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Sacred Moon Alpha Chapter four: Battle in the woods

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Lisa ran as fast as she could as she reached the huge doors of the palace.. Just as she was about to open the palace door, a vampire appeared from God knows where in front of her and was about to attack her.. Lisa chanted a spell and a mythical wind blew the vampire off, making him to hit a pillar in the palace (P.s : Lisa was also born with superpowers).. Lisa ran out of the palace only to meet a fierce battle going on.. Lisa gasped as she saw the destructions and dead bodies every where with blood splattered everywhere.. It was truly a horrible sight to behold... Lisa took a deep breath and managed to escape as she ran into the woods.. she ran as fast as her legs could carry her when suddenly, she started hearing running footsteps behind her "oh no! They followed me!" Lisa panicked as she ran faster, deeper into the Woods... Suddenly she stopped, she took one look and saw that she was at the edge of a cliff.. a little slip and she could fall to her doom in just a matter of seconds.. "oh no" Lisa turned back to run but it was too late; the vampires found her!.. "Give us the baby and we promise to make your death a quick one" the leader of the vamp gang said "No! I won allow you to come any closer near this baby" Lisa stepped back a little, frightened "you

e testing my patience lady!!... Give me the goddamn baby!!!" The leader got angry and took two steps closer to Lisa "Stop!.. don come any closer or Ill.... Ill" "youll what?!.. do a strip dance for us?" The vampires bursts into laughter "but seriously tho, what will do exactly? Call mommy and daddy?" The vampires bursts into another round of laughter.. Lisa was speechless.. she didn know what to say.. until an idea popped into her head "Ill throw the baby over the cliff!!" Lisa yelled and suddenly the laughter stopped "you

e joking right?" The leader asked "try me" Lisa said while putting on a mean face.. the leader chuckled "you know, you

e actually doing us a favour by throwing that baby off the cliff... Our job is to kill the baby and it looks like you

e tryna make our work easier" Lisa smirked "actually, Im making your job more difficult" Lisa suddenly chanted a spell "Princeps iuvenem ab omni noxa protegat" and suddenly the basket glowed for a few seconds and then stopped.. the leaders eyes widened "is that... A protective spell?!" Lisa smirked "yes, and everyone knows that the protective spell can only be broken if the person who casted the spell dies" "well, Ill make that theory come to pass" the leader started taking slow, steady steps towards Lisa... Lisa closed the lid of the basket and turned towards the edge of the cliff " I hope someone kind hearted finds you.. Good bye my prince" Lisa let out a deep sigh and with her eyes closed shut, she threw the basket over the cliff and into the river....

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