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Chapter 93: Captain, look!

Since she agreed to go to Qiu Ling’s birthday party, Shen Yuanye began to mentally prepare herself.

The party was a week later, so she didn’t need to rush and worry.

As long as she paid attention that day, it would be fine.

In fact, she regretted her choice when she agreed.

If it really was a partnership murder, then she might have become an unknown factor.

And those people may, one, not take any action, or two, take action to get rid of her.

Shen Yuanye felt that she should not stay there for too long.

She could bring a small camera there and leave at the right opportunity, such as after the group photo that was shown on the calendar line diagram.

Or she could toss a broken phone somewhere.

And when she sees them about to murder Qiu Ling, she could pretend to have accidentally dropped her phone and make a phone call.

It should make the murderer bewildered for a few seconds.

In that short period of time, if Qiu Ling seized the opportunity, she might be able to live.

Shen Yuanye had a good plan, but carrying it out was the difficult part.

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Thinking of this, Shen Yuanye felt a lot more relaxed.

Since she used Weibo’s prediction, she had saved many people in advance.

Looking back now, some of them were even a little dangerous.

She should be more cautious.

However, she still had to buy a camera.

Even if she didn’t need it when she went to Qiu Ling’s house, she could install it in her apartment.

It could be used as evidence if something goes wrong in the future.

There was a lot going on in the entertainment industry, and it was common to take videos and photos secretly.

Some breaking news, from pictures to audio to video, one-stop service, was mostly secretly recorded.

Last time, Shen Yuanye used a secret audio recording to defraud Li Xinyi.

The facts proved to be useful, although it took a long time for the subpoenas to be sent out and for the actual hearing of the case to take place.

It was not the same as those celebrities who threatened others with lawyers’ letters every time.

One of the ways Hua Yi Entertainment did public relations was by suing them in court.

The lawyer’s letter was of no use at all.

A lawyer can send hundreds or thousands of lawyer letters a day.

It was just a pretence to do something.

But the court subpoena was different.

It meant that the court had accepted the case and was about to start a trial.

Shen Yuanye had decided not to appear in court, but she was still looking forward to seeing those marketing accounts and the media who spread rumors and caused trouble being punished.

While distracted, Liu Li had already said a bunch of words:”… the payment for the fashion show has been entered into your card, so you can go buy some clothes, the latest ones.”

Shen Yuanye came back to her senses, “Mhm.”

She just happened to be attending Qiu Ling’s birthday party soon, and she didn’t have any suitable clothes.

It was now summer, so it was time to buy new clothes.


At 6:30 p.m., there was the sound of a police car outside the Xinmin shopping mall.

Some people who had just come out of the store put away their things and followed the police curiously.

Soon, the storage compartments outside the mall were full.

“The deceased was a female, about 30 years old.

When the janitors of the mall went to clean the bathrooms, they found her body.

The cause of death was drowning in toilet water.

The time of death was between three and four this afternoon.”

Liu Heyang reported the information about the deceased.

The restroom had already been sealed off.

The person in charge touched the cold sweat on his forehead; his face was a little pale.

There was a dead person in the mall bathroom.

It could definitely cause a loss of traffic in the future, as it was akin to bad luck.

Jiang Pan asked, “How about the surveillance”

The person in charge said quickly, “We don’t have cameras in the bathroom, otherwise privacy violations will cause problems.

But there are cameras in the corridors outside.

Officers, if you want to see them, I’ll go to the security room to get them right away.

In fact, everyone could guess that information would be contained in the surveillance system.

Usually, several people entered the bathroom at the same time, so there were usually several suspects.

Liu Heyang said: “Then go quickly.

Xiao Wang, follow him.

The discovery of this case was also inevitable.

Every evening at 6 o’clock, the shopping mall janitors had to dispose of the garbage accumulated in the afternoon before leaving work.

Today, the janitor in charge of the restroom on the second floor came into the bathroom and found that the door was closed, but there seemed to be no sound inside.

Thinking there was no one inside, she opened the door.

As a result, she saw a person kneeling on the ground alone, her head still hanging in the toilet.

The janitor was so frightened that she screamed, and the person in charge had to call the police.

Fortunately, after 6 o’clock, there were a lot fewer customers in the mall; otherwise, there might have been a riot.

Although there were still quite a lot of people watching.

Li Chen came forward from behind, “It is difficult to collect fingerprints and footprints at the scene.

The murderer should have chosen such a place deliberately.

A bathroom was a place that a lot of people went to in a shopping mall.

There were many footprints, and everyone would touch the door of each bathroom stall.

Who knew which one was the murderer

Jiang Pan walked to the edge of the toilet.

Judging from the traces on the side, the deceased struggled when she was killed, and their strength was not weak, so there were many water stains.

On the other hand, when a woman goes to the toilet, the door must be closed.

However, if the murderer was able to enter, it was possible that they were acquainted.

That was, the possibility of an acquaintance committing the crime was very high.

Jiang Pan asked without turning his head, “Where’s the forensic doctor”

Liu Heyang hurriedly told the information he had just obtained: “On the way, he happened to encounter a traffic jam during rush hours.

It is estimated that it will take more than ten minutes for him to get here.”

Jiang Pan’s frown was indiscernible.

He squatted down in the cramped women’s bathroom next to the corpse and leaned in to see the corpse.

The deceased’s hand was hanging on the edge of the toilet, and her nails were broken.

There were several marks on the floor of the next stall, and there were broken nail pieces as well.

Jiang Pan was wearing gloves, and he reached out and examined one of the corpse’s hands.

The palm of the hand turned towards him.

He clearly saw the wound in the palm of the hand.

So there was blood in her nail bed. 

Jiang Pan put the hand back on the spot and said, “Remember to test the blood in her nails to see if it’s only hers.”

Liu Heyang replied, “Okay.”

If the blood or DNA of a second person could be found, then it would be a lot easier to find the suspect.

Then, by picking out people who entered the bathroom at the time frame from the surveillance, the murderer could basically be found.

If there were no bloodstains or DNA of a second person, then they would have to investigate everyone carefully.

“Remember to buy clothes.

The endorsement fee is already on your card.

Don’t leave the money there to rot.

As a model, what else can you do other than wear clothes”

“Yes, yes, Sister Li.”

Shen Yuanye hung up the phone after responding to Liu Li’s words.

Before she took a few steps, she saw a large group of people surrounding something.

She didn’t know what they were doing.

This time she came out without Lu Yue, because it happened to be the weekend.

Technically speaking, Lu Yue didn’t work on weekends, but she usually didn’t say anything since Liu Li also paid her three times her salary.

She took a few steps forward, and the conversations of several people entered her ears.

“Did an accident happen ahead Why are there so many police officers They even surrounded this place, and I couldn’t even go in to use the bathroom.

“I heard that there was a dead person.

They are in the women’s restroom.

Who knows which bathroom they are in Anyway, it was a janitor that found it, and the police came to investigate.

You can use the room upstairs or downstairs.

“Dead A person dead in the mall So unlucky… “

Shen Yuanye stopped at the edge of the crowd.

When she heard that there was a dead person, she decided not to go over.

Who knew that someone inside stood up, wearing a police uniform

Jiang Pan actually came too.

Shen Yuanye thought of what she had said to fool him last time, and she felt a little empty.

But her skills were not very good right now, and she could only see some things based on appearance.

As for other aspects, when she was done learning, she would be able to accurately fortune-tell.

She could use Weibo, though she didn’t know Jiang Pan’s Weibo account.

He may not even use Weibo.

Shen Yuanye suddenly thought of this, and as she thought more about it, the more likely she thought it was.

She unconsciously dazed off, and soon, more and more people surrounded her.

It was really an accident to run into this matter.

She didn’t think that when she went out to buy clothes, or even when she hadn’t bought any clothes yet, that she would meet them handling a case.

Liu Heyang exited the bathroom and cleared a path in the crowd for them to move the body out.

When he turned his head to observe, he saw a familiar person.

Jiang Pan happened to come out too, and he squinted his eyes, “Captain, look over there.”

“What are you looking at Do your job.

” Jiang Pan said coldly, but still turned his face slightly to meet Shen Yuanye’s eyes outside the crowd.

It was quite embarrassing to be caught by him when she was just there watching.

Shen Yuanye showed a polite smile, took a few steps back, and left the crowd.

But she was too tall, so she stood out from the crowd.

The crowd was only about 1.6 meters tall.

It was like a crane standing among chickens.

Liu Heyang said with emotion, “I didn’t expect Miss Shen to be here too.”

Jiang Pan looked back, “Is she being here related to your case”

Hearing the meaning of these words, Liu Heyang immediately gave a small laugh and didn’t dare respond: “Yeah, yeah, it doesn’t matter… Captain, let’s go and see the surveillance.

The surveillance will definitely show the murderer entering the bathroom!”


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