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Chapter 19.1

Hint (Part 1)

Translated by AmaLynne


Shortly after.


This matter was rapidly spreading in the school.


People from class F have been spreading this matter to the public, and quite a few people inside the school talking about this matter.


“I feel that the one from class F confessed successfully.”


“Now it seems that should have been in love before.”


“Wen Wenyao… I really can’t see it.”


“Wu wu wu, my goddess…”

TN: 嗚;wu, (onom.) for humming or whimpering.


The school forum is crazy about relevant comments, and the students also discuss this matter.


Many of Wen Wenyao’s pursuers never dreamed that their goddess would be taken down so easily by a student of class F.

After thinking about it, they couldn’t understand exactly where they fell short.


The whole school is now discussing this matter.

In the afternoon, they have little mind to study.




Wen Wenyao is no longer in the mood to learn.

He is still thinking about Song Nanqiao.

As soon as the afternoon class is over, Wen Wenyao takes a taxi to the hospital.


It’s time for lunch, but she is in no mood to eat.


“Little sister, where are you going”


The driver took a look at Wen Wenyao, who was sitting in the back seat.

The child is really good-looking.


Tsk tsk tsk.

TN: 嘖;zé, (interj.

of admiration or of disgust) / to click one’s tongue / to attempt to (find an opportunity to) speak.


“The first city hospital.”


“Are you sick” The driver stepped on the accelerator and asked again.








The driver immediately understand, looking at Wen Wenyao’s expression seems to be very urgent, this is not her sickness, nor is the family sick, then it must be…


“Boyfriend is sick”


“It’s a girlfriend…”


Wen Wenyao said very quietly, the driver did not hear clearly.


“What did you say”




Wen Wenyao did not want to talk anymore, so she leaned her head on the cushion and closed her eyes.


The driver knew that Wen Wenyao didn’t want to talk anymore, so he didn’t ask anymore.


But in his heart, he was sighing that the girl was so good-looking, and he didn’t know which stinking boy could be so lucky.


Soon, she arrived at the hospital and Wen Wenyao paid the fare.


She asked the front desk nurse for a visitation.


Wen Wenyao rushed Song Nanqiao’s ward away.


Because Song Nanqiao’s parents could not be found, she could only be arranged in an ordinary ward in the name of the school.

There were other patients around.

In addition, Song Nanqiao had been alone for years, but now she was injured, and no one came to see her.


Wen Wenyao feels very distressed.


If she doesn’t come to see her, no one really cares about her.


“Is there a single ward in the hospital”


Wen Wenyao asked the nurse beside her.

She wanted Song Nanqiao to have a better rest environment and wanted to be alone with Song Nanqiao.


“Yes, but the price is high.”


The nurse took a look at Wen Wenyao and then looked at Song Nanqiao.

The girl lay in the hospital all afternoon, and no one came to see her.

When she heard that her parents were not there, the school helped pay the medical bills.

She felt sorry for the child.


This beautiful girl should be her friend.


“Transfer her to the single ward.

I’ll pay at the front desk.”


Wen Wenyao picks up her mobile phone.


She actually knew that Song Nanqiao’s family aren’t very well off, otherwise, she wouldn’t have gone outside to work on making money with only a day and a half to spare.


She have suffered a lot


The single ward in the hospital is very expensive.

It takes about four figures a day.

Wen Wenyao not only paid Song Nanqiao for her hospitalization, but also paid off all her medical expenses.


Several office directors saw Wen Wenyao and were slightly shocked.


“Is that the lady of the Wen family”


“It seems to be…”


The directors of several departments have seen Wen Wenyao several times on the site of Wen’s family.

They remember her at the first sight because of her outstanding appearance.


One of the doctors called a nurse and whispered in her ear, “Take good care of the girl with the injured forehead.

She seems to be a friend of Miss Wen.”


The nurse quickly nodded.

After Wen Wenyao paid, she quickly sent Song Nanqiao to the best ward.

There was plenty of sunshine and good air.

Outside the window was a small park built by the hospital.


When nobody was around, Wen Wenyao grabbed Song Nanqiao’s hand and put it on her face.

Her eyes became very gentle.


The heartache of Song Nanqiao is true, but she is now very happy is also true.


Looking at Song Nanqiao’s face, Wen Wenyao feels thoughtful.


Wen Wenyao feels that Song Nanqiao has never expressed that kind of love for her before.

Why did she even confess to her Wen Wenyao is puzzled.


She thought back to the time when she stayed with Song Nanqiao, Song Nanqiao was very polite to her, even that night, in her home, in that atmosphere, Song Nanqiao also did not do anything to her.


Does Song Nanqiao really like herself


Or is it because of some other reason that she confessed For example: losing a bet with a friend, or a truth or dare, or something like that.


Thinking about it, she suddenly felt a little sour.


She can feel Song Nanqiao’s concern and protection for her, but she doesn’t feel that kind of straightforward love.

She hopes Song Nanqiao really likes her.


She poked Song Nanqiao in the face.


“What do you really think…”


Wen Wenyao now wants to open Song Nanqiao’s head to see what’s on her mind.


This idea is really dangerous.


Wen Wenyao felt a little sleepy and stop thinking about it.


A series of events that happened today made her physically and mentally exhausted.

In addition, she did not eat at noon and did not take a nap.

Now she is even less energetic.


Slowly, she slept beside Song Nanqiao.


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