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Chapter 12.1

Others (Part 1)

Translated by AmaLynne


In the evening, Wen Wenyao was sending a message to Song Nanqiao again, but she just said a few words, and then they said good night to each other.


“I always feel that I am not good at chatting.” Wen Wenyao is holding her cell phone.

She rarely chats with people.

To chat for a long time, she simply can’t find anything to talk about.


She heard that those who are especially good at chatting can talk for hours…How did this work Wen Wenyao thought it was an exaggeration.


She tosses and turns into bed.

Song Nanqiao’s appearance is an accident in her life.

Wen Wenyao’s favorite is the very strong sense of security that comes from leaning on Song Nanqiao.


In fact, she is very lonely…


But after seeing a good night from Song Nanqiao, Wen Wenyao began to feel at ease, the corners of her mouth rose slightly, then she buried her face in the quilt.

It seemed even more difficult to fall asleep




Next day, lunch break.


Song Nanqiao sits at the table and drinks water, ready to go to the toilet.


Since Qin Ruixi was dismissed, Song Nanqiao feels relieved.

At least now, she has not been deducted.


When Song Nanqiao went to the toilet door, she found a lot of people blocking the toilet door.

It seemed that the atmosphere was not very good.

Song Nanqiao stood on tiptoe and looked at a group of girls, who were now surrounding a girl.


The girl was scared and walked inside, but others did not let her go.

They scolded her from time to time and even started to move on to the girl, just like a bully on campus.


Song Nanqiao frowned.

What’s the matter with this school The student council is not reliable, school security management is so poor, actually someone in the classroom to do this kind of thing, or blatantly.


Looks like a repeat offender.


“Excuse me, I need to go to the toilet.”


“You are blind, can’t see what we are doing”


“Go to the other floor.”


Three or two girls stopped Song Nanqiao and pushed her outside.

When the girls standing outside saw this scene, they all ran to other floors in fear.


“You guys are campus bullies, aren’t you afraid”


Song Nanqiao suddenly doesn’t want to go to the toilet.

This girl looks so pathetic.

She can help if she can.


“You want to die” A girl who led the group stood up and pushed Song Nanqiao, but was embarrassed to find that she couldn’t push her.


“If you push me again, I’ll call the teacher.” Song Nanqiao not only didn’t move but also spoke calmly.


She doesn’t look scared at all.


“What class are you in”


“I won’t tell you.”


Song Nanqiao walks through her, pulls the girl from the ground, pushes away the people who are blocking the toilet, and saves the girl.


“F*ck, which class, go check it out.”


The big sister in the lead was furious, she had been in the school for three years, but someone actually did rob people from under her nose, and so blatantly.


She just froze for a moment and didn’t respond.

There are still people who are not afraid of death in this school.


Go to investigate the class of the other party first, and then find an opportunity to beat them up.




When the girl was sent to a safe place, Song Nanqiao withdrew her hand.


“Thank you.” The girl’s eyes lit up for a moment, with some gratitude and admiration in her eyes.


“It’s okay, the next time someone bullies you, tell the teacher in time.”


Song Nanqiao nodded lightly.


“It’s no use.”


The girl’s eyes darkened when she said this.


“Once or twice is okay, more than that will feel troublesome.”


“How so”


“They didn’t do it twice or once.

Although the teacher knows this matter, they can’t deal with it, in the end, the loss is still me, and over time, they’re not willing to care.”


“What is your name.”


“Luo Ningmeng.”


“What class.”


“Sophomore class B.”


Song Nanqiao nodded and thought that it was true.

Some teachers seemed to be righteous, but in fact, they were afraid.

When the parents were powerful, they could not handle things properly.


Finally, the victim was the same classmate who was bullied.


“Forget it.

Thank you.

As a return gift, I will treat you to a meal this afternoon.”


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