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Chapter 2017 Accolade

Joshua King. Ves spoke as the young mech pilot approached his throne.

Born on Cloudy Curtain, graduated from Meirling Mech Academy with honors.

Enlisted in the Avatars of Myth after graduation and fought alongside other Avatars in the Sand War.

He has always been a valiant defender when he joined our ranks.

However, it is his actions during the Battle of Kesseling VIII that is truly worthy of merit!

He waved his arm, causing a prepared projection to come into life.

Though many Larkinsons had already reviewed the footage or took part in the space battle, the montage running above everyone\'s heads highlighted the heroism of the mech pilot in question!

The Quint was the most impressive copy of the Bright Warrior, even if it wasn\'t immediately obvious.

Regardless, the masterwork mech was in its lancer mech configuration during the battle.

Its magnificent charges and powerful impacts against the CRC mechs repeatedly stunned the audience.

As third-raters, the Larkinsons harbored a huge amount of respect towards second-class mechs! Their military heritage and intimate familiarity of mechs meant that every Larkinson was aware of the vast gulf between a third-class mech and a second-class mech!

Even though the Quint was a masterwork, even though its quality level bridged the gap, even though there were a lot of friendly mechs providing valuable cover, Joshua still faced overwhelming odds!

CRC mech after CRC mech slowly succumbed to the Quint.

Though it was significantly easier for Joshua to take out his targets due to the Fist of the Faithful empowering the lancer mech configuration, the second-class mechs still possessed a lot of advantages!

Through Joshua\'s valiant efforts, our forces in space achieved an overwhelming victory against the Coalition Reserve Corps, defeating the attempt to block our escape into space! The difference that he and many loyal mech pilots and support personnel have made in orbit far surpasses the contributions made by our relatives.

Each of us owe our lives and freedom to Joshua and his comrades! Let us show our appreciation to his efforts!

With a little nudge from the Golden Cat, several Larkinsons began to stand up and clap.

Soon, the rest of the assembly members joined the standing ovation!

The honor bestowed upon Joshua slowed down his steps.

He felt thankful for receiving so much appreciation.

He felt nervous to be put under the loop.

When he initially joined the Avatars of Myth, all he wanted was to pilot Ves Larkinson\'s mechs.

That dream had come true.

Piloting a masterwork mech like the Quint was an unsurpassable privilege that Joshua felt thankful for every day!

He knew the value of this mech and was very cognizant of the fact that piloting it was a privilege instead of a right!

As soon as Joshua proved himself unworthy to pilot this great machine, his superiors wouldn\'t hesitate to take it away!

For this reason, Joshua continued to invest himself in training while diligently following every order without reserve.

Piloting a Bright Warrior mech made it a lot easier for him to get in tune with the values of the Larkinson Clan! Spending time with Jannzi and other Larkinsons allowed him to get very familiar with how the Larkinsons distinguished themselves on other mech pilots.

He envied their strong family bonds.

Each Larkinson treated each other with a greater intimacy they showed towards their friends and colleagues.

While this didn\'t sound so unusual, Joshua recognized that there was something more than shared blood tying them all together!

As a Brighter who came from an ordinary family from Cloudy Curtain, Joshua always felt a bit left out in their presence.

There was nothing particularly wrong about this as the Larkinsons never set out to exclude their fellow colleagues.

It was just frustrating to be left outside their exclusive club.

As Joshua stopped a few steps before the raised platform bearing the thrones, he quietly hoped that might this day.

His back was straight and his uniform was impeccably clean.

A handful of badges and awards exclusive to the Avatars of Myth adorned his chest.

Though he was currently the focus of the entire Larkinson Clan, Joshua no longer looked awkward after he reined in his nervousness.

As the impressive footage had showed, there was no reason for him to feel ashamed.

Though he was still younger than every assembly member, he had already faced the sandmen and Fridaymen in battle! Compared to these formidable threats, facing the Larkinsons who exuded the same vibe as his Quint!

Joshua King. Ves spoke in an officious tone.

Please kneel.

The mech pilot knelt in an instance.

He adopted the stance of a soldier lowering himself before a king with only a single knee resting on the metal deck of the mech hangar.

The entire setting was reminiscent of a knighting ceremony, especially since Ves and Gloriana resembled monarchs with how they sat on their thrones!

Ves rose from his seat and held the Larkinson Mandate prominently in his hand.

Every Larkinson expected him to enact a knighting ceremony of some sorts and add Joshua to the clan.

Though that was his intention, Ves had something different in mind.

Doing everything by himself would only legitimize the accusation that he was turning into a tyrant!

Though Ves had already crossed a lot of lines, that made it all the more important to contrast it by involving another Larkinson!

Who vouches for Joshua King!

A silence stretched until one female voice shouted out from the crowd.

I do, patriarch!

Ves immediately turned towards the speaker and smiled.

Jannzi Larkinson! Please step forward!

Everyone reacted with surprise as one of the Larkinson Clan\'s honorable expert candidates strode out of the same crowd of bystanders.

Though also young, Jannzi was a much more important member of the clan than even the assembly members! The Larkinsons always revered their expert pilots.

Since Jannzi possessed the chance to become an expert pilot, no one treated her like a regular Larkinson!

Of course, she wasn\'t there yet.

Despite her relatively high status, the clan didn\'t hand over any responsibilities to her.

She wasn\'t a member of the Larkinson Assembly or Executive Council.

She would only be eligible to become a member of the Larkinson Court after she completed her ascension.

Therefore, no one expected that Ves would call her forward at this instance.

Ves himself recognized that it was rather inappropriate to call upon someone who should be investing all of her energy in reaching apotheosis!

He didn\'t care, though.

He already broke plenty of taboos.

What was the big deal about breaking another one

For her part, Jannzi didn\'t show any dissatisfaction towards Ves\' attempt to drag her in a political play.

In fact, she smiled as she stood besides the kneeling mech pilot!

Days before, when Ves read the up-to-date record on Joshua, he noticed that the young kid started dating Jannzi of all people.

Ves immediately realized the value of this relationship! As long as most people weren\'t aware of the intimacy between the two mech pilots, he could readily abuse it for his own ends!

Though he was tempted to grin, he carefully schooled his expression and adopted a formal demeanor.

Janzi Larkinson.

As a fellow mech pilot and Avatar, you have shown your willingness to vouch for Joshua\'s entry into our clan.

Tell me why you are willing to stand up for this mech pilot.

Jannzi stoically blinked before issuing her response.


King is an excellent soldier and Avatar.

He respects his superiors.

He supports his colleagues.

More importantly, he has dedicated his life to the clan.

Our patriarch is right.

Joshua is just as loyal and committed to our cause as our fellow relatives.

I can trust him with my life, and that is enough.

Even though she didn\'t speak very much, her words still held a lot of weight.

In a clan without any current expert pilots, the few expert candidates were the next best thing! It was not easy to challenge Jannzi\'s endorsement.

That said, Larkinsons were still capable of opposing expert pilots when it truly mattered.

Ves had shown no hesitation in resisting Ghanso Larkinsons and plenty of other relatives stood by their principles even if the greatest members of the family disagreed!

However, those who spoke out against an expert pilot had to make a very deliberate choice.

If they challenged an honored family member for a trivial reason, then they would definitely attract a lot of condemnation!

Ves took advantage of this custom by calling upon Jannzi to vouch for Joshua.

He could have called up Commander Melkor instead.

In fact, that would have been the most appropriate Larkinson to call upon considering that the Avatar Commander was Joshua\'s superior.

His endorsement wouldn\'t be as strong, though.

Despite his higher rank, Melkor was still an ordinary member of the younger generation to the assembly members.

It was a lot easier for them to ask their questions and voice their doubts to a regular Larkinson!

Ves made the right choice.

Silence ensued after the mech pilot of the Shield of Samar spoke on behalf of Joshua.

None of the assembly members were confident enough that they could challenge Jannzi\'s glowing praise.

From a political standpoint, it was unwise to show opposition to her.

An expert candidate was a possible future expert pilot.

What if she developed a grudge against the naysayer What if she exerted her influence as an expert pilot to suppress the assembly member

The risks were considerable.

Certainly, the future direction of the Larkinson Clan and the Larkinson name were at stake.

Yet the sheer momentum which Ves had shown since he spoke up seemed irresistible! To the assembly members, it was a lot easier to just go with the flow instead of acting as a contrarian!

Caratan Larkinson already showed what happened to those who tried to obstruct the proceedings! Though Caratan was supposedly a dissident who didn\'t belong in the assembly anymore, a lot of Larkinsons feared that they would receive the same treatment!

The combination of Joshua\'s stellar track record and the inviolable endorsement of an expert candidate was too much.

There was no meaningful opposition to what was about to occur.

Just as planned.

Ves inwardly grinned as he rose from his throne and stretched out his hand yet again.

The Larkinson Mandate floated from his grasp and soared gently over to the standing and kneeling mech pilots.

Eventually, the book landed in Jannzi\'s hands.

The woman looked curiously at the book and its eye-catching medallion on its front.

This close, she could feel the life it held.

Please induct Mr.

King into our clan. Ves instructed.

I do not know the words.

The phrasing isn\'t as important as the intent.

Speak from your heart.

The Larkinson Mandate will do the rest.

Though Jannzi was a bit perplexed, she adjusted her mood and turned towards Joshua.

Just like Ves, Jannzi wanted Joshua to become a member of the Larkinson Clan!

She took some inspiration from the rituals she went through when she joined the Apocalypse Heralds.

Please place your hand on the book.

She lowered the book until the kneeling Joshua was able to obey her command.

Please answer my questions.

The entire assembly theater grew silent.

The air grew heavy as an unprecedented event took place!

To enhance the moment, the Golden Cat even modulated her glow.

Every Larkinson felt more connected to each other than ever before!

Will you shed your former loyalties and allegiances and forget your prior obligations Jannzi asked the kneeling mech pilot.

I do.

Will you take up the Larkinson name and honor its heritage and honor

I do.

Will you fight on behalf of the clan and swear to uphold its existence no matter the circumstances

I do.

Will you treat your fellow Larkinsons as kin and do your utmost to protect and nurture your fellow clan members

I do!

Jannzi took a deep breath.

Then rise, Joshua Larkinson!

The latest member of the Larkinson Clan rose to his feet with incredible dignity! Everyone widened their eyes as their perception of Joshua had inexplicably shifted!

The glow that was responsible for their shared sense of belonging somehow included Joshua! The moment he rose to his feet, the Larkinson Mandate seemed to spike!

Only Ves witnessed the moment where the Golden Cat spontaneously formed a new bond with Joshua! His extraordinary mood which aligned so heavily with the Larkinsons made it very easy for the Golden Cat to establish this bond!

This was the final proof that Joshua had truly become a Larkinson!

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