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The Larkinson Clan still maintained a very substantial presence in the Cinach System.

Despite the departure of many of the combat forces of the clan, tens of thousands of Larkinsons still remained in orbit or on the surface of Cinach VI.

The trainees and second-line personnel of the Living Sentinels and other forces still retained sufficient strength to protect the remainder.

The hundreds of Penitent Sisters and the Glory Battalion provided an even stronger deterrent against any possible malicious actors.

With so much protection, the workers of the LMC and the other general clansmen were able to develop and work in peace.

Sales of the Doom Guard may have stagnated, but with sales nearing 100,000 mechs per month, the virtual headquarters of the LMC became busier than ever.

Just trying to organize the production, quality control, sales, financing, logistics and after-sales support of this scale could not be done without the diligent efforts of the business-minded members of the Larkinson Clan.

As the soon-to-be-married companion of the clan patriarch, Gloriana oversaw all of this activity.

Even if Ves never granted her any authority, even if she held no other position in the LMC than lead designer, her sway over the Larkinsons left behind was unsurpassed!

Raymond Billingsley-Larkinson may be officially in charge of running the day-to-day business of the LMC.

The Larkinson Assembly may be responsible for setting the overall policies of the clan.

The Larkinson Executive Council may have a say in how to implement the current directives.

Yet for someone who transcended the rules, Gloriana did not shy away from imposing her own will.

On one day, Gloriana languidly lay on a sofa while Gavin and Melody stood side by side.

Gavin, there is good news. The Journeyman Mech Designer announced with a smile.

I have just conferred with Melody, who told me that our Wodin Dynasty has finally received dispensation to set up a branch office in Hegemony space.

My mother has already arranged a suitable office facility for the LMC.

Please work with Calsie to staff the branch office.

Make sure to send several loyalty medallions as soon as possible.

The Wodins are already screening potential new executives to staff the branch office.

Though Gavin was pleased that Gloriana bothered to call him by his actual name, he wasn\'t so sure about the development she announced.

As far as I am aware of, neither Raymond nor the boss has signaled any intention of setting up a branch office in the Hegemony, Miss Wodin.

It is well-known that the Hexadric Hegemony tightly controls its mech market.

No mechs designed by males are allowed to go on sale.

A confident smirk appeared on the prominent Hexer\'s face.

My lover\'s splendor is growing at an unsurpassed rate.

Trust me, dear Gavin.

My fellow Hexers will adore my precious \'man\' in due time.

I can hear the quotation marks around that word, ma\'am.

I apologise.

I am unaccustomed to this word. Gloriana waved away the issue.

Don\'t treat the office we are setting up in the Scimitar System as a regular branch.

If possible we should look into elevating it into our sector headquarters.

I am DEFINITELY sure that the boss does not approve of such!

This is why I\'m telling this to you instead of my beloved.

Let\'s face it.

The Hexadric Hegemony will overrun the Friday Coalition and become the dominant state of the Komodo Star Sector.

How can the LMC possibly set up its sector headquarters in the Sentinel Kingdom or some forgettable state The Hegemony will not allow it! Rather than wait, we might as well act early and lay the groundwork of our presence in my home state.

Gavin looked pensive.

I can\'t argue with your logic, but you should really bring this up with the boss.

I already told you.

He will throw a fit and refuse out of bias.

What then If the LMC wants to continue doing business in the Komodo Star Sector, it cannot do so without the sanction of the Hegemony.

Just set up the branch office first and inform your boss later.

That is..



Gloriana grew fierce.

She shifted her relaxing pose and leaned in on Gavin.

I will decide what is proper around here.

I do not like it when obstacles are in my way.

I have many ways of pushing them aside.

Do you comprehend

The intensity of her stare forced Gavin to back down.

He gulped as he wilted under the pressure.


Good! Gloriana turned all sunny again.

Melody, please assist as well.

This is important.

By the way, have you received word yet from Brutus

He has informed us that he is not ready to turn back as of yet. Her assistant replied.

At this moment, he is in a crucial stage in his attempts to rehabilitate Davia Stark.

Gloriana looked sour.

He promised to return in a month! Why is he spending so much time on a broken old woman!

He says..

he can do more for you and the Larkinson Clan if he continues his current course.


Fine! What is the state of our next round of reinforcements

A convoy will arrive tomorrow, with more to come in the coming weeks and months.

The initial convoy not only carries the first batch of materials and props for the grand wedding, but is also accompanied by wedding planners, bridal stylists and other renowned specialists.

We shall receive some much-needed reinforcements to our Wodin Battation.

All of them consist of loyal soldiers from the Wodin Warriors, and your mother has tried her best to select those who meet your..

specific requirements.


Have you prepared a list of guests to invite to the grand wedding

We have finalized the list, I advise against sending the invitation letters at this time.

With the controversy surrounding you and your relationship with Mr.

Larkinson, not many recipients will accept.

Do it anyway.

We can at least determine who among them is worth befriending.

If there is anything I agree with Ves, it\'s that it is best to keep fair-weather friends at a distance.

Miss Gloriana, if you do so, then the amount of guests that will attend your grand wedding will not reflect the prestige of the occasion. Melody frowned as she clutched her data pad tighter.

This will not only reflect badly on you and the Larkinson Clan, but the shame might also be used against the Wodin Dynasty.

Gloriana showed no concern at all.

Instead, she leaned back against the sofa and began to curl her fingers into Clixie\'s fur.


The Rubarthan Sentinel Cat comfortably dozed on a pillow.

I am certain that those who decline the invitation at this time will rue their decision a few months later.

They will drop to their knees and beg to attend our wedding.

At that time, we can obtain some concessions from them, though I won\'t forgive all of them.

I intend to fill the vacant seats with other guests.

She refused to tell Melody who she had in mind to take those places.

A day after this meeting, the convoy finally arrived.

A modest but very intimidating fleet of Hexer vessels transitioned into the Cinach System.

The nearby trade ships quickly veered away as the combat carriers of the Glory Battalion closely hugged a number of distinctive Hexer cargo vessels.

Once the group of ships arrived in orbit of Cinach VI, the vessels joined the original formation of vessels of the Glory Battalion.

A large number of movements took place.

After transferring some cargo to the surface, various bots and construction vehicles emerged from the Hexer cargo ships.

They soon began construction of a very large structure in space!

Meanwhile, the newly-arrived combat carriers soon descended from orbit and landed on the surface next to the rented base of the Larkinson Clan.

Hundreds of blue-and-gold uniformed Hexers emerged from the vessels and marched into the base in an imposing column.

The clansmen who worked at the base looked askance at the sudden emergence of so many Hexers.

While the Glory Battalion was a familiar sight in the clan, they never saw so many of them at once!

The disciplined Glory Warriors ignored the befuddled stares of the gawking Larkinsons and headed straight to a mech workshop.

There, Gloriana greeted the Hexers that her mother had dispatched from home.

Welcome to Cinach. She beamed with pride.

I know that many of you have signed on to a very different commitment than before.

Know that this is an opportunity, not a punishment.

Just because you have left the Hexadric Hegemony does not mean you are no longer able to contribute to the state.

The oaths you are about to make will take primacy, but that does not mean you should forget your roots.

Her speech only took a few minutes before she gestured behind her.

Let us proceed further inside.

A very special mech awaits in the rear.

With Gloriana at the head, the large column of Hexers marched to the end of the workshop, where a spare Bright Warrior stood in its hefty space knight configuration!

A Larkinson mech pilot already entered the cockpit and activated the mech, causing its glow to reach the entire crowd of Glory Warriors.

Now, let us begin.

Captain Serena Valeis, please step forth.

One of the mech captains standing at the head of the column approached the looming Bright Warrior.

Despite its strong glow, Captain Valeis maintained her neutral expression.

Please place your hand onto the mech and pledge an oath of loyalty to the Larkinson Clan.

The captain did as Gloriana instructed.

She spoke a short but precisely-worded oath that had been handed to her beforehand.

The glow of the Bright Warrior briefly pulsed, and Captain Valeis frowned as she felt something trying to burrow into her mind.

Eventually, the glow subsided, leaving the Hexer mech officer confused.

Gloriana peered very closely at the first Hexer to attempt to join the Larkinson and failed to detect the distinctive sensation of facing a fellow Larkinson.


Try again.

The captain did as ordered, but the Bright Warrior did not seem receptive.

As the second attempt failed, Gloriana began to look upset.

It seemed that Ves had designed and instructed the ancestral spirit of the Larkinson Clan too well!

Even if the new arrivals had already undergone some ideological training in order to shave off the sharper edges of their Hexer mindsets, they still possessed a strong attachment to the Hexadric Hegemony and the Wodin Dynasty in particular.

In order for anyone to become a Larkinson, they not only had to place the interests of the clan above the interests of other states, but also exhibit at least some alignment to the core values and principles of the Larkinsons!

Apparently, Captain Valeis still had some ways to go before she could even think about gaining the Golden Cat\'s approval.

Still, Gloriana had prepared for this occasion.

She picked up Clixie and stepped closer to the foot of the Bright Warrior before holding out her cat.

Clixie, can you tell Goldie to do us a favor


Just talk to the mech like you talk to the Larkinson Mandate.

Goldie will listen.

Even though neither Gloriana nor Clixie could actually talk or see the Golden Cat, they still made the attempt.

Miaow miaow miaow.

Clixie started to talk to Bright Warrior mech.

This lasted for roughly a minute before the Bright Warrior\'s glow began to pulse in an aggressive fashion.

Gloriana grew uncertain as she pulled back her cat.

Try again, captain.

When Captain Valeis pledged her loyalty to the Larkinson Clan yet again, the result was the same as before.

Hmm. Gloriana thought for a moment.

I think I understand why we are not successful.

The Golden Cat is supposed to embody the thoughts and beliefs of the Larkinson Clan.

Right now, our presence isn\'t very welcome here.

While I managed to get in on account of my relationship with Ves, the rest of you do not share his affection.

Now that she figured a possible cause for the rejection, she could work on resolving it! If the Larkinsons harbored a bad impression of Hexers, then Gloriana should just change that by winning their hearts and minds!

It\'s a good thing Ves isn\'t here, hihi!


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