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Rebuild World Chapter 279: Revenge Target

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Chapter 279: Revenge Target

Takt was shocked by the sudden attack. Nonetheless, even amid the chaos, he was able to quickly identify those that were hostile and his allies. Although both Shioris side and Latis side were from the Lion Steel company, he quickly recognized that the aggressor was the enemy. He quickly provided support to Latis and Pamela. After all, Latis and Pamela were the ones who offered his group the extra reward on top of the bounty. Therefore, if they got killed, he might not be able to claim that extra reward.

But soon, more people entered the fight. They were Reina and Togami. Both were wearing maid and butler uniforms, which were augmented powered suits. They were equipped with rifles, specifically adjusted for close combat, able to function in the speed filter. Those two approached Takt.

[More enemies…! And theyre only children…! Whats going on!]

Takt quickly jumped away to evade the bullets by pure reflex. He tried to shoot back. However, Togame quickly closed the distance between them, as if acting as Reinas shield. While Togami was acting as the decoy, Reina jumped to the side and fired at Takt.

Although the speed filter greatly reduced the speed of the bullets, it was still impossible to follow them with the naked eye. However, with the combination of great effort and the effects of accelerator drugs, they were able to track the trajectory of each bullet. They were artificially compressing their time perception as they exchanged shots mere meters apart.

Even when it was two against one, skill-wise, Takt had the upper hand. However, the situation that they were in closed their gap in skill.

Since they had prepared tanks, powered suits and large weapons to hunt Akira down, Takt was not that well equipped for a man-to-man fight. Moreover, he was safely staying inside the mobile HQ borrowed from Lion Steel. Thus, was currently not well equipped to fight outside the vehicle.

In contrast to Takt, Reina and Togami were fully equipped with Lion Steel equipment, specialized for man-to-man fights. Furthermore, they were using equipment that was normally not allowed, unless approved by a branch head.

This difference allowed the bullets to hit Takt, stopping him in his tracks. Although it was still far from being lethal, Takt was skilled enough to understand that a temporary pause could be the deciding factor between the loser and the victor.

The speed filter greatly reduced the range of the bullets. Reina and Togame dealt with that by shooting at Takt from close range. Takts wealth of experience in battle told him that he would not be able to avoid the bullets. Likewise, he did not have enough protection to block the bullets.

[I cant die here…! Not when I havent avenged Gelgus-san!]

As his mind had abandoned the thought of survival, he changed his goal to take down the attackers together with him, Takt immediately aimed his rifle back at Reina and Togami. However, due to his regret taking over his train of thoughts, he completely missed his opportunity.

Reina and Togami simultaneously shot at Takt right when it was impossible to evade. Takt got riddled with bullets. He was not killed immediately but even until his last breath, he failed to do anything.

Kanae sent Pamela flying with a kick. Pamela glanced at Reina and Togami and quickly understood their goal. It was to separate Takt from Pamela and Latis. However, it was already too late for her to change anything. Takt was already dead.

Without the head to lead the hunting team, they would not be able to restart their assault on Akira. Especially when no one else had the authority to lead the hunting team.

This meant that there was no longer any reason for Latis and Pamela to stay there. Without even needing to communicate, they both knew it was time to leave. But since their hands were tied with Shiori and Kanae, they were unable to immediately leave this place.

Pamela had been trying to call the maid-type automaton from the other room. However, the automaton was still nowhere to be seen. When she tried to peek through their visual sharing, she could see a group of maids and butlers attacking the automaton unit. She immediately understood who was behind this attack.

Latis also quickly noticed the presence of Togami and Reina. He immediately frowned and sent a glare of reproach toward Shiori.

“You! You changed sides to the fourth ward, huh! You even leaked the security code of the third ward to them!”

The attackers were from the Lion Steel Company Eastern District Fourth Ward branch. The reason why they were able to slip into the vehicles under the third branch, was because Shiori leaked the security code to them.

Shiori, of course, did not stop her attacks as she calmly stated.

“Yeah. That took you some time to notice.”

For Latis, it was unethical no matter what the reason was. With rage welling up inside him, his gaze naturally turned solemn.

“Where has your loyalty toward the company run off to! In the end, this is what a faulty fourth-rank maid does, huh!”

“The third branch has decided to give its utmost support to Chloe-sama, who is trying to hurt Reina-sama. As such, this doesnt count as a betrayal toward the third branch!”

“Empty arguments! Leaking secret information is against the rules! It is treason against the company!”

Even in the middle of their conversation, they had exchanged countless shots, which left their marks on their surroundings.

“Youre only using your loyalty as a reason to justify your betrayal! Both you and your master should just die as traitors!”

Latis had always admired Shioris loyalty. Even if their loyalties were directed at different people. That act sullied that admiration he had and enraged him.

However, Shiori stayed calm even in the face of his threats.

“Dont worry. Though it is true that I have betrayed the third branch, I still have not betrayed the company.”

“What do you mean”

“The fact that the fourth branch is helping us is the proof. Although they are from a different branch, there is no way they would help me if I betrayed the company. Flip-sama, the head of the fourth branch, also agreed that this is not against the will of representative Alice-sama.”

Latis was too surprised for words. He inadvertently jumped back to open up space between them. Although they were still in the midst of battle, his attention was no longer there. He immediately decided to put the fight on-halt. Nonetheless, he was still probing for an opening to strike at any time.

“…Just how far have you noticed”

Shiori also did the same. She was also carefully looking for an opening to strike.

“I have no reason to answer your question. You were reproaching me for my betrayal toward the company just a moment ago. I will at least say this right now. Killing Chloe-sama, even causing some damage to the third branch, these are all a display of my loyalty toward the company.”

She basically hinted to Latis that she already knew about everything. Because of that, the rage that was bottled up, immediately simmered down. It was gone from his gaze, which was not filled with anxiety.

Unlike Latis, who was fighting evenly against Shiori. Pamela was completely overwhelmed by Kanae. There was no chance for Pamela to win. As a matter of fact, Pamela would do really well if she could survive for another minute. Once Pamela got killed, it would be two against one. In that scenario, Latis would not have any chance of surviving. Knowing how things would play out, Shiori was not in a rush to fight. She was even willing to calmly chat with Latis.

Aware of the dire situation that he was in, Latis made his decision. Reina and Togami were receiving support from the fourth branch. There was a good chance that they had noticed representative Alices true will. He had to let Chloe know about it. However, in this situation with no chance of winning, it was only a matter of time before both he and Pamela got killed. Therefore, he had only one choice. It required him to throw his life away.

He injected his body with all the battle stimulants he had. Although he would be dead in 10 seconds, it allowed him to temporarily attain superhuman strength.

Shiori noticed the slight change in her opponent. She took a step back and made a defensive stance. Kanae also did not miss this change. She quickly kicked Pamela in Latis direction and jumped back to Shiori to provide support.

Kanae intentionally kicked Pamela toward Latis simply because Pamela was an inch away from death. Her aim was to disturb Latis, by tossing his dying teammate in his direction. Therefore, instead of finishing Pamela off, Kanae decided that it was more important to provide support to Shiori. If both of them could stop Latis upcoming rampage, they would win the fight.

Shiori and Kanae focused their all to prepare themselves to nullify Latis final strike

As they wished, in the end, Latis died while Shioris team sustained no injuries. However, it did not end the way Shiori had planned. Instead of attacking them, Latis turned back and tore a hole through the vehicle. He kicked the flying Pamela out of the vehicle, giving her an opportunity to get away.

As he was standing on the death door, Latis perception of time slowed down. He saw Pamelas look at him with eyes full of disbelief. Latis gave her a soft smile, wishing for her safety. In the next moment, Shioris blade sliced off his head. The energy blade scorched his brain, killing him instantly with no hope of recovery.

After she swung her blade, Shiori jumped back without lowering her guard. She did not vertically split Latis in two since she had a close call before due to trying to do something unnecessary. Thus, Latis was completely unharmed except for his head. There was still some lingering fear that he might still manage to attack them even in that state.

Latis body simply fell limp and rolled into the wasteland.

Seeing that, Shiori was a bit confused, Kanae also did not expect that.

“Ane-san, did he just trick us”

“Maybe. Though, if I was given the choice to save someone in that situation, I would have picked Latis. But it seems like he didnt share that sentiment.”

“Ahh, I see. In that case, it was a mistake. Kicking Pamela back to him. Sorry about that.”

It was unlike Kanae to honestly apologize like this. Nonetheless, Shiori simply lightly shook her head and told her.

“Its fine. No one saw that coming. We were still able to kill one of them. The result is decent.”

Reina and Togami moved to group up with Shiori and Kanae. After killing Takt, they left the room so as not to get in the way of their fight.

“Shiori, is it done yet Are you alright”

“I am alright. No problems. Thank you for your concern, Milady.”

Reina smiled in relief, beside her, Togami sighed in relief. Shiori then slightly bowed to him.

“Togami-sama, thank you for cooperating. Im grateful you protected Milady.”

“Dont mention it, Im also grateful to you. Inviting me to such a big job. This will add one more notch to my achievements. There is also this powerful equipment that you allowed me to borrow.”

Hearing his reply, Reina made a rather troubled expression.

“It might be weird to hear this from me since Im the one who invited you. But, are you really fine taking this job You must fight against a Lion Steel branch. In the worst-case scenario, you might have to fight against the whole Lion Steel company, you know”

Toward those words which showed worry toward his well-being, Togami just lightly chuckled and reassured.

“Its fine. We dont really get to work together that much lately. So, at least let me do this much.”

“Listen … You might get killed, you know”

“What are you even talking about Isnt that what it means to be a Hunter Theres not that much of a difference. Moreover…”


“If I dont want to do it or if I think it wasnt worth the trouble, I would have refused right from the start. I accepted this job knowing fully well what Im getting myself into. It would be great if you can stop asking me that question.”

Togami smiled and spoke while looking straight at Reina.

Reina blushed a little. Togamis words could be interpreted as being willing to die for her sake.

“…I see, well, you have my thanks.”

Shiori was seriously contemplating whether it was a good idea to disturb the mood between them. Kanae, who was standing beside her, was grinning as she casually teased.

“Milady, it seems like you even have the leeway to flirt in this situation, huh Togami-boy too, were in the middle of a mission, you know”

“W-were not flirting!”

“Sorry! Ill get back to my task.”

One replied with a rebuttal while the other did not deny it. Either way, since they had already calmed down, Shiori explained the situation to Reina and Togami. A moment later, a report reached Shiori. It stated the fourth branch had successfully taken control of the vehicle. 

The head of the fourth branch, Flip, contacted Reina.

“Its me. How is the situation over there”

“Everyone is safe. But Chloe is not here.”

“I see. Considering that those two were here, I was certain that Chloe-sama would also be here. But it seems like that is not the case. This means she must be either in the Higaraka facility or still inside the city. What do you think

“I dont have any good guesses. If shes still inside the city, we wont be able to kill her just yet.”

“In that case, lets pin our hopes on Akira-kun.”

Reina lightly sighed.

“It is him after all. I dont think hes dead yet, but I wonder if hes really going to attack Kugamayama city.”

“It is just my guess, but I think hes serious about attacking the city. Well, you can do anything as you see fit. Lets work hard to answer representative Alices will.”

“Yeah, lets just do that.”

Reina was talking with Flip, acting as a proper master for Shiori and Kanae. Watching her, Shiori got deeply moved. Meanwhile, Kanae was smiling like usual. Togami, on the other hand, felt conflicted. He felt like Reina was living in a completely different world from him.

After she was forcibly evacuated from the moving vehicle, Pamela hid in the middle of the wasteland. She wore a shaken and pained expression.

That was when Latis appeared. To be more precise, it was Latis corpse. Just like the maids under Pamela, it was set so that in the case of death, Pamela would be able to control their bodies. Therefore, Pamela managed to take control of Latis body and moved it here.

The authority to control his body could be transferred under certain conditions. It was possible for her to control his body if he was unconscious and in danger. Because of that, she still had hope. Pamela prayed for the slim chance Latis was still alive.

But after she saw him up close, she knew that Latis was already dead. Pamela sobbed as she hugged his corpse. She then put medicinal balm on his outer wound. The expensive medicine quickly closed the wounds, but that was all. It could not bring back the dead.

Afterwards, Pamela kept hugging Latis for some time. It was as if she was trying to suppress the anger welling up inside her. Once she recovered some of her composure, all her rage was concentrated on a single goal.

“Ill definitely kill you…”

Those words were proof that Pamelas hatred toward Shiori had exceeded her loyalty toward Chloe and the Lion Steel company.


As Akira was driving the camping vehicle toward Kugamayama city, a team from the city defence led by Guutol approached him. Naturally, it was not to repel him. Inabe had contacted them beforehand. Thus, Akira did not panic when Guutols team appeared on the sensor.

“Its Guutol. Were here to escort you to the slums. Follow us.”

“Roger that. But are you sure you want to escort someone recognized as a monster”

“Well, I wonder about that. Either way, Im just following what my boss told me. If someone tries to attack you, just leave it to us… By the way, there were Hunters who attacked you when you were in the middle of negotiations with City Management, right As a part of City Management, that really hurt our pride, you know So, Ill make sure to show them if they try to do that again.”

Seeing the fully armed powered suit squad, Akira thought that it was reassuring to have them on his side. He also analyzed what Guutol had said. He was relieved that he did not have to fight them nor did he have to turn around and leave.

While on the other hand, Guutol was relieved that his squad did not have to fight against Akira. He already heard that using only his bike, Akira managed to repel an assault group equipped with tanks and powered suits—a team of Hunters fully prepared to hunt him, a 50 billion bounty target. He shuddered at the thought. [What if we had fought back when we first met]

“…Let me warn you again, your monster designation is still active. So, watch yourself. Be careful once you enter the slums. Ill also send you a map.”

Akira looked at the map of Kugamayama citys lower district that was sent to his information terminal.

“The locations coloured in red are treated as part of the city. So, if you enter those locations, we will have no other choice but to remove you. Make sure not to go there. As for the orange areas, youll at least get a warning shot if you enter those areas. If you enter those areas by mistake, make sure to get out as soon as possible.”

“Alright, Ill be careful.”

“Im really counting on you, alright We are giving you special treatment already. Normally, we would attack you the moment you approach the city.”

“Is that so Even Inabe cant change that”

“Impossible. Making this much of an exception already caused some dissent from inside the inner wall. I really have no idea why the guys at the top are allowing you to get so close to the city.”

“I see…”

Akira thought back on his encounter with Yanagisawa. It was a dangerous encounter, but it was not a fruitless one.

While they were heading to the city, Akira thought of something and contacted Shirou through telepathy.

“By the way, Shirou, are you sure you want to come with us to Kugamayama city”

Shirou sighed in exasperation.

“…If you ask me personally, it would be a straight no. But its not like I can just leave right now.”

With a 50 billion Aurum bounty target in the camping vehicle, it would be placed under close watch. Not only from Guutols squad, but also from others, using long-range surveillance devices. There was a good chance that he would be discovered if he tried to leave. He might be able to elude those who were watching him from the network, but that was a herculean task to do when there were people directly watching him. Although his camouflage coat was excellent, there was no guarantee that he would not be discovered.

“Only two individuals are supposed to be inside the camping vehicle right now. You and Carol. I have no desire to make them want to question the real number of people inside. To let me leave, you would have to stop the vehicle and open the door. They would definitely question why you would do that. Im sorry but make sure to be careful.”

“Alright… Wait, does that mean it was a bad decision to use all our jamming smoke back then”

“Yeah, it was. Still, the powered suit which knew of my presence already got destroyed. It also managed to cut off its information-sharing system, so the others after you most likely didnt notice my presence. If someone had noticed, Hammerz and Yanagisawa would not have asked you about my whereabouts back then. They would have quickly gone straight for the camping vehicle.”

In reality, it was nothing more than Shirous hopeful guess. Each sentence he worded out also served to convince him of it. He was unaware that Hammerz got ordered by Sugadome to let him off the hook for some time.

“Though Im sure I dont even have to tell you this, but once you enter the slums, Im sure watchful eyes would shift from the vehicle to you alone. At that point, I can slip into the slums. Depending on the situation, I might choose to return to my hideout.”

“I see. Well, feel free to do whichever you think is best.”

Since it was now safe, they took the opportunity to tidy up the place. After Hammerz placed the vehicle on its side, almost everything inside got displaced. It was a mess. While they were cleaning, Guutol suddenly contacted Akira.

“This is as far as we will escort you. We will be standing guard here to make sure that you dont try to enter the city. Just to remind you, make sure to never enter the red areas, understand”

“…If Chloe gets out of the city, I wont do something like that.”

[As expected…] Guutol sighed and said.

“…I see, I hope that is indeed the case.”

Guutols call ended. His parting words made Akira imagine him adorning a bitter smile. The powered suits then left the vehicle alone.

That was when Alpha smiled at Akira. He only responded back with a bitter smile.

“I also hope that I wont have to do that. I will put in more effort so that we wont have to attack the city.”

“I really hope that you will keep those words, alright”

Alpha smiled like usual at Akira.

After they entered the slums of Kugamayama city, they once stopped the vehicle. As Akira stepped out, someone came to welcome him.

“Welcome back, Ive been waiting for you.”

It was Sheryl.

In a part of the slums that seemed to be devoid of people, Akira strolled with Sheryl next to him. Behind them were Erio and the other children, who came as Sheryls bodyguards. Further back was the camping vehicle.

Akira was a bit surprised at how silent the slums were. Especially when he compared it to how rowdy it used to be.

“Its so quiet here. Its the first time I see the slums this quiet.”

“When they heard that youre coming back, everyone left. The only ones remaining are us.”

Sheryl was the one who disseminated this piece of information. Thanks to that, except for those living close to Sheryls HQ, everyone evacuated the area. Any area with Akira inside was considered to be dangerous. After all, they might get involved in a battle between a 50 billion Aurum bounty target and the Hunters after him.

“So, youre staying behind Although everyone left”

“Of course. Though, to be more precise, not everyone left. But only about 10 per cent remained. I didnt expect there to be this many willing to stay behind.”

The ones who stayed were those who did not have anywhere else to go. After all, most could not survive alone in the slums without a gang. They also did not want to transfer to another gang. Ultimately, those that remained had enough of living under the shadows. Fearful for their lives all the time. For such sentiments to sprout, it showed just how healthy and prosperous Sheryls gang had become.

Moreover, many of those that remained were veteran members. Most were those who were already in the gang right from the start and had become officers. They saw Akira survive time and time again. Despite acting recklessly and doing so many absurd stunts. He survived after going to Shijimas gang, dragging a members corpse with him. He survived after he raided the Ezont familys HQ. Even now, he was still alive. 

Those who were wise. Those who did not have anywhere else to go. Those who placed their bets on Akira. Finally, the girl who made Akira her world. They all stayed behind and decided to pick him up. They did so, knowing they might get involved in a battle that could easily destroy the slums.

Akira glanced at Erio and the other children behind him before turning his gaze back to Sheryl.

“I heard that Inabe has contacted you beforehand. Just how much has Inabe told you”

“We heard that youve picked a fight with the Lion Steel company. You got a 50 billion Aurum bounty on you. Furthermore, you got designation as a monster. Youve also just got attacked by a large group of Hunters and theres a good chance that this wont be the last time.”

“Well, I think that is good enough. Just to let you know, I dont have the leeway to help your gang right now. Wouldnt it be better if you also leave the area I was planning to borrow your HQ, believing everyone would have left by now. I was expecting it to be completely empty, you know”

“Its alright. We will watch over ourselves. If we cant, then it just means our time has come.”

“But still…”

Akira understood that he was basically causing them trouble. That this was all due to his own selfishness. As such, he could not help but make a troubled expression. As a matter of fact, if Sheryl had refused after Inabe contacted her, he was planning on staying in a random abandoned building.

However, Sheryl simply smiled and accepted Akira back into the base.

“We are greatly indebted to you. Though it might be weird to say this, I see this as our chance to repay you. We are weak. If a fight breaks out, we know we cannot hope to aid you. So, please. At least let us help you with the other things like providing a place for you to rest.”

Whatever their reason was, they had made their resolve and stayed behind. Akira thought that it would be rude if he kept asking them to leave. Thus, he gave a gentle smile and said.

“…I see. Well, I will be in your care for the time being.”

“Of course!”

Sheryl presented him with her best smile. It was a smile, worthy enough to leave her with no regret, even if it was her last smile. As the shroud of twilight slowly crept in, her smile was shining beautifully under the dusk.

When they arrived at Sheryls HQ, they parked the camping vehicle inside the garage. They then closed the shutter, which was as robust as a portable wall. It was installed to protect the relics gathered from the area managed by Tsubaki. Thus, they could even withstand tank shells.

Sheryl was explaining the defensive capabilities of the HQ. She made sure to end her speech with a recommendation for Akira to stay, and rest here. However, Akira simply repliedI would do that later. 

He promptly returned to the camping vehicle. He then gathered Carol and Shirou to talk about their plans from here on out.

Akira was planning to stay here until his new equipment arrived. Carol was planning to stay with him. The only issue was Shirou.

“Shirou, what will you do It would be terrible if someone from Sheryls gang found you, right That means you could either continue to hide inside the camping vehicle in secret or sneak out…”

“I will be staying here for the time being. Even if I sneak out later, I must first ensure that the outside is safe. If its possible, I want to be able to access the security inside this building. I dont mind hacking into the security but, if possible, Id rather gain access the proper way. After all, it will be less likely for me to be found if I dont hack.”

“Alright. I will ask Sheryl for access. Well then, Ill be going upstairs. Just call me if you need anything.”

Akira only said as much and left the vehicle with Carol next to him. Sheryl was already standing there, waiting for them. It seemed like she was the only one left, while the others had already gone upstairs.

“Sheryl, Im sorry to ask you this right away, but…”

“If its about a bath, you can go in anytime. You want to go in now”

Although the camping vehicle was also equipped with a bath, it was a relatively small one. When Akira heard her offer his desire simply burst out. He had been living out in the wasteland for a few days. Though he could bathe, it was greatly limited in size. He could not fully relax and stretch out all his limbs. The desire to do so had piled up and it finally erupted. Thus, there was no stopping him any longer. Even Shirous request had taken a back seat as something that was to be dealt with later.


“Okay, lets go then. This way.”

Without even stating that she would go in as well, Sheryl led Akira to the bath, as if it was the natural thing to do. Strangely enough, Carol was silently following behind them.

“…Hm Wait. Carol, are you going in as well”

“Its fine, isnt it I can at least help you wash your body, you know”

“…Well, thats fine by me I guess.”

Akira nonchalantly approved her suggestion. This made Carol smile rather smugly. But in contrast to her, Sheryl, who was witnessing their exchange, was utterly stupefied. In the end, the three of them went to enjoy the bath together.-

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