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Rebuild World Chapter 107

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As Akira watched the scene laid in front of him, he hung his head low. All the relics that he had collected had turned worthless. The rucksack that he had used to carry the relics had also turned unusable. There was no point in carrying them around any longer.

“Although I did my best collecting them and carrying them with me all the way here…”

Carol looked shocked when she asked Akira a question.

“Uhh, Akira, are you okay”

Akira turned surprised, he could not believe what he just heard.

“A-are you seriously asking me if Im okay after seeing this!!!”

“I mean, are you injured”

“Ahh, that, huh. No, Im alright. I coughed out some blood, but this much is nothing and I still have enough medicines with me.”

Akira was saying that he was injured but it was nothing serious. Carol sighed in relief after confirming that he was alright. But at the same time, she was also a bit surprised by how he was taking in their situation as she thanked him.

“Uhhh, by the way, thank you for saving me. Thanks to you, I was able to get out alive from that.”

“Dont mention it, Ive accepted that request after all… But still, I worked super hard to be able to get in here, you know…”

Akira even had to run on a buildings wall to be able to defeat the autonomous weapons guarding that building, and the result of that hard work was now scattered in pieces right in front of him. The shock was pretty devastating for him.

Seeing Akira like this, Carol could not help but smile. The current Akira did not look like a Hunter who could immediately react to that sudden turn of events and jump in front of her to protect her. That young boy, who ignored the fact that he just coughed out blood as he immediately swallowed medicines, appeared so meek and devastated now while looking at his relics that were shredded into pieces.

As Carol thought that it was just the nature of being a Hunter, she could not help but let out a giggle. Akira who noticed that glared at her.

“This is not funny at all. All my hard work just to get in this building is now all in vain, you know!!”

Carol apologized while still giggling.

“Im sorry, I really am sorry. As my thanks, Ill pay for the relics that you lost. Lets say, how about 40,000,000 Aurum Ill transfer the money once were out of this place.”

Akira looked dumbfounded.

“A-are you sure”

“Of course, you lost those relics for protecting me after all. So it would be really bad if you blame that on me and abandon me.”

Akira still could not believe it, so he asked the same question again.

“A-are you really sure youre okay with that”

Carol smiled and replied.

“Yeah. If youre not satisfied with that number, we can negotiate after we get out from here. But I think those relics should be worth around that much. Since Ive brought back relics from this building a few times before, I more or less know the worth of the relics in this building. So, even if you say that they should worth more, I wont easily offer you more money, you know.”

Akira looked perplexed as he said.

“Ah, no, thats not it, Im okay with that number. Uhhh, thank you.”

“Dont mention it… Or at least thats what I wanted to say, but its too soon for that. If you want me to pay you that money, make sure to protect me until we escape this building, okay”

Akira answered back with a serious expression.

“Of course. Since Ive accepted your request, Ill properly protect you regardless of that deal.”

Carol smiled happily at Akira.

“Im counting on you. So then, lets go… Do tell me if it hurts to move your body around.”

“Its okay. I used expensive medicines back there after all. I dont feel any pain right now. Although, to be honest, I want to take a break until the medicines completely heal my injuries, but its not the time for that, so lets hurry up.”

They could not afford to stay in that place for too long. The longer they stayed there, the closer the swarm would be. Akira and Carol immediately started running again.

While he was running through the 40th floor, Akira asked Alpha.

“Alpha, thank you back there.”

Akiras move back then was mostly thanks to Alphas control. He actually could not react in time, and even if he did, he was not sure if he could have protected Carol.

“Dont mention it. Its my job to provide you with my support. That aside, are you really okay”

“Its true that I dont feel any pain. It still feels weird when I move my body though, but its not the time to worry about that now. More importantly, is my augmented suit okay after taking that barrage Thats more important, right”

“Its okay. Although it did temporarily boost the energy consumption, your augmented suit should be functioning normally right now.”

“I see, thats good to hear.”

“But still, its great that she would pay for the relics that were destroyed.”

“You can say that again… By the way, was that the only way out”

Had Alpha detected those monsters beforehand, Akira might not have lost his relics back there. He thought so as he threw that question to Alpha.

Alpha just smiled and said.

“The layout of the floors in this building is blocking my detection. If youre okay with taking those bullets head-on instead of using the relics as your shield, and if youre also okay with me forcing your body to move even if youre badly injured just like that time when you fought the relic thieves, then the answer is no.”

Akira twitched and said.

“Well, I wouldnt want you to do that though.”

Now that Alpha confirmed that Akira had nothing to complain about her support even after losing his relics, she smiled and said.

“You only got light injuries and someone is offering to pay for the relics that you lost, so you just need to return back alive now.”

“Yeah, but then again, what do you think about this back door on the upper floor”

“I dont know the answer to that question. Since she asked for 5,000,000 Aurum, I bet theres really a backdoor. So for now, lets just place our trust in her.”

“Youre right. Its not like I can go downstairs anyway, the way upward is the only way forward. Lets just put our bet on her and continue.”

Although Alphas ability to detect enemies was reduced, it was not that bad in detecting enemies on the same floor as them. So, even though they encountered more monsters after that, Akira was able to detect them first and snipe them before they could attack the duo.

Carol was shooting at the monsters in front of her when she voiced out her question.

“But still, where are all of these monsters coming from They shouldnt be inside this building though…”

Akira who was shooting at the same targets then answered.

“Theyre here now, so it doesnt matter. Lets just kill them and move on. One thing for sure, we have quite a lot of monsters chasing us from behind.”

“Well, youre right about that…”

There was an elevator door not too far from them. For the sake of moving people and stuff around that building, the elevator door there was pretty big. Except for those people with the right permission, no one could use the elevator. That was why Akira and Carol were forced to climb that building using stairs.

But then that elevator door suddenly opened without making any sounds. Akira quickly reacted to that by pointing his rifle in that direction. Carol also did the same although a bit late. Both of them pulled the trigger almost simultaneously and started shooting at the rifles peeking out from the inside of that elevator.

Although both of them were surprised, their expression stayed stern. Akiras face then turned grim as he said.

“Now we know how they got here first. So this is the reason, huh.”

What was left behind that elevator door was nothing but the dead wreckages of the monsters that the duo just killed. These monsters were using elevators to get ahead of Akira and Carol.

“Whats going on here! So the manager of this building is letting these monsters use the elevator!”

“That seems to be the case.”

“To think that the manager of this building has also turned hostile… Nah, I guess its too late to be surprised about that by now, huh”

All the Hunters inside that building were basically intruders, so that was to be expected.

Akira saw Carols grim expression, he then asked her a question.

“Does this have anything to do with the backdoor that were heading to”

“None. To be more precise, they might have predicted where were heading and sending monsters ahead of us, but it should be still alright.”

“Is that so In that case, we should hurry up then, at this rate, theyll surround us.”

“Youre right, lets go. But seriously, from one thing to another, were really unlucky today. Today is really a bad day… Akira, whats wrong Are you hurt somewhere”

Carol noticed Akiras weird reaction and asked him if he was okay. Akira, who just slightly twitched, returned his face to normal.

“Its nothing, Im okay.”

Carol was a bit bothered by Akiras strange reaction, but it was not the time for that as she quickly returned back to guiding the way forward.

Alpha, who had a good guess of what Akira was thinking, just smiled at him.

“Its alright, its all going to be fine as long as you can return back alive. So lets just head back home and have a good laugh at what happened today.”

“Youre right.”

Even if it was true that Carol was roped into Akiras bad luck, there should not be any problems as long as they could return back alive. They knew that being a Hunter was a dangerous occupation. Once they returned back alive from that place, everything that happened that day would be an amusing story that they could laugh off in the future.

Luck was also a part of Hunters skill. So those who could fight back against their bad luck were indeed skilled Hunters.

Akira and Carol continued running inside the Seranthal building, heading to the backdoor that Carol told Akira about. Now that they knew there were monsters ahead, they did not get caught off guard again as they carved their way forward through the monsters blocking their way. It was all good and fine up until that point, but the further they went forward, the grimmer their expression became.

Akira looked at the cause of that and said.

“Theres just too many of them!!”

“Theres no end to these monsters. Looking at this situation, I guess the Hunters downstairs are all dead, huh…”

The mechanical monsters that were chasing Akira and Carol from behind had increased in number, enough to even fully block the whole hallway. These monsters must have passed through the Hunters downstairs, and now they came upstairs to kill Carol and Akira, who were still alive inside the building. There might be some Hunters making their stand in some small rooms, but they were the minority among all the Hunters who came inside that building.

Akira was holding back the monsters behind them using his CWH anti-material rifle and DVTS minigun while Carol was clearing the way forward. As the wreckages of the dead monsters in the front of the swarms blocked the hallway, all the monsters behind them slowly pushed their way through those wreckages and crept closer and closer to Akira and Carol.

Akira and Carol somehow reached the 45th floor, they finally reached their destination. The stairs that they took to get there were already filled with wreckages, there was no way to go downstairs now.

“Carol, how far until we reach the backdoor This is already the 45th floor, so it should be somewhere on this floor, right”

Carol had a grim expression as she said.

“Go right and then left. There, well find a big door.”

Akira peeked toward that direction. Countless monsters were already waiting inside that hallway. And right when Akira peeked at them, the elevator door near those monsters opened and delivered extra reinforcements. The duo looked totally disheartened.

Akira sighed and said with a serious face.

“It cant be helped, we need to break through them.”

Carol was so surprised. She thought that it was impossible to break through that blockade.

“…Breakthrough them Right there With that many monsters”

“If we take too long shaving their number, this floor will be flooded with monsters before we can move forward. Not to mention, I dont have much ammo left. If we dont break through them in one go, our fates would be sealed as the time passes… Look there, they got even more reinforcement.”

The elevator door opened again and delivered even more monsters inside that hallway. Akira believed that they would not stop sending monsters there anytime soon.

Carol looked at that and made her resolve.


“Ill go in first then you help me from behind.”

“Are you sure”

“Since Im your bodyguard, its not like I can take cover behind you, right”

Looking at Akira, who said that so flatly as if he was only stating a fact without a trace of anger or hatred, Carol smiled happily and said.

“…Youre right, Ill be counting on you.”

Akira swallowed some medicines beforehand and put some ready inside his mouth, he then reloaded new magazines into his rifles. He stood in the middle of the hallway with his CWH anti-material rifle and DVTS minigun ready on his hands. He was ready to go.


“Ready when you are.”

Seeing Alpha who was smiling like usual, a question popped out inside Akiras head.

“You said that its easy to fight against mechanical monsters back there, so I can put my hopes up, right”

“Of course. But you better get your resolve ready, Akira.”

Akira forced himself to make a confident smile. Right after that, he jumped out into the hallway where those monsters were waiting for him. He gathered his focus and compressed his time perception, inside that slow-motion world, Akira made his resolve, aimed the rifles on both of his hands toward the monsters in front of him, and pulled the trigger.

The special ammo of his CWH anti-material rifle easily pierced through the monsters thick armours and blew the inside of their bodies, it then went further and pierced right through the monsters behind them too. While the shower of bullets coming out from Akiras DVTS minigun only had enough power to dent their armours, it was strong enough to destroy their limbs and guns. The monsters that were thrown back blocked the other monsters from aiming at Akira, the dead monsters blocked their way forward, and the destroyed guns blew up and took out the monsters near their vicinity.

Alpha used all the information that she got from Akiras information-gathering device, she then analyzed it, processed it, and used it to confirm the position of all the enemies and their lines of sight. Since they were on the same floor as Akira and pretty close to him, even with the reduced sensitivity, Alpha was able to detect even the slightest move that these monsters made.

Alpha took control of Akiras augmented suit, enhanced his vision, and corrected his aim to take out the first monsters with the highest possibility of inflicting serious injury to Akira. While at the same time, she maximized the effectiveness of the DVTS barrage to lower the monsters firepower. As the explosions of their guns took out the monsters around where those explosions happened, the dead monsters turned into obstacles that slowed down the other monsters movements. Alpha fully grasped the situation of every single second of that battle as she kept Akira and Carol from the monsters aim and guided Akira to make the best possible sequence of action.

Akira was running forward in that situation where even the smallest slip up could cause the enemies shots to concentrate on him and immediately kill him. His augmented suit forced his body to move to its utmost limit to the point that it was almost enough to kill him. His muscles and bones could not take the burden as they were screaming in pain. The moment the medicines that he had taken in beforehand healed those injuries, the augmented suit would place even more burden on his body again.

Akira was pushing forward inside that slow-motion world, bullets were flying from behind and in front of him, he could hear the sounds of those flying bullets and he could feel the wind pressure grazing his skin as those bullets flew past near him. In the middle of that, Akira focused to feel the movement of his augmented suit and tried his best to match his body movement with his augmented suit, so as not to slow down Alphas control over his augmented suit.

Thanks to his enhanced vision, Akira could see the next location he needed to position himself, the next action he needed to take, and the next target that he needed to take out first. He tried his best to follow Alphas guidance that was produced through processing a huge amount of information and after a huge amount of complex calculations.

Inside his enhanced vision, Akira also could see the predicted trajectory line of the monsters aims. Alpha sometimes gave him order to pass through positions where he would get hit by bullets. But even after knowing that, Akira would still push forward and take that route without hesitating. Then, as expected, he would grit his teeth and take in the bullet while making sure that it would not break his balance as he focused himself to follow the next order.

It was of course impossible to evade all the enemies shots. As such, Akira just brushed that off as he understood very well he needed to take some of those bullets and make sure that they did not cause any fatal injuries in order to return back alive from that place.

Alphas orders were important, even if they were directing him to soak up those bullets. Akira placed his trust in Alpha as he kept on fighting. He stepped over the dead monsters in front of him and continued pushing forward.

Thanks to Alphas support, Akira kept on shooting at the monsters in front of him with the utmost efficiency while at the same time reducing the efficiency of the monsters in front of him with his barrage.

Carol, was following behind Akira while giving as much support as she could, she kept telling her body to keep moving since it kept stopping out of astonishment from the scene happening in front of her.

Carol did not expect that Akira was that strong.

[…So strong!! I knew all along that hes strong enough to kill the monsters guarding this building alone, but I never thought that hes this strong!! Amazing!! Really amazing!!]

Carol did not know about Alpha. Thus, she thought that it was purely out of Akiras skill alone. Although it was out of Carols wrong evaluation, in her eyes, Akira looked like a very attractively strong Hunter.

Carol unconsciously smiled. It was a rare smile different from the attractive smile that she usually used on someone who she wanted to seduce.

After pushing through that fierce fight, Akira and Carol stood in front of the door that they were aiming for. Although the battle only lasted for 5 minutes, for both of them, it felt like forever. Akira himself was already low on ammo and medicines.

Akira faced his back toward that door and fought the monster chasing him while Carol rushed toward that door and opened it. After she checked everything, she shouted at Akira.

“Its all green!! Hurry up!!”

Akira quickly went inside that door and the door almost immediately shut. The monsters on the other side of that door released a barrage of bullets, Akira could hear those bullets hitting the thick door from the other side. It was a close call.

After escaping that dangerous situation, Akira finally had the leeway to relax and reassess his situation. As he scanned his surroundings, he was taken aback and said.

“Were outside”

Akira was already outside. Some of the floors in the Seranthal building had platforms and those platforms were actually landing platforms, Akira was standing on one of those platforms.

Akira fl.u.s.teredly asked Carol a question.

“Is this the backdoor”

“Yes, did that surprise you”

“Wait for a sec, how exactly are we going to escape from this place I cant fly, and of course, I dont want to jump down from this height.”

Even for Akira, who was experienced in jumping down a tall building, he did not want to jump from that height. And putting height aside, Akira had no plans to jump from a tall building two times in a day.

Carol, who saw Akira get a bit worked up, found it amusing as she giggled and said.

“I cant fly too and I have no plans to kill myself by jumping from this height. Itll start to move soon, so lets just keep that door closed.”

Carol then moved a pile of wreckage and put it right next to the door, preventing it from getting opened. It was a pretty heavy pile of wreckage and it was positioned to get stuck on the door. Thus, it would be really hard to open the door from the other side. And even if the door was destroyed, that wreckage would then be turned into a blockade.

Carol then said to Akira.

“Come over here.”

Akira followed Carol into the landing platform. It was pretty huge for a landing platform on top of a building.

Although Akira never saw it for himself, he was wondering if there was this so-called airplane in that place and that Carol was planning to escape from that building using it. But as he scanned the platform, he did not see anything that might be that so-called airplane.

As Akira started to feel uneasy, he then asked Carol with a worried face.

“Carol, can you tell me now where are we heading to And how are you planning to escape from this building”

“Well be there soon. Its faster if you see it for yourself. Even if I explain it to you now, I dont think that you would believe me anyway.”

“What do you mean by that”

“Youll get it when you see it. Ah, there it is, its that thing over there.”

Carol then pointed her finger. But Akira could not see anything in the direction she was pointing, there was nothing but the runway there.

“…I dont see anything though”

“Its foggy so its hard to see. Look closely, dont you see a shadow in the middle of that runway”

Akira stared closely in that direction, it was true that he saw some kind of silhouette, but it did not resemble anything that he knew of. He then tilted his head.

As Akira was wondering what was there, Carol already walked ahead toward that thing. When she did that, suddenly, the image around her started to get distorted.

Akira looked at that in confusion. The rift then widened, when he peeked into that rift, he finally realized that it was some kind of door. As he peeked deeper into what was behind that door, he could see that it led to another place. Or at least, the place behind that door was not another landing platform.

Alpha smiled and explained to Akira who was completely surprised by that.

“To think that you wouldnt be able to see it unless you get this close, this is a pretty high-grade optical camouflage. Akira, this is a delivery drone. I bet this is from the old-world. The reason why you cant see it is because of its optical camouflage. Its also equipped with other camouflaging devices, even your information-gathering device would not be able to detect it unless you get close enough to it.”

It was an old-world delivery drone. From Akiras point of view, it looked like the interior of that delivery drone was floating in the air. But when he approached it while already knowing that there was a delivery drone there, Akira started to recognize the outline of that delivery drone.

The door of that delivery drone was completely open and it led into a platform, connected to a storage room inside of it.

Carol stepped into that storage room and called Akira.

“Akira, come on, get in here or youll get left behind.”

Akira snapped back to reality and followed Carol into that storage room. The door was still open even after he went in, but not too long after that, it closed on its own.

The storage room inside the delivery drone was pretty spacious, but there was nothing other than Akira and Carol inside it. Seeing Carol relaxed there, Akira also lowered his guard.

He then asked Carol who was already resting.

“Carol, explain to me whats going on here. First of all, is this thing safe”

“Maybe yes.”


“The fact there are monsters inside the Seranthal building alone is not normal. Thats why I cant say for sure if this thing is safe or not. But if this wont work, then nothing will and well have no other choice but to climb down the buildings wall.”

“…I see, I understand. So then, what will happen next”

“Once the time comes, this thing will start flying on its own… Just wait for a bit.”

Carol then opened her information terminal and checked something.

“15 minutes. We have no other choice but to wait for 15 more minutes. Ah, and also, dont get too close to the door, it might open the door if you do that.”

“Okay. So basically, this delivery drone is that backdoor, right”

“Yep. It seems that it regularly visits multiple buildings, and this Seranthal building is just one of them. If it follows the usual schedule, the next stop will be a landing platform in the Mihazono ruin factory district. So well get off there and… Well, will you escort me back all the way to the Hunter Office I would be really happy if you would do that for me.”

“Sure, Im planning to head that way too anyway. So I can at least escort you back to the Hunter Office.”

“Thank you.”

Carol smiled at Akira, he felt there was something else bothering him in that smile. But it was not anything ominous, it simply felt different compared to the smile that she had when they spoke to each other inside the Seranthal building, that was all there was to it. So he just decided to ignore it.

While waiting for that 15 minutes to pass by, Akira reloaded new magazines into his rifles. He no longer had that much ammo left. He still had some reserve ammo left in his vehicle, but he left his vehicle in the parking lot not too far from the Hunter Office. He could not replenish his ammo until he could get back to his vehicle, so until then, there was no way he could face another swarm of monsters like before.

Akira hoped that nothing bad would happen from here on out as he swallowed more medicines. The only thing that he could do right now was to get himself well prepared in case anything bad happened while hoping that it would be unnecessary.

After all, whether something bad would happen or not, was something Akira had no control over.

After 10 minutes, there was another turn of events. The monsters that were chasing Akira and Carol broke through the door and the wreckage blocking the door. They were quickly flooding the landing platform.

Akira was looking outside through a small window in that storage room. It was because he was keeping eyes on the situation outside and he wanted to see the view outside when the delivery drone took off.

Seeing those mechanical monsters gushing out into the landing platform, Akiras face twitched as he mumbled.

“…Give me a break.”

Carol who noticed that also peeked outside. Her face turned pale the moment she saw the monsters flooding the landing platform.

“…Its alright… They shouldnt be able to see us from the outside… Moreover, this delivery drone is using an optical camouflage in the first place… And its time to take off soon… It should be alright…”

All the words that Carol mumbled were all her wishes, Akira could understand that after seeing her expression. Although she was trying to stay calm there, her smile was crooked and cold sweat was running down her face, she was also slightly shaking, showing what she was actually feeling uneasy.

If the mechanical monsters got close enough to the delivery drone, its door might open. They might even be able to see the delivery drone too. Moreover, in the first place, the delivery drone might not take off if there was something blocking it. There were so many uncertainties.

Akira tried to reorganize his mind, he took a deep breath and let out a long sigh before asking Alpha.

“Alpha, what will happen if those monsters get into this storage room”

Alpha kept smiling like usual.

“When that happens, Ill have you ready to re-experience what you did today.”

After hearing the answer that he had completely expected, Akiras face distorted. It seemed that he really hated that idea.

“…Thought so. Well, I guess I should be thankful that I, at least, still have a way to get out from this place alive.”

Depending on the situation, Akira might have to run down a buildings wall again. The only difference between riding off and just simply jumping down the wall was that the former had a better chance of survival. After all, he had no wish to get himself killed. Of course, he did not want to do that again if it could be helped, but the monsters chasing him did not care about that.

Carol looked at Akira. He seemed to be very annoyed and exasperated as well as a little nervous. From what she could see, Akira did not seem to have given up, he did not even seem scared at all.


Carol herself had no idea why she called Akiras name.

Akira, who was watching the door that was leading outside, turned to Carol and casually replied.

“Yes Ah, if the monsters come here, well have to get out of here. So you get yourself ready in case that happens.”

“Eh, ah, okay, sure.”

Carol was so dumbfounded that she was barely able to reply back. Akira returned his gaze back to the door. She kept staring at him for some time even after that, but weirdly enough, she then started to smile.

Akira, who noticed that change in Carol, frowned and asked.


“Its nothing. It seems that you havent given up at all.”

“Of course. You too, right “

Carol who already regained her composure confidently smiled and replied.


Carol reloaded her gun while smiling, she then stood next to Akira in case he needed her support.

[…Hes still calm even in this situation. He seems to be still planning to fight back. And to top it off, hes skilled, hes really my type.]

Akira and Carol just stood there in silence. The sound of the monsters outside the delivery drone was starting to get louder and louder as they approached and surrounded that delivery drone.

Akira and Carol could clearly hear the sounds that those mechanical monsters were making outside the delivery drone. Normally, hearing those sounds would shave the spirit of the people who were listening to them. A normal Hunter might start screaming right about now. But even so, Carol and Akira just stood there in silence while listening to those sounds.

Not too long after that, the delivery drone suddenly started moving. It was time for it to take off. The sounds that it was making drowned the sound coming from the mechanical monsters outside. After the delivery drone took off from the landing platform, it headed to the Mihazono ruins factory district.

Akira quietly watched the situation outside through the small window. He could see the monsters that swarmed the Seranthal building. Their images kept getting smaller and smaller to the point that he could not see them any longer.

Once they realized that they were saved, they sighed in relief at the same time as if they had planned that beforehand. Then the next moment, Carol jumped and hugged Akira.

“We did it!! Were saved!! Were saved!!”

Carol seemed to be delighted. Because of their height difference, Akiras head was pushed right into Carols chest.

Akira dropped his rifle and tried to push her away.

“Okay okay!! I got it already!! So just let me go!!”

“Its fine, right Lets celebrate together!!”

“Just let go of me! I dont know whether its your augmented suit or that you have an augmented body, but hugging me with that much power is hurting me, you know!!”

Akira was really in pain. Just like Sara, Carol also had an augmented body, thanks to that, she was able to handle the kickback of a powerful gun without any trouble. While the armour that she was using was a reactive armour that would harden in response to an external force. So having those hard layers in the shape of b.r.e.a.s.t pushed against his face, caused Akira to feel pain.

“Whoops, sorry.”

Carol realized that Akira was really in pain and quickly let him go.

Akira coughed after getting released from that pain. He thought that Carol let him go since she had regained her composure, but that was not the case. It was true that Carol regained some of her composure, but compared to her usual state, she was still in a high mood.

Carol quickly pulled down the fastener in front of her down to her stomach. She then used that opening when Akira was surprised to hug him again. But this time, Akiras face was buried into her well-endowed b.r.e.a.s.ts.

Carol smiled happily as she said.

“This wont hurt you now, right”

It seemed that Carol was still high after escaping that life-threatening situation. Akira did not seem to try to pull himself away from her, and since it seemed that it would be pointless to say anything to her in this situation, he just gave up and let her do whatever she wanted.

Alpha smiled teasingly at Akira and said.

“Hmmm, as I thought, you react differently when its something that you can actually touch.”

Akira casually replied to Alpha just like usual.

“Shut up.”

Carol, who did not know about that short exchange between Akira and Alpha, kept on hugging Akira happily.


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