discourage him.

He could think what he wanted to believe, as long as he was happy.


“Baby, you’re a good girl.” Ryan praised, wrapped his arms around her waist, and lifted her up from the table.

The fear of being suspended in the air made Tian Xin subconsciously tighten her arms around his neck and cling to his waist with her legs.


Ryan took her in his arms, strode over to the bed, and flipped her over, so she was on her hands and knees.

He then came up, stroked his big rod, and pushed it in hard.


“Ummm.” Tian Xin bit her lower lip, forcing herself not to scream.

Her daughter was sleeping next to her, and she was afraid of waking her up.

He knocked her petite body forward and didn’t wait for her to stabilize herself, but his huge glans darted out with incredible speed and then pushed in again.

Each time, it opened the mouth of her uterus, brushing her sensitive and tender inner walls, making her whimper in comfort and difficulty, biting her lips.


Ryan kneaded her snow-white buttocks that were raised high, and his eyes could not help but be attracted to the little pink a*shole.

Her as*hole was so cute that he wanted to try to go inside of it and see how delicious and tasty it felt.

After thinking about it, his fingers couldn’t help but go over it.


“Ah!” Tian Xin jerked her head up, panicking, and reached out to stop him.

Knowing he had always been interested in her little as*hole, despite her desire to please him now, she did not want to contribute her own little as*hole yet.



There, no!”



baby, relax and take it easy.” Ryan sucked in a breath.

Her p*ssy was strangling the big meat stick dead tight because of the tension like it was going to break him off.

He hurriedly soothed, “I’ll just play with my fingers, not stuff the big meat stick in.

You relax.

You’re going to snap me.”


“Ah! hurt.



Pull out.

Ah!” The soreness and numbness pounded by the big meat stick in the front and the fiery heat of the finger pumping in the as*hole in the back were both sensations superimposing on each other.

The stimulation made Tian Xin finally scream.

She couldn’t stand it anymore.


Husband, don’t.


I can’t stand it.



“Be good.

Don’t clench so tight.

I haven’t had enough.


Aren’t you happy with the big meat stick f*cking Hmm” Ryan kissed her smooth spine.

One hand played with her as*hole and slowly slid down her belly to the center of her muddy legs, caressing the sensitive little meatball, then kneaded it heavily.


“Ah!” Tian Xin gave a long cry.

She violently shuddered, and a hot blast came out from the depths of her womb.


“You’re a real sl*t, baby.

It’s nice to get so much water from me, right” Ryan smiled wickedly and squeezed his wet fingers into her gaping mouth as she climaxed, playing with her slippery little tongue.

It was hard to move the big rod below him because of the sharp contraction of her hole, so he had to stop moving and grind it against her inner walls.


On the verge of going crazy from the tight inner walls, Ryan suddenly remembered the bowl of ice she had brought.

He couldn’t help but smile evilly and pulled out his big stick.

He got up and brought the ice cube over, then picked a rounder one and shoved it into her p*ssy while she was still lost in thought.


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