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Chapter 4297: The Other Side 266Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Natalia chortled.

“Well, lets not dwell on this meaningless question.

Youre all important to me.

I cant let either of you go.”

Meaningless question…

Hua Jin smirked and threw Gong Jie a glance.

The man, however, turned away from him with a strange expression on his face.

And so the actor flew the kite with Natalia for a short while.

It took a bit of effort to get the kite up in the air but it was finally up there and the wind was picking up.

Natalia, though, didnt seem very happy to see the Peppa Pig kite floating in the sky.

Seeing that she looked lost, Hua Jin leaned over and asked, “Whats wrong You look unhappy!”


Natalia turned to him with a pout and sighed with emotion.

“I miss Youyou…”

The actor was taken aback for a moment, and then he burst out laughing.

He had wanted to tease her, but instead probed, “Could it be that… you like the boy”

“Of course I like Youyou!” Natalia obviously didnt read between the lines.

The look in her eyes was so pure and innocent that it made him feel sinful instead!

Actually, the mutual affection that children have for each other is the simplest thing in the world.

Of course, attraction between the opposite sex exist among children as well.

However, such a young child would not understand the complicated world of adult relationships.

Those complicated emotions were beyond her.

The reasons for liking a boy or a girl could be as simple as because the person looked delicate and pretty or it was fun to play with him or her.

Natalia seemed to have developed a reliance on Youyou.

This sense of reliance was no less than that which she had for Gong Jie.

The actor suggested, “Why dont we go hang out at Youyous house after kite-flying”

Natalias eyes brightened and she perked up.


“Uh huh.

Stay here and play by yourself for now then, Ill get my phone and call Youyou!”


The actor stepped to the side, pulled out his phone, and scrolled for Yun Shishis number.

Gong Jie had just put away the kite when he spotted Hua Jin making the call.

“Who are you calling” he asked suspiciously.

The actor said casually, “Oh, Im calling Shishi.

Natalia says she wants to hang out with Youyou.

Its just as well youre back.

How about dinner together”

His brother nodded at that.


The actor dialed the number, and after it rang for a long time, the call was finally answered.

Little Yichens voice was low and trembling.


Hua Jin was stunned for a moment.

Puzzled, he asked, “Why are you picking up the call Wheres your mommy”

There was silence for a moment.

What the boy said next made the actors eyelids twitch violently.

“Somethings happened… to Mommy…”

Hua Jins eyes widened at that, and he drew in a sharp breath.

Gong Jie, who was beside him, noticed his strange reaction and frowned slightly.

Hua Jin struggled to recover from his daze and immediately asked, “What happened!”

“Its complicated.

Anyway, come to the hospital and well talk then!”

The boy hastily ended the call.

The actor listened to the dead tone and stared blankly at his phone.

Gong Jie came over and asked in a quiet voice, “Whats going on!”

“I think… something happened to Shishi…”


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