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Chapter 1944 The Selfless Larkinson

A uniformed figure appeared in front of an energy screen and peered into the cell.

A woman wearing a standard prisoner\'s outfit quietly brooded on the single bunk.

She took no notice of the other figure\'s arrival.

Melinda. Ghanso spoke as he adjusted the collar of his new Coalition Reserve Corps uniform.

Have you reconsidered your choice

Though the smart clothing automatically adjusted to his physique, he wasn\'t used to such technology.

A part of him missed the stiffer uniform of the Mech Corps.

The former captain of the Bentheim Planetary Guard resolutely ignored her cousin.

I know you\'re close to Ves, but he\'s the main reason our family split up and went astray.

Why do you continue to support him Even if you\'re a woman, you should know that the second-rate state that is backing him is poisonous to our star sector! If we follow Ves in siding with these man-haters, half of our family will lose its value!

The captive finally couldn\'t remain silent.

So much for your loyalty and principles.

You refused to choose family over the orders of your state.

Now, you\'ve turned your back on that very state in order to wear the uniform of the same service that has Larkinson blood on its hands!

An ugly expression appeared on Ghanso\'s face.

I admit that the Friday Coalition may have been rather… heavy-handed in their attempts to hinder Ves.

However, it was his fault to begin with that turned the Fridaymen against our family.

He\'s a Larkinson.

Family or clan, he should know that his decision to side with the Hexadric Hegemony would definity drag in every other Larkinson over to the other side! As a family that has always served in lockstep with the Bright Republic, turning our back against the patron of our state has endangered us all!

And that makes your betrayal right Dozens of Larkinsons died in the Kesseling System! Most of those Larkinsons used to be your fellow cousins, uncles or aunts! I still remember their faces and their stories! Now, we never have a chance to hear their voices again because the service whose blood-stained uniform you wear decided to paint all of us Larkinsons with the same stripe!

Though Ghanso clenched his fists, he forcibly calmed himself down.

He was no longer a part of the Mech Corps.

He represented a greater service now.

The Friday Coalition was much more immense and its rules were a bit more strict and formal.

In fact, the only reason why he gained the chance to talk to his captive relatives was because the Bright Republic wanted him to convert more Larkinsons to their side.

Don\'t you think I know that Ghanso responded with a difficult expression.

What happened previously was a consequence of getting involved in a war we had no business of getting involved in.

A Larkinson dragged us into a conflict against the Friday Coalition with his selfishness.

Another Larkinson is needed to right his wrongs, and I\'m the only one important enough who is willing to step up and make the most selfless decision of my life.

He bent his head.

You\'re right, Melinda.

I broke my oath and betrayed my loyalty to my home state.

I broke the tradition of the Larkinsons and offered my loyalties to a stronger state.

I carry this guilt for the rest of my life, but I accept this consequence because I am working to redeem the Larkinson Family in the eyes of the Friday Coalition!

The Fridaymen don\'t care about our family! Melinda scowled.

They\'re using you, isn\'t that obvious They just want to turn Larkinson against Larkinson and fracture our clan and family even further! Once your utility is used up, the CRC will probably put you aside like garbage!

The Friday Coalition is the future of the Komodo Star Sector! Resisting its will is meaningless.

Whether I owe my loyalty to the Bright Republic or the Friday Coalition is moot.

They\'re effectively the same! The Coalition Reserve Corps may seem heartless to you, but that is because it hasn\'t appreciated our value yet.

Once we demonstrate that we can be of use, our family will probably receive favored treatment.

She didn\'t believe in his words.

She continued to express her disgust at Ghanso and the Friday Coalition.

All the logic in the galaxy can\'t change the fact that you have sided with the killers of our family.

Since when did Larkinsons develop the habit of waving the white flag What you have done is no less than surrender!

Neither Larkinson managed to persuade the other.

Ghanso was convinced his actions would save and redeem the Larkinson Family.

Melinda detested the Friday Coalition for killing her relatives.

Their differences were too great.

Ghanso finally realized that persuading Melinda to join his side was fruitless for the time being.

I wear this uniform to save our family. The expert pilot emphatically stated while he patted the brand-new emblems on his chest.

You may hate me all you want, but I still love each and every relative.

Except Ves.

The CRC officer immediately snarled.

I should have crushed his neck while we first took him captive.

If not for him, the CRC would have never attacked the Larkinsons in the Kesseling System! It\'s all his fault! He is a devil and a merchant of death! He has no morals and doesn\'t hesitate to advance the interests of the tyrannical Hexers in order to further his ends!

Melinda threw a disapproving glance at her cousin.

Those are not the words of someone with honor.

You are not a Larkinson.

Not anymore.

The moment you sold out your own relative, you\'ve already gone astray.

I should have joined Ves when he offered me a place in the clan.

I wouldn\'t suffer the indignity of hearing your empty rationalizations.

Ghanso shook his head and turned away from the cell.

As I\'ve said, I don\'t blame any Larkinson for thinking ill of me.

I never expected to gain any gratitude from my relatives, though a part of me hoped that at least some Larkinsons are able to appreciate the sacrifices I have made.

It appears my hopes are in vain.

Go away.

I will.

A Fridayman fleet will soon arrive to take you and your fellow Larkinsons away.

The CRC has promised me that they will make sure that you\'ll be treated with respect while you\'re being confined in Coalition space.

You can sit out the war while I will do my best to redeem the family.

With that, Ghanso turned around and departed the cell block.

A number of other Larkinsons resolutely ignored Ghanso as he passed by on the other side of the energy screens.

He tried to persuade them as well, but all of them responded similar to Melinda.

His less farsighted relatives all couldn\'t get over the fact that the CRC attacked the Larkinson Clan.

This is war. He whispered.

Every war generated casualties.

The Larkinson Clan picked a side and suffered the consequences of their decision.

For all their talk about valuing family above all, none of them are willing to make the right choice.

He felt more and more detached from the rest of the family.

Ever since Ves corrupted and split up the family, hardly any Larkinson was willing to talk to him anymore.

He had become a pariah to his relatives.

It hurt.

Ghanso always considered himself to be a proud and honorable Larkinson.

He believed in his heritage and tried his best to continue the efforts of his predecessors.

Therefore, even if every Larkinson hated him, even if the family wanted to kick him out of the family, he would still do his best to fight on the family\'s behalf!

People like Melinda were wrong.

He did not betray the family.

He loved it more than any other Larkinson.

Every choice he made in his life was for the good of the Larkinsons, and he didn\'t intend to abandon this life mission anytime soon!

Eventually, Ghanso reached the end of the corridor.

A pair of female prison guards nodded curtly at him as they performed a routine security check on him before allowing him to proceed.

Even the citizens of the Bright Republic turned against him.

All they saw was Ghanso shooting down mechs piloted by Larkinsons.

They felt betrayed when he discarded the uniform of the Mech Corps for the uniform of the CRC.

It didn\'t matter.

The young expert pilot possessed a much stronger determination to do the right thing than everyone else!

Maybe this is what Ves feels like sometimes. He murmured.

To ignore everyone\'s opinions and go your own way is a heavy burden.

Sometimes, the crowd is right.

Sometimes, the crowd is wrong.

Naturally, Ghanso believed he was in the right and Ves was in the wrong.

If Ves was allowed to go his way, the Friday Coalition would only develop an even deeper animosity against the Larkinsons!

His will to prove his value to the Fridaymen and undo the damage to the Larkinson Family grew even stronger!

Eventually, Ghanso left the base and boarded a frigate.

As much as he wanted to stay and keep his fellow Larkinsons company, his new employers were not very patient.

He needed to prove his value sooner rather than later.

As he settled in his room aboard the frigate, he soon received a comm call.

Another young woman appeared into view.

Unlike Melinda, the woman exuded far more class and confidence.

This time, Ghanso bowed his head.

Lady Curver.

It is a pleasure to talk to you again.

The projection of Aisling smiled.

You don\'t need to be so formal to me.

It doesn\'t matter if you come from a lesser state.

As a talented expert pilot, you\'ll be able to master second-class mechs in no time.

It is an honor to be a part of the development of your first Fridayman expert mech.

Please rest assured that you are in good hands.

Master Huron possesses extensive experience in designing expert mechs, and he will definitely take into account your transition to second-class mechs.

Her words reassured Ghanso.

Thank you, Curver.

How long will it take before I can pilot my new mech

Your project doesn\'t have the highest priority, but it won\'t take too long to design an expert mech according to the specifications provided by the CRC.

While we won\'t be providing you with the best, you\'ll definitely be satisfied with what we have to offer.

Ghanso briefly furrowed his brows.

From what I\'ve heard, Master Huron is a specialist in neural interconnectivity.


You\'re wondering why our specialty is relevant to an expert mech that is often employed alone, right


You\'re not the first expert pilot who has asked that question. She smirked.

Suffice to say, you won\'t be deploying into battle alone.

One of Master Huron\'s more creative applications of his specialty is the development of the asymmetric neural network.

What does that mean

In our terms, an asymmetric neural network features one master and thirty-nine slaves.

The CRC will provide a company of rifleman mechs whose mech pilots will take part in a neural network centered around your mind.

You\'ll be at the head of your own neural network and be able to direct and influence the decisions and thinking patterns of your subordinates!

Ghanso widened his eyes! This sounded insane!

Is this tested

It\'s an ongoing development. Aisling dismissively waves her hand.

Don\'t worry.

Master Huron is one of the great pioneers of this field.

He has spent an enormous amount of effort to make it viable.

What of the mech pilots who will follow my direction From my understanding, neural interconnectivity works best when the mech pilots are closely aligned to each other.

There is a bit more leeway when it comes to asymmetric neural networks. Aisling reassured him with a smile.

It would have been best if you succeeded in persuading your fellow Larkinson mech pilots to join your cause, but that\'s okay.

It would have taken too much time to retrain them all into capable second-class mech pilots.

The CRC will just have to supply like-minded mech pilots from its own ranks!

The expert pilot began to look concerned.

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