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Chapter 12: The Magazine’s Breaking News

After returning from the hot pot restaurant, Shen Yuanye would lead a reclusive life.

She initially had very few friends in Beijing, and everyone she knew from school went their separate ways.

As such, the only person with whom she could get along well was Sun Ai.

It was only at the beginning of February that the magazine was published.

Shen Yuanye did not request an advance copy, as she was afraid she would not be able to resist.

Hence, she just figured she would wait for the magazine to be officially released, like everyone else.

As for Su Yun, she had only returned from abroad last night.

Only after that friend of theirs had indeed awoken did it bring immense relief to Lin Huixin and her.

Not just that, but she also could not have left Lin Huixin there on her own.

Even though she was not in the office, she was still concerned about the magazine.

Just after 12, she gave Shen Yuanye a call.

“Although you are a newcomer, there’s no need to be so nervous.

I am sure there won’t be any issues occurring, so please believe in my judgment.”

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Brsd blyakdt vbyv, Fbld Zwydul xyel y pswde sq ynjdsozletxldv.

The video clip recording was much easier than the photoshoot for the magazine front cover, as all she only needed to do was some regular introduction and subsequent recordings.

With that, she logged on to her Weibo account.

At present, Shen Yuanye only had three people on her following list.

As for the others, she did not dare to follow any of them, as she was afraid of the situation where she knew of the others’ Date of Death, yet she could not do anything about it.

On top of that, she was also afraid that her actions would be going against God’s will.

She had once seen a foreign film where the protagonist’s precognition abilities helped a group of people escape death.

As a result, they were constantly evading the Grim Reaper’s pursuit at subsequent times.

Everyone’s future, just like the Birth and Death Book1, had already been set in stone.

Oftentimes, when Shen Yuanye woke up in the middle of the night, she would ponder over the question of whether it was due to the King of Hell deeming that she looked far too aggrieved, so she had undergone a rebirth.

Now that she had saved Zhang Wentao, Li Mengran, and Su Yun, would that have changed the future In a sense, it must have deviated from the original timeline.

Even so, if it were to happen again, she would probably rescue them again.

Patting her face with her hands, Shen Yuanye muttered to herself, “What’s with the sudden sentiments”

At present, she had already gotten herself ready to be led by Weibo henceforth. 

Subsequently, Shen Yuanye logged on to her Weibo and shared the video on Fei Shang’s official page.

As she watched herself smile faintly in the video clip, Shen Yuanye heaved a deep sigh.

At this moment in time, it was where she would begin her new life.


Hong Yuan was a girl in her freshman year.

She was from a well-off family and had been studying hard since middle and high school.

As such, her myopia was over 300 degrees.

In recent years, she could only use water-in-oil emulsion.

In high school, some of her roommates would usually put on makeup.

Whenever they do, their nimble hands seem as if they were performing magic tricks.

After concealing their blemishes, they would look so beautiful before making their way out of their dorm.

Although she did not say anything openly, envy would often well up in the pit of her stomach.

After entering university, nearly everyone could be seen adorned with makeup.

At this point, Hong Yuan felt like an ugly duckling.

What’s more, she could not accept that she did not know anything and did not recognize any cosmetic products.

That was until the day her roommate was going to get her eyebrows trimmed, so Hong Yuan summoned all her courage and joined her.

Under the recommendations from the store, she began to try out different cosmetic products.

When she finally opened her eyes, she was rendered stunned by her own reflection in the mirror.

From that moment on, Hong Yuan decided to learn more about makeup.

As such, she found numerous informative online posts and followed countless beauty bloggers on Weibo.

Whenever she was free, she would usually watch and learn from the videos. 

Not only that, but her roommate had also recommended some fashion magazines.

Amongst them, Hong Yuan loved Fei Shang the most as she simply adored the makeup looks used in every issue.

In the last month, right before Chinese New Year, the magazine that Hong Yuan ordered had finally arrived.

As soon as her lesson ended, she made her way back to her bedroom.

By then, she could hardly wait to unwrap the magazine.

At the sight of a remarkable style used for the front cover, Hong Yuan was rendered stunned for a moment.

Applying a black and white color scheme, the girl adorned with glamorous makeup and had a high nose bridge was looking askance at Hong Yuan.

On the front cover, she appeared to be a butterfly amid the darkness.

As soon as her eyes fell on the magazine, Hong Yuan became enthralled.

Forgoing the usual sweet style this time, Fei Shang chose a black and white irregular skirt to outline the model’s beautiful and graceful figure.

As for the makeup, it was pretty much the highlight of the entire front cover——those enticing berry-colored lips look so gratifyingly approachable.

The most brilliant of all was that even though the front cover model was looking askance at the camera, the camera had captured her glistening eyes perfectly.

What a unique aura! At an instant, she had practically captivated Hong Yan.

Shaken out of her reverie, she immediately searched for the model’s name on the magazine, and soon she saw two words——Shen Yuanye.

At this juncture, the only thing that drifted through her mind was that the model had a nice name as well.

Hong Yuan’s eyes remained riveted on the beautiful makeup and styling as her heart began to beat faster——so much so that she felt her blood surging through her body, stopping for no one.

At a great speed, she ripped the magazine open and flipped to the relevant pages.

She seemingly became so utterly entranced in infatuation by the content she was skimming through that she had absolutely no clue when her roommates had returned.

“What are you so entranced with” asked her roommate.

They all knew that Hong Yuan was learning makeup, so her roommate craned her head and asked, “Oh, the Fei Shang magazine has already arrived.

How’s this issue I heard they invited a new model.”

Raising her head, Hong Yuan exclaimed, “It’s absolutely gorgeous!” 

Placing the magazine before them, Hong Yuan stated, “This model, by the name of Shen Yuanye, looks so beautiful, and this makeup really suits her.”

Her roommate tilted her head and complimented, “She does look really nice! I’ve tried this berry color before, and it looks so tacky when I use it.

How does she look so good in it Gosh, I am tempted again.”

Previously, she had purchased a berry-colored lipstick, but it was due to it looking far too tacky that she eventually sold it on Idle Fish2 after trying it out.

Holding the magazine, Hong Yuan declared, “I’m going to search for this model on Weibo.”

She had ordered numerous issues of Fei Shang, yet she had never seen this model before.

Hence, she was confident that this model was a newcomer whom the magazine agency had discovered recently.

As soon as she was on Weibo, countless Weibo posts appeared in the results when she searched for “Shen Yuanye.” Fortunately, Weibo users were prompted right at the top of the page.

As such, Hong Yuan went into the model’s Weibo page gleefully, only to find that there were already countless comments on the pinned post.

“Aaaaah, the blogger is so beautiful! Quick, kiss me!”

“I have only found this Weibo page after purchasing the magazine.

I absolutely love the makeup look Fei Shang has used this time, as the ones in the past are too girly.”

“The shape of your lips is so beautiful.

Even a girl, like me, wants to kiss it!”

“As for me, I am entirely captivated by that gaze of hers! It is far too beautiful! It seems as if I am staring at a celestial maiden who is picking strawberries in the forest……”  

Scrolling through the comments, Hong Yuan notices all the exclamation marks.

Lowering her head, she looked at the magazine placed on the table.

The girl stood before a dark background with faint tree shadows on the clean front cover, looking askance at Hong Yuan. 

Yet, Hong Yuan’s eyes were still trained on those lips.

She could not help but rub her face to the point where they began to turn scarlet.

She……had indeed wanted to kiss those lips earlier……  


When it came to magazine models, it was not crucial whether the person was beautiful or not.

Instead, it depended on the suitability of that person’s fashion sense, looks, and figure.

Thus, there might be some who were exceptionally stunning, yet they were unsuitable to be models.

Ever since Su Yun told her these words, they still rang in her ears.

On the other hand, her phone kept making a Weibo notification sound non-stop.

It was only after she muted her phone and disabled the vibration setting did peace return once again.

At the same time, Sun Ai’s call came through.

After accepting her call, Sun Yi’s surprised voice reverberated through the line.

“Yuanye, I can’t believe you took pictures for Fei Shang magazine’s front cover! I didn’t even know about that!”

Upon hearing that, Shen Yuanye’s heart was racing.

“I’m afraid it might turn out bad.”

“It looks incredibly stunning!” Sun Ai exclaimed, “I wouldn’t have known if I had not seen it on my colleague’s desk.

She has already gotten her hands on your lip gloss as well.

How is it that I have never realized you are so suitable for this sort of style”

Shen Yuanye replied lightly, “That’s because I have never tried it before.” 

Glancing upon her reflection, she had applied the berry-colored lip gloss that enhanced the fairness of her skin, appearing as if she had accidentally stained her lips from eating wild raspberries.

After chatting with Sun Ai, she hung up the call.

Back then, Shen Yuanye did not choose to sign the contract immediately for this reason.

If Fei Shang’s February issue sold well, when she entered Hua Yi, she would at least not be like how she was before——not having anything under her belt.

Speaking of which, Shen Yuanye decided to head out to see how many have purchased it.

In Beijing, there was no lack of fashionable girls.

The snow had already begun falling outside.

When the first snow came two days ago, Weibo was bombarded by tons of pictures and group photos, so much so that this topic ended up in Weibo’s trending searches.

Concealing half her face with a scarf, Shen Yuanye even wore a beanie and a thick overcoat.

At this point, even people she knew would have difficulty recognizing her.

She stopped at a bookstore a little after 4 in the afternoon.

This bookstore was the most popular one in this district.

Although it was not the biggest bookstore, it garnered the highest consumer traffic flow.

People of all ages would make their way there to purchase something.

After entering the store, Shen Yuanye made her way to the magazine section, where she saw the magazines with her on the front cover.

There were tons of people in the bookstore; a portion of them was here to enjoy the warmth on a cold wintry day as they sat quietly on the side with a book, magazine, or phone in their hands.

Not only that, but there were numerous young girls selecting magazines, bags in hand.

Stopping by the Fei Shang magazine section, two young girls next to her, who were probably friends, had been whispering to each other from time to time.

“……I purchased this magazine the other time and found it provided far too little information.” One of the girls whispered as she skimmed over a Japanese magazine.

Under Shen Yuanye’s obscure gaze, the girl’s hand touched Fei Shang magazine.

The other girl leaned over and stated, “This looks pretty good.”

While pointing at the corner of Shen Yuanye’s eye, one of the girls mentioned, “I want to give this eye makeup a try.” 

“She has such beautiful lips! If only I am able to acquire this by going under the knife.”

At this juncture, Shen Yuanye was listening to them in silence.

After making their way into the magazine area back and forth several times, most young girls purchased a copy of Fei Shang magazine, causing Shen Yuanye to heave a sigh of relief inwardly.

Gradually, the sky outside turned dark.

Not wanting to stay out any longer, Shen Yuanye turned and randomly grabbed a magazine behind her before making her way to the cashier.

In the line, there were several consumers before her.

Feeling bored, Shen Yuanye raised her hand that held the magazine.

It was only then did she realize she was holding an entertainment magazine.

The front cover displayed the news of an actor having an affair that was released two days ago.

“……” It sure is some breaking news.

With that in mind, the corners of Shen Yuanye’s lips twitched.

Just as she was about to raise her head, her gaze suddenly fell on a row of white words on the bottom left hand corner of the magazine——Singer Huang Ni was murdered in her house!

Huang Ni was the singer she saw in the hot pot restaurant two weeks ago, if she was not mistaken.


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