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Tangled By Fate Chapter 30 - TO THE TEMPLE

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Chapter 30 - TO THE TEMPLE

Veronica closed the door and her body slumped against the wooden door. She recalled his fierce kiss. After that, his long fingers gently brushed over her silver locks.

When she regained her strength, he pecked on her cheek and whispered in her ear, "I'll be waiting."

Thinking about his deep voice, Veronica's heart skipped a beat. Her ears turned red. She covered her face and cursed him inwardly, 'Playboy!'

She calmed her heart and stood up. 'I better get going.' Seeing no one around, she strode to the tower and climbed the stairs as silently as possible. It was two in the morning and everyone was asleep. That's why she didn't see anyone.

When she reached the door to her room, her heart became light. She sighed in relief and opened the door. 'I need to sleep. It was a long day,' she thought. She didn't dare to light the candles thinking someone might notice her. She had become extra careful after seeing too many dead bodies recently.

As she was about to sit on the bed, someone grabbed her arm. "Ah!" Veronica yelled in fear. It felt like her heart had left the ribcage. She was forcefully laid on the bed and something hovered over her.

"Ver! How could you do this to us!" a voice hissed in fury.

Veronica relaxed her body upon hearing a familiar voice. "Catherine! You freaked me out!"

A dirty blonde hair girl pressed Veronica against the bed. "I freaked you out What do you think you did You were just gone for a whole day and we couldn't find you anywhere Just because I showed you a way to go out, doesn't mean you can disappear for a whole day! And, you didn't even finish your work!"

Judging from her voice, Veronica could understand how furious her childhood friend was. They grew up together. How could she not know her friend

Veronica's eyes trembled as her eyes were tickled by the edge of her friend's hair who had two plaits. Veronica adjusted her eyesight in the dark and was able to see her friend properly.

Catherine was also wearing a nightgown. She must have come here after everyone went to sleep. She must have been worried sick.

Veronica explained in a calm tone, "I didn't mean to stay out for a whole night. I fell asleep and couldn't wake up because I was too tired."

Catherine moved away from her friend and retaliated, "You were tired! What an excuse! Why didn't you meet me yesterday I thought you would leave early and then come back."

Veronica slowly sat up and replied, "I was working all day. I barely had anything for dinner!"

"And you still went out!" Catherine could barely believe her friend's stupidity.

"…I… I had something to take care of." Veronica hid the fact that she had met a man who almost laid her and ate her mouth multiple times.

Catherine covered her head and said, "How could you do this Do you know how mad Sister Josephine was"

"I can imagine." Veronica's body slumped.

"You have no idea. Sister Ruth died suddenly." Catherine's voice sounded like something caught in her throat.

Veronica flinched at the mention of Sister Ruth. Her friend continued, "They said she had some kind of illness and never told others in case others would worry. As a result, she died so early."

"Did she have an illness!" Veronica was astonished. She took a trip down memory lane and thought of last night's event. Sister Mary was crying and saying how Sister Ruth took her own life.

'Taking one's own life can be a sickness Isn't that absurd But, why would they say that They can't be… lying right' Veronica laughed inwardly and brushed off the thought.

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From her point of view, there was no reason for the priests to lie. They taught her to always speak the truth. There was no reason for them to lie about the death of a Sister of the temple.

No matter how many times she thought about it, she couldn't find any reason for the senior priests to lie to them.

Catherine didn't like the silence in the room. "She told us that she was going to appoint you as an Assistant Priest. How could you blow your chance like that"

Veronica's train of thought broke and she came back to her senses. "Did they search for me in the mountain"

Catherine replied, "Of course they did. How many times did you ditch your duties and stroll around the mountains Sister Josephine waited till noon thinking you would stop being childish and come back. Since you didn't return, she sent two groups to the mountain range after lunch."

Veronica tried to clarify, "Are you sure I saw some people looking for me in the town."

Catherine's eyes grew bigger. "Did you see our guards"

"They were in disguise. I'm not sure." Besides, she wasn't able to see properly who was searching for her. Before she could, Arthur grabbed her and dragged her away.

Whenever she thought of Arthur, his wild touch on her lips came to her mind. Veronica lowered her head and tried to forget that sinful act.

Catherine asked, "What are you going to tell Sister Josephine when she asks you about your whereabouts for yesterday"

Veronica cooled her heart and answered, "I'll tell her that I was in the mountains."

Catherine sighed. "And here I was rejoicing that you would finally become an Assistant Priest. You really know how to ruin your future."

Veronica laid on the bed and said, "Future… why are people so obsessed with this word The present is always the best."

Catherine stated, "You think like that because you have no ambition."

Veronica rolled on the bed and defended herself, "Who said I don't I want to see the world."

"Do you What did you do to make that wish come true Let me answer – nothing. You did nothing. That means the wish you were talking about is nothing but a daydream," Catherine mercilessly pointed that out.

Veronica was going to say something when the bedroom door was opened and someone stepped in.

"Did you have enough fun, V-E-R-O-N-I-C-A"



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