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Chapter 19: She followed herself.

There is a snap on the other end of the call and then, the call ends.

     Jiang Pan held his mobile phone and saw that the call was over, and then he thought about the person’s last words, “So ugly that I don’t want to tell the fortune” and the corners of his lips raised slightly.

     “Captain Jiang, what are you doing” Liu Heyang looked at him and asked, “Was there a phone call from the authorities”

    That’s not right.

If there was a phone call from the authorities, they would have pressured him and Captain Jiang wouldn’t be laughing……

    Speaking of which, Captain Jiang is really handsome when smiling.


    There are only a few girls on the team.

Except for one that has already married, the other two have only been here for about a year.

They frequently gossip about Captain Jiang, and it’s not just a few times.

      For example, his good-looking face, muscles, and aura when handling cases.

He even heard words of wanting to strip off Captain Jiang’s clothes…..

    Liu Heyang shuddered and suddenly thought of something: “Is it still that Shen…”

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“The video Yes, we have them.” The company’s external chief replied.

    Liu Heyang nodded and said solemnly: “Then quickly sort it out and send it to the Public Security Bureau.

Don’t leave out anything.”

    As a star of an entertainment company, regardless of whether they are popular or not, there are many videos.

    And in order to examine the scores, the videos will be summarized in the personal files.

    Liu Zijie and Wang Zhi also appeared on one or two shows recently, in addition, they have also participated in courses that were set by the company before.

When the police needed them, West Entertainment immediately organized the videos.

    At one time, everyone in the entire team was responsible for several folders of videos.

    “How come you suddenly want to watch the videos Is there anything special about it Can you see what’s wrong with them”

    “This Liu Zijie looks like he is pretty good at dancing.

He’s walking the beautiful boy idol path and looks pretty sunny.

If he’s a murderer, that would be really scary.”

    “I have organized Wang Zhi’s words in the show.”

    “Zhang Zhiyuan has different personalities when he’s on stage and in private.

He acts very politely on stage, but who would’ve known that he has scolded Huang Ni so obscenely and rudely in private.”

    Everyone was watching and recording.

Out of the three people, Huang Ni is most involved with Zhang Zhiyuan.

    Jiang Pan came out of Zhang Zhiyuan’s apartment and went back to the team.

Since he saw that everyone had watched the video, he immediately asked, “Who wears a ring in the video A watch A bracelet”


    “Here, Liu Zijie!” Ren Lulu, the innermost female police officer, raised her hand to report.

    Jiang Pan’s face turned cold, and he strode over.

 Ren Lulu quickly pointed to the computer screen: “Captain Jiang, I have two videos here, one is Liu Zijie’s participation in an event, one is the company’s surveillance, and both have rings.”

    The computer happens to show the company’s monitoring screen.

    The team had watched the company’s monitoring screen when Huang Ni’s accident just occurred.

At that time, no one had their eyes on it.

    The monitoring time nearly covers a few days.

    When Liu Zijie appeared and walked from the end of the corridor to the center, Jiang Pan paused the video to zoom in on the area.

   The date is three days after Huang Ni’s accident.

    Huang Ni’s affairs have no effect on others.

Liu Zijie in the surveillance video is wearing ordinary casual clothes.

It should be the morning when he comes to the company.

His expression and movements are relatively relaxed.

    When he paused, his hand was exactly on the collar, the back of his hand facing the outside, and a ring clearly appeared on his little finger.

    Jiang Pan’s brain instantly recalled Shen Yuanye’s words.

    Sure enough, it was right again.


    Ren Lulu asked curiously: “Captain Jiang, is this ring related to the case I remember that no ring was found at the crime scene, and there were no scratches on the deceased’s body.”

    Jiang Pan didn’t answer this question, and instead said, “Play the other video.”

    Ren Lulu quickly opened it.

    This video is of Liu Zijie participating in an event.

The picture is much more high-definition than the surveillance, and the accessories of his clothes can be seen clearly.

    There is indeed a ring on his little finger, which is the same as the one on the surveillance monitor.

    Jiang Pan rubbed his fingertips.

    He straightened up and raised his voice: “Have Wang Zhi ever worn a ring”

    Several voices replied at the same time: “No, I didn’t see any in the videos here.”

    A person not far away said loudly: “I watched most of Wang Zhi’s videos.

He has no habit of wearing a ring, and a watch or a bracelet has never appeared.”

    “In this video of mine, Liu Zijie also wears a ring, but it’s difficult to find it.

I just saw it when I got closer.”

    All of a sudden, several policemen in charge of Liu Zijie’s videos began to squint.

    The answers received were basically those who wore a ring.

As for watches and bracelets, they were not seen in the video.

The ring was the most common one.


    Jiang Pan reflected, deep in thought, and then clapped his hands, to gather everyone’s attention.

Everyone focused on him, and he said in a deep voice, “Put down your current duties for now and investigate Liu Zijie.”

    Although there’s not really a reason, Captain Jiang’s decision has never made a mistake.

    The people on the team didn’t have many clues about the case in the first place, and Huang Ni’s forensic pathologist did not provide much information after the autopsy.



    After Shen Yuanye hung up the phone, she felt that her words might have been too aloof.

    But fortune-telling for Officer Jiang

  She only used Weibo to do fortune-telling.

His words obviously showed that he did not trust that she could do fortune-telling.

If she continued to ask what his Weibo is, he would be more suspicious of her.

    Besides, if Jiang Pan replied that he didn’t have Weibo, then she wouldn’t know what to say.

Simply refusing is better.

    She has done her best and has already given many clues.

Shen Yuanye took the magnifying glass back into the room and put it away carefully, in case she needed it next time.

It is so troublesome that this Weibo prediction cannot be a screenshot.

She thought for a while and then called Sun Ai to ask: “What should I do if the phone cannot take screenshots of Weibo”

    Sun Ai laughed as soon as she heard this: “What kind of broken phone do you have What era did it come from that it can’t even take a screenshot Yuanye, I remember that you bought a smartphone”

    Shen Yuanye explained: “It’s not that you can’t take screenshots generally, it’s that you can’t take screenshots on Weibo.”

    “Well, I have never experienced this kind of mobile phone situation.” Sun Ai was currently on an excursion and casually said: “If you are next to me, I can take a picture and you could look at it again.

But then, if you still haven’t changed your phone, then you should have enough for the magazine price.”

    Music appears on the other end.

    The salary of “Fei Shang” is not low.

Just one cover is enough for Shen Yuanye’s rent and living expenses for nearly half a year.

Beijing’s consumption is too high, and she can’t afford it.

    “Let’s talk about it later, I’ll hang up first.”

    Shen Yuanye feels that Sun Ai’s mention of the pictures is quite reliable.

    It just so happens that her old mobile phone has not been thrown away yet, so it can come in handy.

    Otherwise, she must always check and pay attention to what she wants to see in the future, and it will be too troublesome.

    She pointed the old phone at her current phone’s screen, and then clicked on Huang Ni’s interface.

    Shen Yuanye looked at the camera expectantly.

    What she didn’t expect was that the mobile phone showed only Huang Ni’s normal Weibo page, and there were no portraits of the deceased or the date of death at all.

    But when she moved the phone to look at it, what she saw was a portrait of the deceased.

    Shen Yuanye couldn’t help but concentrate.

    At this point, she couldn’t tell whether her mobile phone had mutated or her eyes had a problem.

    She held the old phone and didn’t know what to do.

    After a while, there was a flash of light in her mind, Shen Yuanye took the card of the new phone out and then directly put it into the old phone.

Then, she quickly turned it on.

    The phone was not damaged much in the beginning anyway, it was just laggy.

    Soon the desktop appeared in sight.

She connected directly to the Internet, clicked on the Weibo APP, and entered her account password.

    Everything is no different from a new phone.

    Shen Yuanye concentrated, took a deep breath, and clicked on her following list, skillfully following Huang Ni, unfollowing her, and then following her again.

    The familiar black screen appears.

    The portrait of the deceased, the date of death, the picture of the death scene…none of them disappeared.

    Shen Yuanye held the phone, her heart gradually sinking.

She had a vague feeling that this has something to do with her Weibo.

    Thinking of the fake account she used to send messages to the official blog last time, she brightened her eyes and hurriedly logged in to the fake account.

    The real-name authentication and information of this account are not her, but a male.

    There are many private news messages sent to her on Weibo.

The first one is the message sent to her by the Jianghai District Public Security Bureau.

    Shen Yuanye had a grudge about her being discovered.

    She went online to find tutorials and even bought a fake account, but she was discovered the next day…

    Maybe people in the police department probably think she is crazy.

    Shen Yuanye tugged at the corner of her lips and discarded this idea.

    She didn’t change anything on the fake Weibo.

Previously, she followed Zhang Wentao and Huang Ni on her Weibo account.

She watched others, and all she saw were their death dates.

    She suddenly wanted to try using this fake account to follow what would happen to her.

    Would she see the deceased portrait of herself and her date of death

    Shen Yuanye searched her Weibo account and clicked in.

    The Weibo interface is the latest Weibo, which was posted last time.

There is nothing weird and everything is normal.

   She clicked the lower-left corner and looked at the three words that said already followed.

    Shen Yuanye stared at the phone screen without blinking.


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