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Rebuild World Chapter 269: Negotiation Within The Wall

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Chapter 269: Negotiation Within The Wall

After she had completed the inter-city transport escort request, Hikaru was staying out of trouble and led a rather peaceful life. Although she had the ambition and the arrogance of a gifted youth, after she had numerous near-death experiences working with a Hunter by the name of Akira, she had calmed down considerably. She continued to do her administrative tasks without flaw. Overall, she was doing extremely well in her job.

Even after that incident, she did not stop and kept working hard. Her reputation improved with time. It was to the point where no one questioned her future success. However, at most, she would only become a city officer after a few years. This was slow in terms of the progression goal she had in the past when she was still very ambitious.

Even so, Hikaru was content with her current situation. After all, she was afraid that she would have to handle more people like Akira. Which was necessary if she wanted to climb the ladder even quicker than what she was currently doing. She could not do what was normal for Kibayashi. In the first place, it was not right to compare her to someone who preferred to deal with battle maniacs or other similar demented individuals. Convinced, Hikaru decided to build up her achievement slowly and securely. This was a much better path for someone like her, a peaceful life.

In the midst of her job, Hikaru was summoned by Inabe. It stated that he had a job for her. If it was the past Hikaru, it would have been wonderful news. After all, it signified that a city officer with considerable standing had taken notice of her. However, now, instead of jumping in joy, she seemed rather anxious. Anxious as to what kind of job Inabe had for her.

Hikaru carefully entered Inabes office room. Looking at her enter, Inabe, who was on the sofa, immediately stopped his ongoing discussion with his men and signalled her to take a seat with his hand.

“Come in and take a seat.”

Hikaru slowly and anxiously sat on the sofa in front of him. Inabe then glanced at his men, indirectly telling them to leave. Therefore, his men gave a silent bow and left the room.

Hikaru looked rather tense. Although Inabe told her with his gestures and words, he gave an order to his men with only a glance. That difference in treatment showed that currently, she had the highest priority and position here. Naturally, it was except for Inabe himself. She could feel that recognition, however, her instinctive talent was warning her not to feel happy just yet.

“…Director Inabe. Uhm, I heard that you have a job for me. So, what might it be… To be honest, Im in the middle of handling a few tasks from the general affair, you see… Im afraid taking more tasks right now would affect my other tasks, so…”

Hikaru was trying to be as polite as possible. She wanted to convey that without knowing what this task was, she had no wish to accept it.

Inabes expression did not change at all, he understood what Hikaru was hinting at but simply continued.

“Its not a problem. You can forget any other tasks you have at the moment. I will have others do them. Of course, I will take care of that using my men, so theres no need to worry.”

“I-I see…”

“Before we get onto the main topic, go ahead and read these documents. You have 30 minutes.”

“R-right away.”

Hikaru took the documents on top of the table. Normally, they would have been sent as digital files, but this time, Inabe made printed copies instead.

“Do you need me to explain why I printed these documents instead of forwarding them to you”

“N-not at all.”

“Is that so In that case, let me ask you this, why do you think I went out of my way to print them”

Inabe asked with a serious expression as he stared at her. His gaze was indicating that the consequence would be severe if Hikaru tried to come up with a non-honest answer. Although it was not an interrogation, it was something similar.

Hikaru could feel cold sweat running down her face as she replied.

“…Considering that the documents are printed, it would mean that they contained information outside of Kugamayama citys jurisdiction. I believe that this document contains something that I normally should not know of.”

“I see, any other guess”

“Printed documents dont leave digital records in the shared database. So, the accuracy of the content of the documents cant be checked through the citys system. The only record it will leave is the documents here, which I have received from director Inabe.”

“Alright, and then”

Inabes gaze seemed to bore into her. It was as if he was warning her that he knew she had other guesses and was trying to make her confess everything.

“…Even if I share this information with the other officers, there are no guarantees that it has not been tampered with. Therefore, it cant be used for supplementary information during meetings. Moreover, theres a good chance that some parts of these documents have already been tampered with. It is a safeguard just in case these documents land into the hands of a hostile faction…”

Inabe nodded with a solemn expression.

“It should be fine if you already understand that much. I should at least compliment you. You are as talented as rumour has it. Now then, go ahead and read it. The lies written in these documents are easy to spot if you understand the contents. You can go ahead and ask them if you find anything questionable in it. After all, there are things that even I dont want to be on paper.”

Now that Hikaru had nowhere to run, she made her resolve and started reading it.

The documents had information about Akira and Chloe. There were details of what was going on between the Lion Steel company and Kugamayama city. Akiras 50 billion Aurum bounty and recognition as a monster by Kugamayama city. Chloe being detained for endangering the city. And finally, when the city manager wanted to call an official meeting, Udajima was using his connection with the Lion Steel company to delay it. Thus, they were not able to immediately deal with the situation.

Hikaru took 10 minutes to skim through the documents. She then used the remaining 20 minutes to ask Inabe questions. With that, she was able to understand the current situation.

After Inabe finished confirming everything, he nodded with satisfaction and complimented her.

“Very good. Now then, lets get onto the main subject. I have a special order for you.”

Hikaru prayed that it was not what she thought it was. However, Inabe gave her the order which she had expected based on what she had just read.

“I want you to negotiate with Akira. Give it your best to resolve this situation peacefully. Tell me if you need anything. Authority, money. Anything. I will give you as much as I can afford to give.”

“W-wait for a second!”

“No, there will be no waiting.”

Inabe quickly crushed the moment Hikaru was just about to make a plea. He continued as if to completely decimate her prayers.

In order to have an opportunity to negotiate with a highly-on-guard bounty target, they would at least need an acquaintance to serve as the bridge. To increase the odds of success, it was better if it was from someone who was likely to give Akira a good deal. Furthermore, considering Akiras personality, it was also for the best if they brought someone who knew Akira well, so as to not accidentally worsen the situation.

For Inabe, he only knew three such people who satisfied these conditions. Inabe himself, Kibayashi, and Hikaru. As the city manager, Inabe had to focus on revoking Akiras monster designation in the officer meeting. He had no time to directly negotiate with Akira since he had to invest all his time to counter the damage that Udajima had done. As for Kibayashi, he was working as an officer from the Hunter Office at the moment. Therefore, Inabe had no authority to order him around. Even if he could, given the horrendous reputation Kibayashi had, there was a good chance he would somehow find a way to twist the outcome to his liking. Therefore, Kibayashi was the last person to rely on if they wanted to solve this incident peacefully.

By the process of elimination, Hikaru was his last choice. After Inabe explained this to Hikaru, her original argument was annihilated. She wanted to bring up there being someone higher, like Inabe or Kibayashi, who was more suitable to handle Akira.

“That is the reason why I picked you. Tell me if you have any objections.”

Hikaru tried her best to think of a reason. Any reason to counter Inabes arguments and shift this duty to someone else. However, even with her talent, she could not come up with any good counterargument as she completely fell silent.

Inabe then continued.

“I know that you dont want to do this. To give you more motivation, let me tell you that this is our last hope. We have no plan B.”


Hikaru inadvertently frowned. If Inabe had usedyou instead ofwe, she could still understand if the outcome of refusing was her getting fired. However, Inabe clearly usedwe, which meant that Inabe might also have to resign. Unfortunately, Hikaru did not even consider such a possibility.

If Akira got a bit too irritated and ended up attacking the city, the city defence squad would just eliminate him. Although it might still cause some damage to the city, Hikaru calculated that it would not cause that much damage. At least, not enough to shake Inabes position as the one assigned to manage the area under Tsubaki. Therefore, Hikaru ended up bewildered when she heard him saywe.

“Thats right, we will be in deep trouble. When a Hunter caused damage to the city, repercussions would always go down to the source, which would lead to our unfortunate ending. Unfortunately, this would include those who have helped that Hunter to grow to be that strong. In other words, we will have to take responsibility.”

“I understand that, but…”

“Im sure youve read Akiras track record in the documents. However, theres a mistake in those records. To be more precise, the prediction for his power growth in the future has been severely downplayed. Im sure that you had a guess already. Think of his strength based on his performance during the inter-city transport escort mission. The discrepancy is just that awful.”

“What… exactly do you mean”

“Soon, he will obtain equipment from the frontline. Equipment that those Hunters of above Rank 100 would normally use.”

Hikarus face was filled with shock and fear. Inabe knitted his eyebrows.

“Hes already that strong with equipment for Rank 50 and above. Im sure you can imagine just how powerful he will get once he lays his hands on that equipment.”

“W-wouldnt it be possible to prevent that”

“It would be extremely difficult. After all, that equipment is a reward for him from Saka**a Heavy Industry. If we try to sabotage the delivery, we would be picking a fight with Saka**a Heavy Industry. Moreover, the ones responsible for this are you and me.”

Hikaru was greatly taken aback. Not only had the scale of the trouble just grown exponentially well outside her expectation but for some reason; a reason she could not understand one bit, she somehow found herself directly involved in this mess. Hikaru could not help but screech at Inabe.

“W-what do you mean!”

“I can tell you, but since it has something to do with Saka**a Heavy Industry, it cant be recorded. So, I can only verbally inform you here. Furthermore, you need to be extremely careful with this information.”

Akira had always been trying to get equipment way above the limit of his Hunter Rank. He somehow managed to get Kibayashi and Inabe to agree to help him. This was in exchange for doing a request from them. By completing his inter-city transport escort mission with Hikaru, half of that deal was completed. As such, Akira was currently only waiting for his new equipment to arrive. However, due to the transport route limitation imposed by Saka**a Heavy Industry, it got delayed for quite some time.

However, Saka**a Heavy Industry has been lifting its transport route limitation bit by bit. Transports started to run again and it was only a matter of time before Akira got his equipment.

Originally, they only procured such powerful equipment for law-abiding Hunters. If such a Hunter had become hostile towards the city, the damage to Inabes name would be minimal. It would not be enough to shake up his position.

However, that would not be the case if the Hunter had some kind of personality problem. The officers who helped him obtain such equipment would be held responsible. Especially Hikaru, who had forced her way to get Akira into that inter-city transport escort mission. Since she was not even a city officer and just a staff member, she would be easily blown away by the after-effects of this incident. It would not be strange for her to be kicked out of the city.

Hikaru trembled. Inabe, who saw that, thought that it was a good sign. It was now clear that she understood the gravity of the situation.

“Let me say this again. This is our last chance. We have to solve this situation peacefully no matter what. I wont give you any specific orders. I hope you would make the best use of your talent, which even Kibayashi thinks highly of, to find a solution to this matter. Ill give you the code to contact me through a secret line. Feel free to call me if you need anything. Thats all. Get on it this instant.”

Even after Inabe had ordered her, Hikaru simply sat there, without responding.

“…Well, Im sure that you are greatly shaken by this. You can stay here until youve calmed down.”

Inabe then stood up and returned back to his own office chair. He then called his men to come back in. His men, who walked in, looked at Hikaru with confused eyes. She was still sitting there. However, after they saw Inabe softly shake his head, indicating they should just ignore her, they returned to their respective duties and did as advised.

Not too long after, Hikaru stood up. She was still in a daze, wobbling left and right as she dragged herself out of the room.

Even after she closed the door, she simply stood there for a while. But eventually, she regained her calm. Finally, she felt livid toward the situation she was dragged into. However, she came to accept that rage and used it as fuel to light the flame of her spirit. She clenched her fist and looked up as she shouted.

“…I get it already! I just need to do it! Right!”

If there was no route to retreat, then the only way left was forward. It was pathetic to push forward while looking down. It was much better to charge forward with a burning spirit! Hikaru told herself this as she confidently smiled, which also served to inspire herself. 

[High-risk! High return! A huge gamble! It is not like I can escape on my own now!] Hikaru resolved herself to face what was in front of her.


Ever since Akira had become a bounty target, he spent his days hiding around Kugamayama city. Thanks to Carols camping vehicle, he had a place to sleep and enough ammo to fight a few battles. He also has enough food to last a few weeks. He was trying to keep a low profile until the situation changed.

One day, he suddenly received a call from Kibayashi through the secret line. Kibayashi managed to get the giant insect that Akira had defeated the other day to be counted as a general-purpose monster-hunting request. Of course, in reality, he workedtogether with Latis to defeat that monster. However, since Chloe was the one who lured the monster this close to the city, she was denied the reward. Thus Akira was recorded to be the only one who defeated that monster.

The reward was 50 million Aurum. Although it was a huge sum, Akira felt that it was not that much, considering the trouble that he had to go through to kill that thing.

Kibayashi was somehow able to notice Akiras reaction and said.

“Oh, is it too little As expected of someone with a 50 billion bounty on his head. That much is just way too small of a sum for you, isnt it”

“No. Thats not it. Its just that there was a time when I defeated a tank tarantula bounty monster, right That one was 8 billion Aurum. Its weird how I only got 50 million Aurum considering that wasp was much stronger than that tarantula.”

“Well, thats given. The bounty of a monster is not decided by how strong it is. It is based on how much people want that monster dead. So, it is unlikely for them to pay a lot if that monster usually only roams way up in the sky. Which means it hardly causes any issues for those living on the ground, you know”

“Hmmm, is that so But still… it was really strong though…”

Toward Akira, who did not seem to be able to accept this, Kibayashi continued to explain.

“Just give it up. In the first place, no one around here would be able to pay you enough money to make it worth hunting that kind of monster, you know”

Even if someone had enough money to make it worth the risk, there were worries as well. Hunters who had enough skill to defeat such a monster might lure them down just to be able to claim that sum. If they kept doing so, eventually, these monsters would start roaming near the ground. It would increase the difficulty level of the area by manyfold. The defence squad responsible for the safety of the area deliberately set a much lower rate to avoid such a situation.

As such, when Hunters wanted to get paid a commensurate amount for defeating a monster as powerful as that wasp, they had to go further to the east. Similarly, if they hunted the same monster, they would be paid more if they were further to the east. That was how Hunters were encouraged to go to the east and eventually to the frontline of the eastern district.

When Hunters defeated a powerful monster such as that wasp, normally, its carcass would also be appraised as a highly valuable relic. Since Akira was the one who defeated that wasp, he had ownership of its carcass. However, since he had left the carcass behind, other Hunters who were unaware of what was going on, dismantled it and took it for themselves.

After Kibayashi explained, Akira finally accepted the reason for the low reward. Kibayashi then continued.

“Look. Even if you have a 50 billion bounty on you, that doesnt mean you are that strong. Dont get me wrong. I do think that youre a strong Hunter. But the issue is not my thoughts but others. It will greatly affect how many come after you. After all, there are many factors that affect others perception of you besides your fighting ability. For example, restrictions or grudges that they have for you. How well you are hiding, which would make it difficult for them to find you. Since theyre facing a human and not a monster, Im sure many believe that they just need to find a small opening to catch you off guard. So, be careful.”

“I know.”

“Alright. Call me if something comes up. Later then.”

Kibayashi then ended the call. Carol looked at Akira, worriedly.

“You might not want to hear this from me, but, are you sure we can trust that guy”

“Maybe. Though, I can only say that since we have the same goal. That guy doesnt want me to die and would prefer I go down in a blaze of glory. So, hes doing everything he can not because of money or power. It is all merely for his own interest. So, I guess, from that perspective, its okay to trust that guy.”

“I see. Well, if you say so. Its not like Im in a place to say anything.”

Carol thought that it was so like him to think that way. Thus, she wryly smiled at him.

“But still, although you have a 50 billion Aurum bounty on you, youre pretty calm. Why is that the case”

“Well, to me, its not like I can do anything about it at this point. Even if Im going to get strung up because of it, its not like that would help my situation at all. Right”


Carol thought that this line of thinking was far from the norm. However, she did not pursue the matter any further. Meanwhile, Akira simply gave a light smile.

“Moreover, thanks to you, I dont need to spend my nights in the middle of the wasteland. With your camping vehicle, I even have a bed to sleep on. I also get to bathe. Also, the bath and the bed are even better than the ones back at home. I have a place to sleep and food to eat. Theres no reason for me to be that worried, right”

Hearing that, Carol smiled bewitchingly and asked.

“Is that so Now that you have food to eat and a place to sleep, wont that leave only one thing I dont mind helping you out with that, you know”

“Sorry. I still prefer food over women.”

“Were in a dangerous situation and all alone with each other. Theres nothing wrong with trying to change it up, you know”

“Were not exactly in a dangerous situation, and I dont have any plans to make it more dangerous than necessary. So, I guess this is the same as always, no”

“Geez, youre as cold as ever”

Carol was only teasing him, knowing that he would say no right from the start. She could only smile wryly and appear exaggeratedly disappointed toward his rejection.

For Akira, it was nothing more than his usual banter with Carol.

The only one who was taking a deep precaution toward that exchange was Alpha.


Along the border between the inner district and the middle district of Kugamayama city, Chloe, who was temporarily detained, was heading toward the area under Saka**a Heavy Industry. She was accompanied by Udajima, and had her servants, Latis and Pamela, following behind her.

Udajima, who arranged for the upcoming meeting at Chloes request, anxiously advised her.

“Make sure to not do anything to offend Saka**a Heavy Industry. Although you are heading there as the negotiator for the Lion Steel company, if something were to happen, I, who arranged this meeting, will not be excluded from the fallout.”

Chloe smiled gracefully.

“Unfortunately, if we dont get anything out of the negotiation, it might be the end for the both of us. If doing nothing will lead to our demise, isnt it better to take this chance and try”

“That is not what I meant!”

Udajima raised his voice. Chloe lightly shook her head and reminded him.

“Calm down. Were entering their area soon. Your position in Kugayamama city will not help us here. So, make sure not to do anything rude.”

Udajima frowned and closed his mouth shut.

When they entered the area under Saka**a Heavy Industry, the first thing the guards did was ascertain their identities. Udajima could only go this far as he only accompanied Chloe as a guide from Kugamayama city. Meanwhile, Chloes detainment basically got transferred from the city to Saka**a.

Even Chloe started to feel anxious. The area in front of her was under the jurisdiction of Saka**a Heavy Industry. Her opponent this time was one of the 5 largest corporations. Even if she was from the Lion Steel company, if she got killed here, that would be the end of it. Lion Steel would make no attempts to retaliate against Saka**a. That was just how powerful Saka**a was. Although she knew there was no reason for Saka**a to kill her, she still could not help but feel anxious.

As she reminded herself not to do anything rude in place of Udajima, a guide from Saka**a Heavy Industry appeared.

“Chloe-sama, I presume Please allow me to be your guide. This way, please.”

Chloe and her servants went inside, following the guide. All the guards in the area were from Saka**a Heavy Industry. It gave a feeling of entering an archaeological site, which was in the midst of excavation. They were then led to a certain room.

“This is the room.”

The guide said so and politely bowed. Chloe and her servants then entered the room, leaving the guide in the hallway. Inside, the person who was going to negotiate with her was already waiting with his bodyguard.

Chloe once again ascertained her resolve. She stepped in front of him, who was waiting for her while still sitting in his seat. She smiled politely, worthy of someone from the founder family of the Lion Steel company.

“I am Chloe Leverant Lorentz, it is a pleasure to meet you.”

“Names Sugadome. Im busy right now, so I hope you brought something worthy of my time.”

“Of course!”

The negotiator and his bodyguard from Saka**a Heavy Industry were Sugadome and Hammerz. Toward the two, who had political power and fighting capability that Chloe could not hope to match, she had to gather all the courage she could and face them. Else, she might have shrunk back.


In the middle of the wasteland, Shirou, who was in his hideout, looked rather disgruntled as he mumbled.

“…Good grief, waiting like this feels so awful…”

Shirou was told by Sugadome to make sure that his communication line was open around certain periods of time. However, because of that, Shirou could not use that time to do anything else. The feeling of wasting time was making him feel uneasy.


The reason Chloe asked to have a meeting with Sugadome, was to apologize for the recent incident near Mihazono ruin. Although it was right in front of a Hunter Office, how serious it was seen as a problem was another matter. Chloe used this as an excuse. She wanted to offer an explanation and apology to Sugadome. She used Udajima to convey this.

And now, she was explaining the situation to Sugadome. First, she conveyed the value, necessity, and danger of Olivias card. To wrap it up, she mentioned how she did not have any other options, which led to that incident.

A certain Hunter came into the ownership of the card by accident. Chloe, who thought that it was dangerous, went to the Hunter and requested him to hand over ownership to her. Even with everything she had prepared, the Hunter refused. In order to make sure that this dangerous relic would not cause any trouble, she had no other choice but to use force. That was how their negotiation had turned into a battle. Although the Hunter understood that he was in front of a Hunter Office, it was obvious that he had no plans of holding back. In order to protect herself, Chloe had no other choice but to fight back.

Chloe spoke apologetically, pleading innocence. Highlighting the fact that she had no other choice.

“Im sure I dont need to say what kind of problems a dangerous relic might bring to the eastern district. As I understand, even Saka**a Heavy Industry is actively negotiating with various Hunters for similar reasons. I am sure there are many occasions when negotiation fails and the company is forced to take the relic by force. Although the scale is not the same, I was forced into the same situation. I hope that Saka**a Heavy Industry understands.”

“Very well. But if its only for this, I see no reason to request a physical meeting with me. You could just send your apology through our respective companies. I dont see how this is worthy of both of our time.”

Sugadome was basically saying this was a waste of time. Chloe tensed up and continued.

“I feel responsible for this situation. I feel that it would be wrong of me not to directly convey my apology. Moreover, the Hunter Office is an organization under the Corporate Government. As such, it obeys the will of the 5 largest corporations. So, I thought that it was only to be expected for me to apologize directly to Saka**a Heavy industry. Also, although I look like this, Im still a part of the Lorentz family. So, I cant just lower my head toward anyone. If I lower my head, it will hurt the pride of our company. With that in mind, although I know it would be a small inconvenience for you, I asked for your time to have a direct face to face meeting.”

That was when Chloe pulled out the white card.

“And this will be the real reason. This is the card that I have mentioned. As a form of apology, I wish to give this card to you.”

Latis and Pamela, who were standing behind Chloe, seem to have completely been blindsided. They never expected Chloe to give Olivias card away. However, before they could plead their master to reconsider, they reminded themselves. They were in front of Sugadome. Therefore, they could not afford to embarrass their master.

“However, as expected, considering the worth of this card, I cant just give it away for free. The reason why I thought that this would be worth your time, is because of the negotiation to handover this card.”

Chloe showed the white card to Sugadome. Although she was nervous, she somehow still managed to smile.

The silence continued. Chloe was doing her best to maintain her smile. She waited for Sugadomes answer as cold sweat trailed down her back. Even Latis and Pamela could feel how tense she was. They looked worried even when they were trying to maintain their expression.

Eventually, Sugadome replied without a change in his expression.

“I see. I understand how you see that as a good enough reason to take my time.”

Chloes expression relaxed from relief.

“Thank you very much. In that case, please let me state what I expect in return for this card.”

“No. That wont be necessary.”

Chloe frowned. Olivias card was not something that she could simply give away without anything in return. She was certain Sugadome also understood that. Therefore, she spoke up. Though she knew that it was a little rude.

“…Im sorry, although I did say that I will give away this card as an apology., As expected, I cant just give it away without anything in return. Considering the value of this card, I hope that my willingness to trade it is enough as an apology.”

“I already understand that.”

“Then, why”

Chloe obviously seemed troubled. Therefore, Sugadome stated with his unchanging expression.

“Your willingness to trade that card is indeed enough as an apology. But there is no need to give it to me. You may leave with that card.”

Chloe, Pamela, and Latis could not hide their shock. With this card, they could negotiate with an old-world AI. Negotiate to a certain level. There was no way those from Saka**a Heavy Industry did not know of this. However, with that knowledge, Sugadome still unexpectedly refused the opportunity.

After hearing his unexpected reply, Chloe tried to think of a reason why. She searched through her memories and experience. She then guessed that it was some kind of gambit. To get the card at a better price. With that assumption, she challenged Sugadome.

“Is that so Im sure you understand how much this card is worth. All that trouble from the battle in Mihazono ruin, which included several powered suits from the city defence squad. Its just that valuable of a relic. Just think of what might happen if this card falls to the hand of the Nationalist instead of an officer from Saka**a Heavy Industry”

Chloe thought that Sugadome would not want that to happen. Thus, he would not refuse this chance to get the card. That was why she said as much.

However, Sugadome then lightly replied. Still, with his unchanging expression and neutral tone of voice.

“Very well then. I shall have you die.”

Chloe froze in shock.-

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