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Chapter 16.1

Line of Sight (Part 1)

Translated by AmaLynne


Song Nanqiao shrunk expressionlessly into the quilt, restraining herself from touching Wen Wenyao.


Turning her head over, she saw Wen Wenyao’s face close-up.

Because of the loose pajamas, Song Nanqiao could vaguely see the other party’s cold white collarbone and wonderful body.


It’s too dangerous…


Fortunately, she’s not a man, otherwise, she absolutely can not hold.


“Sister…you can sleep in a little.”


Wen Wenyao said in a low voice…she was a little shy.

She always felt that Song Nanqiao was deliberately distancing herself.

She was obviously in the same bed, but Song Nanqiao was far away from her.


Now it feels like the quilt is empty.


“No, my sleeping posture is not very good.”


“Well…why did you call me sister” Song Nanqiao is struggling with this matter.

Suddenly, she starts to call her sister, and they don’t know their age.


“Well…I just want to call you that.”


Because she felt that Song Nanqiao would give her a sense of security, Wen Wenyao would rely on her and call her sister from a younger perspective, hoping to be taken care of by her.


And this kind of address is more intimate.


“Your birthday”


“July 12.”


“Cancer ah…”


This constellation is quite matching to Wen Wenyao’s character.

It is gentle and lacks a sense of security.


“And you”


“February 10.”


“You are older than me…you are really my sister.”


In this way, I can call my sister with peace of mind.


“You can call me whatever you want.”




Song Nanqiao felt a little sleepy after saying that.

It was very late today, and she need to get up early tomorrow.

Normally she gets up at about four o’clock and goes to bed early.


She set a 4:30 alarm clock with a mobile phone and fell asleep.




After calling out softly, she found that Song Nanqiao had fallen asleep and looked really sleepy.


Wen Wenyao slightly sat up, reached out and touched Song Nanqiao’s cheek, although not as good as her skin, it was enough to make Wen Wenyao’s heart beat faster.


I can be so close and share the same bed.


Wen Wenyao leans on Song Nanqiao.

She is very close to Song Nanqiao.

She wants to hug Song Nanqiao, but she is afraid that the other party will wake up.


“Good night, sister.”


She closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep beside Song Nanqiao, accompanied by the sound of Song Nanqiao’s even breathing.




Song Nanqiao got up at 4:30 in the morning.

She got up quickly when the alarm clock rang just once, and then turned off the alarm clock with her backhand, not wanting to wake Wen Wenyao.


Wen Wenyao slept beside her obediently, breathing steadily.

She seemed to sleep deeply.

Her delicate face was covered by hair, and only her bright red lips were exposed.


Song Nanqiao slowly got up from the bed and stepped on the floor with bare feet, trying not to make any noise.


Picking up the pen and paper on the table, Song Nanqiao wrote a sentence to Wen Wenyao: I’ll go back first.

You can have a good rest.

See you at school.


When leaving, Song Nanqiao didn’t even turn on the light, blend with the darkness, and walked to the window.


With the help of the system, she jump down from the window, now the servants of the Wen family probably just got up, the security is high.


“So sleepy…I only slept for 4 hours.”


Song Nanqiao yawned.

This was the only time she slept so late.

She went out at 4 o’clock.

The shops on the street did not open, and she dared not go home.

There was no place to stay.


After leaving Wen’s home, the cold wind in the street blew on Song Nanqiao’s face.


Song Nanqiao shivered with cold.


Song Nanqiao ran around the park twice, taking advantage of this time to start exercising and taking her time.


“Say, you all slept together yesterday.

What are you going to do later”


The system has been observing the emotions of the two people since last night.

Since last night, Song Nanqiao is willing to be close to Wen Wenyao now.


Do you already like her


“I just have a good feeling, but I don’t know whether it is because of your 100% match or because the heroine is too good-looking.

In short, I have a good feeling, but I can’t say if I like her.”


“You still hold her and treat her so well.”


“Out of my instinct, in fact, even an ordinary friend would hug her when she was so sad.”


Song Nanqiao never did anything out of line with Wen Wenyao.

She simply held hands and hugged her.

She kept a distance even when she was in bed.


“If the heroine confessed to you, would you refuse her”


The system asked about the main problem.


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