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Rebuild World Chapter 260: Earnest People

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Chapter 260: Earnest People

The light barrier was riddled with bullets before it broke into pieces. The light barrier was produced by solidified air, using forcefield armour. It appeared to be similar to a floating shield of light that dimly glowed. Chloes men were using non-contact forcefield armour type to create that light barrier, which was also known as forcefield shield.

Compared to the standard forcefield armour, the energy usage of the forcefield shield was highly efficient, not to mention its effective uses as well. Not only could it protect something outside its immediate vicinity, it could also set up a forcefield which weakens enemy bullets. It was effective even against anti-forcefield bullets.

A multi-layered forcefield shield that was well coordinated from their training was able to successfully protect their master against a storm of charge bullets, released from close range.

As expected, not even a single bullet from Akira was able to reach Chloe.

That exchange, which was a blink of an eye for the common man, continued on. It was prolonged because of how skilled both parties were. The might of their equipment, and their resolve to fulfill their goals. 

Although that place was already filled with flying bullets, none of them hesitated to shoot back. Endless sound of gunfire echoed through the area, filling it with bullets, covering it with thick murderous intent. Akira blazed and wafted around that place filled with death.

The broken light shield did not even take a second to disintegrate into flashes of light and dissipate into the air. However, Akira stretched his time perception to the limit. To him, it seemed as though those pieces had not disintegrated yet. His gaze and his LEO multi-rifle muzzles were focused on Chloe. With all his attention focused on killing him, Chloes escorts had to entirely focus on defending her. They did not have the leeway to focus much on Akira. 

While shooting, Akira jumped to the side with all his might to get away from the bullets that were heading towards him.

With his enhanced physical strength that approached that of a super-human, if Akira tried to execute a high-speed move like running, normally, the power of his first step would cause the ground under him to crack, making him lose his footing. However, he made use of his forcefield armour, placing it under his feet the moment it made contact with the ground. With the powerful balancer in his augmented suit, he could execute extremely high-speed manoeuvres. Fast enough for him to move at maximum velocity, against the full might of the air.

Even with his high-speed manoeuvre, from his perspective, he was running slowly. During that opening, he gathered all the data about his surroundings through his advanced information-gathering device. He completely skipped the data analysis portions and simply allowed the raw data to fly straight into his brain, which he recognized as extrasensory information. Thanks to that, he was able to locate all the countless bullets around him just by using his intuition. If the trajectories were painted in red, the area around him would have been filled with nothing but red.

Even so, Akira forced his way to areas with a lot fewer bullets and forced himself to slip through that barrage of bullets. He knew that the slightest mistake would spell his doom, but even so, he placed everything on his intuition. The intuition that he had been polishing as he correctly predicted the trajectories of each bullet around him.

Of course, he was unable to evade all the bullets. Against those bullets that he could not avoid, he predicted where he would get hit and focused the forcefield armour of his augmented suit at those points. Naturally, this means that he would be vulnerable at other locations. If he made a mistake in predicting where those bullets would hit him, it would cause him to stagger and the rest of the enemy bullets would finish him off.

However, even after all of this, the firepower of his enemy was more than enough to decimate him. The maids and the butlers that had surrounded Akira started shooting at him almost simultaneously. They had already accepted the fact that they would hit each other as they released a huge barrage of powerful bullets at him.

That barrage that was forming around Akira would come at him like a thick wall, which blocked him from escaping. However, Akira would force his way out using the LEO multi-rifle on his left hand. Meanwhile, he continued shooting at Chloe with his right LEO multi-rifle. 

His left LEO multi-rifle had started shooting non-stop at other targets. His aim was not to kill but to throw his opponent off balance or damage their weapons, enough to disrupt their ability to aim. Akiras shooting with his left LEO multi-rifle was unbelievably accurate. It was not an exaggeration to describe it as otherworldly. He was able to execute such high accuracy, rapid shooting thanks to his enhanced, high information resolution world.

The maids that got hit before pulling their trigger ended up completely missing their shots. The butler who noticed it realized that Akira was also shooting at them. So, he inadvertently took a step to the side to evade the incoming bullet. This caused him to lose his already fixed aim. Although the bullet went past their rifles without even touching them, the whiplash from the wind pressure was enough to slightly shift their aims away from their target. All of these compounded together, allowing Akira to create an opening for him to survive the wall of bullets that were coming at him. 

Akira of course did not stop there. He continued to shoot even more bullets. Eventually, he tore down that wall of bullets as he slipped through that barrage.

Of course, some of the bullets also hit the buildings around them. Akira was using bullets that would easily kill off even powerful monsters. Meanwhile, Chloes men were using bullets that were powerful enough to kill Akira. Firepower-wise, they might be even stronger than tanks. The violent barrage showered the buildings in the area, creating a huge hole in their walls, and eventually, they crumbled down. Some were blown to even smaller pieces.

Ten seconds passed since the fight started. Even after exchanging that many powerful bullets, Akira and Chloe were still alive.

The moment the battle started, Latis forcefully pulled Chloe back and carried her away from the battlefield as fast as he could. Of course, it placed Chloes body, which was normal, under a heavy burden. However, thanks to the battle-oriented powerful augmented suit that looked like a casual expensive dress which Chloe had put on, and Latis carrying her to not cause as much burden on her as possible, Chloe somehow managed to be fine.

Moreover, the butlers and the maids in the area quickly set up a forcefield shield in a straight line between Akira and Chloe. They did this to block Akiras bullets. Chloe was relieved the moment she saw those thick layers of forcefield shield in between her and Akira. However, that changed the next moment she saw Akira easily break through most of them with just his opening barrage. Some of the bullets even came inches from her. However, in the end, she was still unharmed. She was able to escape the ruin safely once she arrived at her large, armoured vehicle parked in the middle of the wasteland.

The back door of that large vehicle opened from a remote signal. Once they escorted Chloe inside, Latis and Pamela looked at each other. They were trying to decide who would stay behind to guard Chloe, but Chloe suddenly interjected.

“Both of you, go!”

Both Latis and Pamela frowned and made troubled expressions, Latis then stepped up to convey their collective feeling regarding this.

“Milady, as expected, that would be too dangerous…”

“Ive decided to kill him. It would be meaningless if you guys were stuck in between protecting me and killing him. I cant have you fail to kill him. So, both of you should go.”

Toward that firm and decisive order that their master gave them, Latis and Pamela looked at each other and nodded. Pamela jumped out from the back door while Latis closed the back door after her.

Chloe then said to Latis, with a shred of rage in her tone and expression.


Latis frowned and made a stern look so as to avoid getting overwhelmed by the pressure that Chloe was emitting.

“In case everyone that we left behind cannot kill him or if he escapes from this battle, theres a good chance that hell come here. As such, I will stay behind in order to face him while Pamela and the others can attack him from his flank. If Milady can send a request for reinforcement and extra equipment, we will have a better chance to kill him.”


Seeing Chloe convinced, Latis made a prompt bow and then turned toward the driver.


The vehicle immediately accelerated toward the wasteland. There was no hesitation in their action. It was as if to say that this was the best option for them.

In that empty space, blood suddenly sprayed out. It was followed by multiple pieces of raw flesh dropping. A moment later, a maid that had lost half of her body appeared out of nowhere. Parts of her were barely held together by her skin and bone. She was a maid that was trying to approach Akira while using optical camouflage, but Akira noticed her and blew her to pieces.

Not too far from him, a butler suddenly appeared out of nowhere in the same fashion, but unlike the maid, that butler had lost the upper half of his body and just dropped limply after he appeared. His lost upper half was scattered in pieces around him, dyeing the area blood red. Akiras two LEO multi rifles were even stronger than the ones he used in the inter-city transports escort mission. This was thanks to the new modifications that he added in. The two rifles did not have any trouble against those weaker than the powered armour suits that Akira fought during the inter-city transport escort mission. Thus, Akira easily blew his enemies to pieces, one by one.

The battle continued for another 5 seconds, Akira was under constant pressure and was slowly getting cornered.

Chloes men were weaker than Erdes men. However, there were way more opponents that Akira had to fight at the same time. Furthermore, they had already surrounded him even before they started to fight. Overall, it was a tougher battle when compared to the battle during the inter-city transport escort mission.

They already moved to plan B which they had planned beforehand in case Akira survived the first assault. Not only were they shooting bullets at him, but they also started mixing in explosive warheads as well. However, these warheads were not to directly hit Akira.

The explosive warheads released jamming smoke when they blew up. Although the smoke itself was mostly transparent, it carried the same effect as thick colourless mist, thus cutting down the effectiveness of Akiras information-gathering device. Then to top it off, it also contained speed filter particles as well.

As expected, using speed filter particles in an open space greatly reduced its effectiveness. As such, it was unable to completely stop Akiras bullets. And since it quickly dispersed, its effect did not even last longer than one second.

Even so, it was at least enough to shave a large chunk of the bullets momentum. Since it was mostly focused around Akira, he was affected the most by it. Since the speed filter not only lowered the firepower of bullets, it also slowed him down. Akira, who understood what the enemy was trying to do, had no other choice but to go toward the area where the smoke was the lightest. It was in the opposite direction from where Chloe had run away to.

If Akira tried to chase Chloe, the speed filter would blunt his movement and everyone would be able to hit him. In the worst-case scenario, that decision might lead to his death. However, Akira knew that getting killed here would mean that he would not be able to kill Chloe. Thus, he was barely able to hold himself back from charging forward and retreated to the opposite direction of the person that he wanted to kill.

The effect of the speed filter faded almost immediately. However, the jamming smoke still had its effect on Akiras information-gathering device. Since the enemy had basically limited the area where Akira could run, as expected, they more or less already knew his location. They activated their camouflaging cloak and tried to encircle him.

The opponents that were approaching Akira from his left and right. They would normally be impossible to detect due to the combined effect of the jamming smoke and the camouflaging cloak. However, Akira was still able to detect them. This was thanks to the higher sensitivity of his information-gathering device and his extraordinary focus. His focus raised his acuteness to its utmost limit and combined with his active reality manipulation, he could somehow tell based on pure instinct where they were.

But it was not like Akira could accurately pinpoint their exact location. In the end, it was more like a vague guess. In order to compensate for the accuracy, Akira filled the vicinity of the area where he detected someone with the sheer bullets. Akira lightly shook the aim of the LEO multi rifle, which had the same rate of fire as a minigun, and filled the area with bullets. Even the slightest possibly meant facing a hailstorm of bullets.

Because of that, the maids and the butlers who had hidden themselves immediately died before they could even disengage their optical camouflage. The rest of the incoming bullets eventually destroyed their equipment and that was when their optical camouflage had finally disengaged. The continuing storm sent mixes of the destroyed equipment and human flesh into the air, painting the whole area with blood.

Even after Akira killed a couple dozen of them, it was not like he was safe. As a matter of fact, his position was getting worse with time. Chloes men were working as her personal bodyguard. They prioritized evacuating her from the beginning of the battle. Now, they would finally be able to turn their attention toward killing Akira. Furthermore, these people were stronger and had better equipment than the other servants. As they finished evacuating Chloe, they started to rejoin the fight bit by bit.

The maids armed with gigantic guns shot guided missiles up into the sky before they curved downward toward Akira. They left a trail of smoke in the sky which looked like claws. The guided missiles used the information from the information-gathering devices carried those close to Akira, allowing them to accurately seek his location.

Akira ran as fast as he could while using the buildings and wreckage to hide from the missiles. Although most buildings in the area had been destroyed from their first exchange, they had not touched the ground yet. Inside his extremely compressed time perception, Akira saw the falling rubble as if they were floating.

Bullets showered those falling rubble and the explosions shredded them into smaller pieces, sending them in all directions. Akira slipped through the openings while shooting at his enemies. Likewise, his enemies were also trying to shoot at him through those small openings.

The bullets broke the rubble into smaller pieces and the grenades blew them away. During the opening, Akira, as well as the maids and butlers, moved as fast as possible to kill their respective enemies.

In high-speed combat where even free-falling was painfully slow, Akira was fighting against opponents that could react with more or less the same speed as him.

It had been 11 seconds since the start of the battle. Most of the buildings in the area had already been destroyed, obliterated into mere rubble. In such a chaotic intense battleground, Akira kept shooting with both of his LEO multi rifles as long as they allowed him to. Even now, he was still actively fighting.

Inside the Hunter Office, when Carol entered, she saw Babalod standing behind Viola and had a rough guess of what was going on. She then smiled bitterly and asked.

“Good grief, is this your plan right from the start”

Viola had her usual amused smile as she replied.

“Of course not, I just decided to do so afterwards. I wouldnt deny it if I was asked whether I was using you, but youre the one who left the negotiation to me after that. Im sure you at least expected this, right”

“I didnt expect it, but I do think that this is so like you to do this.”

Carol and Viola smiled at each other. It was the smiles of evil girls. Babalod who saw that, heaved a huge sigh.

In order to pay the rest of the debt, Babalod was forced to work as Violas bodyguard. He even had some of the control of his cyborg body relinquished. It could be said that he was treated awfully. But that also meant that he was paid more than usual.

Carol was a bit curious as to why Viola even needed a high-ranking Hunter like Babalod to protect her. Though, when she thought about it, Babalod was a good replacement for her. Thus, she did not let herself get anymore worried.

After that, Carol accepted a storage device containing the information that Viola promised. She then took a look at the data inside that special storage device, which was made to not connect to the network. It was to make sure that the secret information that Viola was handing to her would not leak.

After looking through the content, Carol raised her eyebrows in surprise.

“…Viola, is this for real”

“Have I ever handed over fake information”

“…You have a good point. And this is indeed something that you cant afford to send through the network.”

Carol lightly covered her forehead. Viola, who was watching, cracked out her usual smile as she said.

“If youre happy with the content, I want to proceed next to talk about the price.”

“Wait, Ill let Akira know first.”

Carol opened up his information terminal and tried to contact Akira, but it only ended in failure.

“…Out of range Whats going on Viola, Im sorry but…”

As Carol was going to ask Viola to try to contact Akira in her place, she immediately stopped when she saw what Viola was doing. Before she could even ask Viola, Viola had already guessed what Carol wanted and was already trying to contact Akira. However, she had the same bewildered look as Carol had as she was looking at her information terminal.

“My information terminal… Is also completely out of range But thats impossible…”

Violas terminal was a special information terminal that could connect through the old-world domain. Normally, it would be impossible for it to be ever out of range.

Suddenly, the whole facility shook violently. It was then immediately followed by a blaring alarm and a facility-wide broadcast.

“Weve detected a large-scale battle outside and that some kind of signal jamming is in effect. As such, the facility will enter self-defence mode. For the Hunters who are willing to take on this defensive mission, please accept the SOS request through the facilities inner network.”

All the Hunters inside the facility started to get busy, in the middle of that, Carol glanced at her own information terminal.

“Wait… Dont tell me…!”

The information that Carol received from Viola was that the Lion Steel Eastern District third ward branch was preparing to negotiate with Akira and was even planning to go as far as to use violence. The reason why Viola could not hand it over through the network was because it included many other secret information regarding other corporations behind it.

Many people reached their foul ends because they refused to buy information from Viola, Akira was one example of that.

However, Viola was also obviously caught by surprise. This meant that even she did not expect this to happen.

Human personality was something that could be manipulated to some extent. By changing the way how an idea was presented, it was possible to make ones train of thoughts, principles, and way of life lean toward a particular direction. Alice, who had rebuilt the new Lion Steel company in the current era, used this approach. She had to prepare humans who were used in place of automata.

The sense of debt for saving them from a harsh lifestyle. They were then provided for in an educational institution. Shelter, food, and clothes were of a different level compared to where they originally came from. While quenching them with necessities, they were fed with information. The feeling of loyalty toward the main company was nurtured through indoctrination, educational environment, peer pressure, and repeated training. They were then evaluated based on their loyalty.

People who had gone through such education were extremely loyal to the new Lion Steel company. They were born as humans, educated to be tools for the company, and were used like expendable items. Even so, they saw it as something to be proud of.

Currently, these human tools were in the middle of a fight against Akira. As they were educated, they met their ends as expendable items.

Akira jumped upward to get away from their line of fire. If he was only simply jumping up, he would not be able to move freely in the air until he returned back to the ground. Normally, this would be a fatal move that would make them a free target. However, for Akira, this was nothing. 

He created footings under his feet with his augmented suit and moved around rapidly. Up and down, left and right. It was as if the words top and bottom did not mean anything to him.

Even so, Chloes men were still able to follow his rapid movement. They used the same technique as Akira to move freely in the air and continued their assault on him from all directions. The maids behind and in front of him, as well as the butlers on his left and right, engaged their forcefield shield. They were trying to trap him.

Akira kept shooting two LEO multi-rifles while spinning around. His extended magazine allowed him to release a close-range highly intense barrage. That attack hit the forcefield shields around him, causing flashes of light to break out.

The forcefield shield had chucks being broken off but that was not enough to destroy them. They were connected to the energy pack of the maids and butlers augmented suit, pushed to their utmost limit.

In exchange, the augmented suit did not serve as anything more than a piece of fabric. One shot was enough to completely decimate their users. In the middle of that, the maids and the butlers were not only facing Akiras bullets from the front; they were also facing bullets from their allies behind them. There were also missiles that were falling on top of their heads. In order to hit Akira, who was moving at high speed, their teammates could not afford to be precise with their shots.

Even so, they did not hesitate to reroute all the energy output to their forcefield shields. They were willing to give up everything in order to trap Akira and stop him in his tracks. They moved exactly as they were educated, which was to prioritize the objective of the whole team even when it meant sacrificing their lives.

If he had to run away, the only escape route available for Akira was up. He kept avoiding his opponents line of fire by making high-speed manoeuvres haphazardly. Since he moved around by creating footing under his feet, it was rather difficult for him to execute a high speed downward move. Even if he did, he would have to sacrifice some of his speed. If he slowed down, he would become an easy target for them. If he jumped up, it would be as his opponents had predicted. He would be trapped in between the forcefield shields if he continued to stay here. So, he only could go up as his only means of escape. There was a good chance that they were already lying in wait to ambush him though.

The ideal option was to defeat one of the four people surrounding him. After that, he could quickly take more of them out. However, they were closing in on him. They were resolved of their death and would do anything to trap him, so, it was impossible for Akiras 2 LEO multi rifles to eliminate them in time.

At this rate, it would be the end of him. Akira knew that and quickly released his grips on his 2 LEO multi rifles. In a high-speed battle, letting go of his rifles like that was nothing more than a suicidal move. The enemies who saw that could not comprehend what he was trying to do.

But right at the next moment, Akira quickly swung his blade with the full might of his arms.

Akira used his forcefield armour to create a temporary powerful footing under him. It was so strong that the platform became visible. Akira then used it as a pivot to make a full spin. Using the full might of his augmented suit, he swung the blade in his hands.

The blade released its maximum power for its anti-forcefield armour. But even so, it was still not enough to completely shatter the forcefield shields. If they were that fragile, his LEO rifles would have been enough to destroy them.

However, Akira compensated for the lack of power with the physical strength enhancement of his augmented suit. Instead of cutting, he swung the blade toward the four forcefield shields with everything he could muster.

The light shields were shattered to pieces. The people behind them were blown to smithereens. But that still did not mean Akira was safe. Just like the now decimated maids and the butlers that had the resolve to throw away their lives, the others also had the same resolve. After executing such an extreme move, Akira turned slightly sluggish for a moment. Naturally, his enemies took that opportunity to start simultaneously shooting at him, without caring even if they hit their allies.

Akira understood that he could not evade them on his own. So, he turned his attention to something else that might help him. The 2 LEO rifles that he had let go, released shots at the same time his enemies started shooting. Akira had turned off their recoil compensator as they released a non-stop barrage. The kickback threw rifles back and were sent flying toward him.

Akira did not try to evade them and just took the hit. The rifles threw his body away from where his enemies were targeting. Immediately after, countless bullets zoomed past where Akira was a moment ago.

Akira could not predict where he was sent flying after his rifles hit him. Likewise, his enemies also had trouble predicting where he would land.

Using that opening, Akira quickly switched to his remaining rifles and fixed his stance before continuing the high-speed battle just like before. Although the number of opponents had no doubt decreased, their killing intent had not. These people, who were willing to sacrifice everything to take him down, did not slow down at all as they kept pursuing Akira for his life.


Pamela was filled with shock when she arrived. In front of her, Akira was kneeling on the ground, while the rest were lying dead around him.

Akira tried to push himself up with the help of his blade. But the blade could not stand the stress and broke to pieces. Although he stumbled over, he did not fall. He then placed the blade, which was now nothing but a handle, back into his pocket and stood up straight. In the middle of all that, he had his sight fixed on Pamela.

Akiras augmented suit did not have much energy left. The medicines that he had stock inside his augmented suit had already run out. The high-speed combat had put his body under immense stress. Under normal circumstances, it would have crushed his bones and flesh into a liquid mess. He was only able to maintain his body thanks to the expensive medicines that he had been using.

The time compression and the reality manipulation left his head banging with severe pain. It was screaming at him, that he was at his limit. It would not be strange for him to faint anytime, but the dark emotion welling inside him prevented him from fainting. And that dark emotion was expressed extremely well in his tone.

“…Where is she”

Pamela tried to hide her vigilance toward Akira as she exasperatedly looked at him, and completely ignored his question.

“I did not expect you to be still alive. To think that youve pretty much killed everyone… It was the right decision to evacuate Milady first. Though, I didnt expect it to end up like this and confirm it with my own eyes. After all that, it seems that youre close to your limit already. So, what are you planning to do next If you change your mind here and let us have the card, I dont mind withdrawing now, you know”

Akira also completely ignored what Pamela said.

“You still refuse, huh… Youre really stubborn.”

After that, a short silence waded in. Akira was only standing there in silence in order to have as much time to recover as possible. He had no idea why his opponent had not started the fight yet. However, if he could buy more time, he was happy to oblige.

Pamela also only stood there in silence. She was buying more time for Carol to get away as far as possible from them. With the rest of Chloes men in the area essentially dead, it confirmed that Akira was way stronger than she had predicted. It hadnt been long since Chloe evacuated. Akira might defeat her too and chase after Chloe. Thus, Pamela wanted to buy time so that Chloe could get away as far as possible from this place. So, for now, she was allowing Akira to recover.

It was Pamela who was the one to decide when she had enough.

“It seems that you will not change your mind no matter what. In that case, I will need you dead. Milady has ordered us to kill you, so we will accomplish that without fail. It would be bad to keep Milady waiting for the after-report, after all.”

Akira, who wanted to have a bit more time to recover, finally opened his mouth.

“Didnt you say that youll leave if I give you the card Was it a lie because of your masters order”

“No, that was out of my own volition. And, I did not lie, you know If you say that you are willing to give it to us, we will leave. It is indeed regrettable that everyone failed in their mission. Though, that only means they are allowing me to inherit this opportunity to make up for their failure.”

“What do you mean”

“This is what I mean.”

Pamela smiled and said.

“Wake up.”

With that order, Chloes men started to rise. No matter whether they were still alive or not, all of them rose up. Even those who lost their arms or even their head. So long as they had their legs, they stood up. Seeing that, even Akira could not hide his surprise.

“Everyone here is so earnest, arent they Im really proud of them.”

Chloes men were equipped so that they could fight to their very last. Whether it was through a remotely controllable powered suit or control device. They were made such that someone else could control their body even when they lost consciousness. 

These people had given the control rights of their bodies to their superiors. Of course, it was for the best if they could control their own body, but in case they could no longer do so, their superiors would be able to control them. Be it too fatigued to move till outright death, their bodies would still be utilized.

Since Pamela was the superior of the maids, she normally would only be able to control the maids, but since Latis lent his rights to her, she could currently control the butlers as well. Therefore, there were quite a lot of bodies she was controlling.

Akira had no wish to kill any of them when they fought. In the first place, Akiras main objective was to render them unable to fight. Killing them was his second priority. After all, he did not have the leeway to go around and finished off those who were already gravely injured. Nor did he have the chance to destroy all of their limbs to make sure that they would not be able to move.

“To be honest, I might not be able to win against you if I fight you alone. I dont believe I am strong enough to take you on. But this is fine, everyone is here to help me.”

Although she had the privilege to freely control others bodies, it was normally a difficult feat to pull off. Such skill needed comprehensive training, after all.

But Pamela was able to control multiple bodies. It was exactly because of this that she was assigned as Chloes right hand.

“Well then, you can die now.”

The headless bodies readied their rifles. But they suddenly stopped. That was because their controller, Pamela, was confused by Akiras reaction.

Akira was smiling mockingly.

Akira had no idea why the corpses started moving again, but that did not matter to him.

“…Even that guy had his head blown off and returned back alive. When I judged him to no longer pose a threat to me, he survived. I see, so you would go that far to kill me, huh To move again even after I killed you. I see, fine, fine then. I get it. I guess dying is no longer enough, huh”

Akiras smile vanished. What was left, was only the dark emotion that filled his face.

“Ill tear you to pieces.”

With that sentence, Akira started to make his move. Pamela also immediately responded accordingly.

Akiras dark emotion fuelled his already exhausted body, to the point he was able to fight just like before. He did not even notice that Alpha was nowhere to be found ever since the fight had started.-

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