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Chapter 2149 Unmasked

The MTA\'s third visit to Ves soon came to an end.

Master Willix formally completed the certification of the Little Angel.

Ves and Gloriana both received official notices that informed them of their new masterwork certificates.

They also gained 500,000 MTA merits each.

Aside from that, Ves also received a whopping sum of 5,000 MTA credits in his personal MTA account.

He already considered half it as his participation fee.

Even if Jovy didn\'t concede the design duel, he already had that sum in the bag, but he didn\'t say no to receiving double.

With this much money, Ves no longer had to wait until the LMC accumulated enough funds to enact one of his spending plans!

He had already sent a message to Major Verle and Ophelia Kronon to look into ordering a large batch of second-class combat carriers and support ships from the Hegemony.

5,000 MTA credits equated to around 900 billion hex credits.

This was already incredibly close to the 1 trillion hex credit goal he set to upgrade his entire fleet!

Though Ves felt tempted to spend his winnings on his upcoming factory ship, it wasn\'t necessary.

Her current configuration already gave Ves a lot of confidence.

It was more important for him to get rid of the fragile third-class light carriers and other vulnerable vessels in the hands of the Larkinson Clan.

Only when the Larkinson Fleet consisted entirely of second-class ships would Ves be ready to venture into other star sectors!

As for the Darkbreak module, the local MTA branch on Cinach VI promised to deliver it by the end of the day.

When the time arrived where the Ubiquitous Force was scheduled to lift off and return to Centerpoint, Ves and Gloriana approached the landing zone where the armed frigate warmed up her systems.

As the pair bid farewell to Jovy, who floated upwards and passed through the passenger hatch, Master Willix lingered for a while longer.

Though Ves still regarded her as a massive threat to his safety and freedom, he couldn\'t help but feel a bit more at ease in her presence.

In their three encounters, Master Willix had always treated Ves and Gloriana in a benevolent manner.

The MTA didn\'t entirely consist of elitist jerks who regarded everyone else as lowly space peasants.

Due to the MTA\'s relatively open recruitment policies, it was impossible for many of them to grow completely out of touch with the humans they guarded.

While Ves wasn\'t sure whether there were more open-minded people such as Master Willix within the Association, he knew he was lucky to have met her instead of someone from the Prime Human Fraternity of the MTA.

Just as Ves thought that Master Willix wanted to start up another mildly-uncomfortable conversation, she made an astonishing claim!

I have deciphered your secret.

What! Ves suddenly shook.

I mean, what secret

The Master tutted at him.

You do not have to pretend anymore.

While I have enjoyed your charade, there is no need for you to hide your secret from me.

I know who you are.

I am aware of your hidden heritage.

Do you really think you can keep secrets from the Mech Trade Association

Her words struck straight at his paranoid heart! Had she figured him out after she observed him throughout the design duel Did he inadvertently slip some clues along the way that revealed his ties to the Five Scrolls Compact

A chill ran through his spine.

If she found out that he was a Holy Son who possessed the Mech Designer System, there was no way the MTA would let go of him! He expected Master Willix to invite him to step aboard the Ubiquitous Force any moment now.

Once he entered the ship, he might never be able to escape the clutches of the Association in his life!

Meanwhile, Gloriana shared none of his distress.

She looked curiously at him.

What secret are you holding, anyway

You\'re not helping, Gloriana!

Ves wanted to cough.

Was his girlfriend even on his side! This was a very serious crisis!

Don\'t think your distraction will work.

Will you admit it or do I have to say it out loud Willix frowned.

Damnit! Even if Master Willix figured him out, Ves still wanted to maintain his facade to the end!

Seeing that he remained as obstinate as ever, the Master Mech Designer no longer held herself back.

Your design philosophy intrigued me quite a bit once I learned about it. She calmly began.

Your ability to empower mechs with emotions and \'proto-gods\' is not weaker than Mr.

Armalon\'s ability to affect probabilities.

It is very rare to encounter such a difficult high-grade specialty in someone who\'s background is as modest as you.

A mech designer who emerged from a tiny state such as the Bright Republic cannot develop such a profound and powerful design philosophy without external help!

Was this the moment where she revealed what the MTA managed to uncover about his mother

I do not deny that I had help, but I am bound by secrecy.

I can never break my vows! Ves lied.

That is understandable. Willix nodded as if she accepted his flimsy excuse! I won\'t force you any further.

Let me tell you what I have uncovered.

I have uncovered the identity of Mr.


Did that mean she figured out that he held the much-desired Metal Scroll The entire MTA would go mad once Willix told the Association of her investigation.

Even if she merely ventured a guess, it was enough to call down an entire warfleet on his head!

Ves froze even further.

He tried his best to remain still, but he had no idea how much his microexpressions betrayed.

The panic welling up in his mind instantly escaped the boundaries of his mask!


S… is a very private individual.

As far as I\'m aware of, he doesn\'t want anything to do with the MTA.

That was technically true.

The Mech Designer System already showed its disdain towards the MTA multiple times!

Ves tried his best to paint the fictional mech designer who had supposedly mentored him as an inaccessible person.

Whether it worked or not remained to be seen!

His response only made Willix more confident.

She floated closer, causing her to loom even more over his head!

I was reasonably assured of my guess, but hearing you has raised my confidence level.

The abilities that you have shown are too distinct! Mr.


must be the elusive Ouroboros Designer!


what Ves genuinely revealed his confusion.

Master Willix looked wistful for a moment.

I have traveled wide and far in the galaxy in my earlier years.

While I have spent most of my years in the galactic heartland, I had the privilege to visit the Greater Terran United Confederation.

It was at that time that I met the Hero of New Terra at an official function!

Ves widened his eyes.

He recognized that title! Didn\'t he encounter it a few years ago when he completed another Mastery experience

General Axelar Streon is a truly exceptional Terran and ace pilot. Master Willix\'s tone conveyed genuine respect.

He is truly an example that the Terran Confederation isn\'t as rotten as it seems.

Of course, what is most exceptional about him isn\'t his heroic bearing.

It is his famed mech, which has accompanied his entire career for almost a century!

She waved her hand, causing an incredibly lifelike projection to appear in front of her.

The projection depicted a very powerful ace mech!

The Ouroboros is one of the most admired mechs of its kind in the galactic center. She spoke as her eyes glinted at its magnificent shape.

The mech not only exuded power, but also an exceptional vibe that was not much different from a glow! The Serpent of Creation and Destruction has confounded every mech designer who were fortunate enough to witness it in the flesh.

Despite its rather humble beginnings and its continuous upgrades, the essence of the mech still remains the same.

In fact, it has grown stronger!

As a rational mech designer, Master Willix rarely raised her voice.

She had always maintained a very tight grip on her mood and emotions.

For her to exhibit considerable excitement meant that her admiration towards the Ouroboros was absolutely not simple!

It was not hard to see why the Ouroboros earned such a high regard.

When Ves stared at the projection of the hero mech in its current incarnation, it exuded an air that was considerably more powerful than the mech that Ves originally designed for the former drug addict whose body he once possessed!

The Ouroboros, despite passing through the hands of many Terran Seniors and Masters, presented a vision of the future to Ves.

It showed how mechs he instilled with life continued to grow with their mech pilots.

Not only did they grow stronger, they also evolved and developed their character!

The current Ouroboros had deviated far beyond the initial Creation and Destruction themes he applied to it.

Axelar Streon had continuously affected its evolution as the years went by until the famed ace mech completely matched his inclinations!

Now, it seemed that Master Willix had managed to tie the existence of the Ouroboros to Ves! He never expected that one of his products he designed in the past would be able to haunt him in this fashion!


Ves also realized the script wasn\'t entirely right.

After observing your work so much, I am certain of my judgement.

You must be a hidden disciple of the Ouroboros Designer, correct

Wha.. Isn\'t the Ouroboros supposed to be designed by General Streon himself

That is the story that he has maintained to this day, but our investigation has already made it clear that he never possessed the skill to design the original Ouroboros at the time.

We have already concluded that he enlisted the help of a unique mech designer.

The MTA wasn\'t fooled at all by Axelar\'s delusions.

Yet because of this judgement, Master Willix developed an unusual theory!

This is why I am telling you that you do not need to hide any longer.

The Ouroboros Designer personally passed on his teachings to you.

If not him, then you might be the disciple of one of his disciples. She continued.

His existence entered our Association\'s attention more than ninety years ago.

That is enough time for Mr.


to pass on his teachings several times, though you are the only suspect that I am aware of at the moment.

Ves finally realized that Master Willix had missed the mark.

Though she had indeed uncovered one of his secrets, she drew an entirely wrong conclusion!

For a moment, he felt rather silly.

Even Gloriana looked astonished.

She turned to Ves with an unbelieving expression.

Why didn\'t you tell me your teacher is a great Master from the galactic center I can\'t believe you hid the fact that you studied under a Terran Master mech Designer!

Gloriana! It\'s not what you think!

I thought you trusted me! Why didn\'t you let me know

When Master Willix told Ves that she figured him out, he thought he was in trouble.

Instead, the revelation turned out to be a farce! Due to the evidence she gathered, Master Willix became convinced that \'Mr.

S.\' was the original designer of the Ouroboros.

What she didn\'t know that Mr.


did not design this famous mech.

Ves had designed its original incarnation!

Didn\'t this mean..

that Master Willix accused Ves of being his own student

This realization caused him to feel very strange but also very relieved.

He was incredibly glad that he managed to avoid a calamity.

However, he also felt as if he had plunged into a very strange territory.

The evidence that Master Willix pulled up was quite convincing.

Anyone who studied the Ouroboros and his mechs would become aware that they shared a lot of commonalities.

If Ves didn\'t know any better, he would have made the same conclusion as Master Willix!

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