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Chapter 11: Rip Her Face Off

Shen Yuanye had never thought that Su Yun would try to be nice to her.

During their previous phone call, Su Yun had even tried to distance herself by addressing Shen Yuanye as ‘Miss Shen,’ so she knew that Su Yun was probably fed up with it.

Even so, she had to take human lives into consideration.

That was why she did not take it to heart.

As for Shen Yuanye, this sort of gesture was nothing special, as it was the same as that of the Film Emperor, Zhang Wentao, from before. 

“You’re welcome.” Shen Yuanye stated, “Now that things have been resolved, I will not disturb you any further.”

Before Su Yun had a chance to say anything, Shen Yuanye had already hung up the phone.

Thoughts were whirling round her mind as she stared at the name on the phone screen.

It was only after she recalled the scene earlier did she finally heaved a sigh of relief.

As an apology, the hotel’s person-in-charge arranged better rooms for them and even declared that they would enjoy a half-price rate should they patronize the hotel again in the future.

As for this time, their accommodations were free of charge.

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The lights in the pool were originally designed to make the entire swimming pool look more beautiful and attractive, but now it had become a life-threatening weapon. 

The electrical leakage in the waters went undetected until someone was electrocuted to the extent where he had lost consciousness.


Lin Huixin made her way to Su Yun’s room first thing the next morning.

“I would never in a million years let this hotel go.

To think that they had neglected their maintenance, but it is fortunate that everything turned out alright now.”

Once she had packed her things, Su Yun asked, “Has he awoken”

“Not yet.” Lin Huixin shook her head.

“Thank god, the doctor declared that he is out of critical condition.

I was practically drowning in my own fear.

At that time, his complexion was really……”

So pale, like a corpse…… 

“It is good that he is out of critical condition.” Su Yun also could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

“We will head back once they have recovered.”

“I’d love to return this instant if it wasn’t for the hotel being so slow.” Lin Huixin’s eyes suddenly blazed with anger.

At the thought of being electrocuted to death unnoticed in the swimming pool, she could not help but tremble with rage.

Su Yun comforted, “You’re alright now.”

When a thought suddenly came into her mind, Lin Huixin turned her head abruptly and asked, “Didn’t you mention to me before about a girl by the name of Shen Yuanye telling you not to go for a swim”

“Yes, I did.” Su Yun nodded her head.

“At that time, we were even making fun of her.”

As soon as these words left her mouth, she snorted at not only her naivety, but also at her notion to not take people seriously. 

Having worked in this industry for so many years, she constantly warned herself that some people might look ordinary on the surface, but actually, they had formidable background or ability.

She could not believe that she acted so arrogantly this time.

“Was this just a coincidence, or was it……”

Lin Huixin interrupted, “No, it was not a coincidence.

Wasn’t it a last-minute decision when you invited me to this vacation”

“Yes.” Lin Huixin nodded her head.

“At first, I was thinking of traveling to America with you.

Subsequently, I had several friends joining us as well, so I just thought it’d be better to have our vacation here since it’d be cold during winter.”

This idea was absolutely last-minute, so no one should know about it.

“I had no idea you would be inviting me to swim, so how would she know” Su Yun continued to ask, “Why don’t we take a step back Even if she knew we would be traveling to this island, how could she know the swimming pool of the hotel we booked would have issues”

She would not have known unless she had an exceptional ability. 

Upon hearing that, Lin Huixin was rendered speechless as her brows snapped together.

“Then, wouldn’t……this make her have the ability to know what happens in the future” 

As soon as she heard Lin Huixin’s question, Su Yun laughed, “How is that possible I guess she is able to know when someone is in danger”

Having the ability to know the future As for something this major, I’m afraid it would only appear on the television.

As compared to this, I reckon it is possible for her to have a metaphysics ability. 

“I want to see this Shen Yuanye when you meet her next time.”

As she said so, her eyes glistened slightly, as she was so darn curious about this extraordinary girl she knew from Su Yun.


Once Shen Yuanye learned that everyone over at the other side was alright, it was as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

What she feared the most was everyone in the pool did not make it.

Fortunately, Su Yun informed her that only one was in critical condition.

During the weekends, Sun Ai gave her a call.

“Let’s go have hot pot.

I heard that the owner’s mood has finally reverted to normal recently and have reopened his restaurant.”

Coincidentally, Shen Yuanye wanted to relax as well.


Speaking of the hot pot restaurant, the owner certainly had some emotional issues.

The day when the news about Zhang Wentao and Li Mengran broke out, the owner nearly broke down.

She had no clue how many times he had vented in the past that Zhang Wentao was petty and unmagnanimous.

All this time, he devoted himself to fight for his goddess.

Yet, in the end, his goddess had long since married the other party.

Although he knew that it was a norm to hide one’s marriage for the sake of protecting themselves and others, he felt that he could not hold back his anger.

Moreover, countless people who patronized his restaurant knew that he was a fan of Li Mengran and an anti-fan of Zhang Wentao.

On the day Weibo exploded after the news broke out, everyone, who came to the restaurant, had to comfort him.

The next day, it just became too unbearable for him.

Hence, he announced that he would be reopening his business again after some time.

At long last, the news about Zhang Wentao and Li Mengran had basically calmed down.

At the very least, only a small number of fans, who still had yet to wrap their heads around the news, continued to comment every day.

Whereas the majority of the fans already began to witness the couple’s PDA calmly.

Not only that, but Zhang Wentao had also started to show his dominance and tenderness towards Li Mengran unabashedly.

Seemingly by his own hands, the news written by the paparazzi kept springing up constantly.

They were of an older woman-younger man relationship, which was not a rare sight in the entertainment industry.

However, not many people were optimistic about it, including fans who felt at times that the future did not look too good.

Even so, the persons involved were living their lives with relish.

Upon reaching the hot pot restaurant, Shen Yuanye found it had sufficient heating, so she took off her down jacket, only to leave her in a woolen sweater.

Immediately right after, she took a seat at the table.

As soon as she caught sight of Shen Yuanye’s face, Sun Ai stated relentlessly, “Look at your dark circles.”

Regardless of what Sun Ai said, Shen Yuanye laughed it off.

“I was browsing through Weibo for far too long, so I slept rather late last night.

It’ll be gone in a few days.”

“You are here trying to court envy.” Sun Ai rolled her eyes.

“It’s easy for me to get dark circles, but it’s so difficult to get rid of them.

I hate you.”

Upon hearing that, Shen Yuanye hastily attempted to change the topic.

“Alright, let’s make our orders.”

When the soup began to boil, wafts of hot pot infiltrated the entire area.

As soon as one took a bite, it would instantly allow them to forget all their unhappiness.

Recently, Shen Yuanye was constantly on tenterhooks, but now, she was finally able to relax.

Without giving any regard to politeness, she began to wolf down the food, unruly.

“You mentioned that you were doing a photoshoot for a magazine cover previously, so when will it be released, and what is the name of the magazine I’ll buy a copy.” Sun Ai stared at her with sparkling eyes.

Her good friend had finally done real good to be able to shoot for the front cover of a proper magazine.

No matter how she thought about it, she was so happy for her.

“It will be released at the beginning of February.” Shen Yuanye’s eyes curved into a smile.

At this juncture, she was also looking forward to her front cover.

During the photoshoot, they took ages to decide on which pose, to the extent where her body nearly became numb.

Thankfully, they eventually managed to choose one.

Thrusting out her chopsticks at Shen Yuanye, Sun Ai exclaimed angrily, “I must buy several copies of them and throw it in Li Xinyi’s face!”

Upon hearing that, Shen Yuanye paused for a moment.

Li Xinyi was a roommate of theirs.

Ever since their fourth year in university, they had neither lived together nor seen her.

“You are simply too good-tempered.

If it were me, I would have ripped Li Xinyi’s face off.” Sun Ai was simmering in rage at the thought of the past.

In any case, this occurred pretty early in her university days.

During her first year, Shen Yuanye earned some allowance from her part-time job and decided to buy herself a slightly more expensive lipstick as a reward.

Who would have known when she returned from her lessons the next day, her lipstick was found, broken. 

Everyone in the dorm room had declared that they were not there at that time.

After checking the surveillance video outside the dorm room, Shen Yuanye discovered that Li Xinyi had stayed in the room for a long time.

After the counselor’s questioning, she finally admitted to it.

Li Xinyi originally wanted to test the lipstick color.

As she placed the lipstick back in its place, she dropped it onto the ground accidentally, breaking it in the process.

As such, she thought of lying to evade the entire situation.

Seeing how things had panned out, Shen Yuanye naturally wanted compensation.

Coming from a single-parent family, Li Xinyi was usually very thrifty.

Since her mum was hard at work, she did not have any spare money for Li Xinyi to buy an expensive lipstick.

Hence, she could only buy it with her living expenses.

By right, this matter would have ended then and there.

Who would have known that Li Xinyi’s mum married a man from a reasonably affluent family during their second year in university Since then, she began to act like an indulgent young woman.

Whenever she had nothing to do, Li Xinyi would always flaunt her cosmetic products before Shen Yuanye, taking chances to mock her.

During their third year, Li Xinyi became a celebrity.

After entering an agency, her flaunting became even more incessant.

At the thought of this, Sun Ai could not help but laugh.

“Li Xinyi mentioned that she became a celebrity.

It has been almost a year, yet I’ve not seen any of her works.”

With an indifferent countenance, Shen Yuanye stated, “I nearly forgot about her.”

Li Xinyi was merely a transient acquaintance in her life.

During this lapse of time, she had been reborn and discovered her Weibo page was able to predict the future.

Besides, she had encountered two instances through her Weibo as well.

As compared to this, Li Xinyi was simply insignificant.

Since the mention of Li Xinyi had placed a damper on their mood, Sun Ai did not continue the conversation after pondering for a moment.

As such, she decided to change the topic and commented, “This song is indeed pretty good.

The owner has finally changed his taste.”

Currently, the restaurant was playing a song that was pretty popular recently.

Ever since the hot pot restaurant owner was emotionally hurt, he began to play other singers’ songs to distract himself from Li Mengran.

One of his recent favorites happened to be this song sung by Huang Ni.

As Shen Yuanye was eating, she just happened to catch a glimpse of the MV that was currently playing.

In the MV, Huang Ni appeared to be a pretty sexy girl.

Placing her chopsticks on the table, Shen Yuanye unlocked her phone, only to come across Huang Ni’s news in the most searched topics when she was browsing her Weibo.

It was no wonder she seemed rather familiar.


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