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Chelsea and Pina were the ex-comrades of Zich’s arch-nemesis, Glen.

They seemed to be well aware of their positions as they suddenly looked tense although they had been smiling earlier.

They were able to snag titles as dragon slayers due to their quick thinking, but it still didn’t change the fact that they used to be Glen’s companions and Steelwall’s enemy.

While the two felt little discomfort in their daily lives, they knew that people didn’t look at them with such kind eyes.

Although they wanted to flee from this uncomfortable space as soon as possible, they still endured and lingered at the Steelwall Estate to accomplish their goals.

Although they had already made up their minds, they still felt nervous when dealing with Zich.

The two knew that Zich disliked Glen, and they used to follow him.

When one hated a person, they tended to hate the people around them too.

Thus, it seemed unlikely that Zich would have positive feelings toward the two.

Even if they took Glen out of the picture, they didn’t have a good relationship with the other people acquainted with Zich.

Chelsea’s relationship with Lubella was terrible while Pina belonged to the school of magic that opposed Walwiss.

Although they hadn’t really directly interacted with Zich, these reasons were enough to make them wary of each other.

“It’s you guys,” Zich said blandly.

“What are you all here for”

Unfitting of his personality, Zich usually addressed most people politely.

However, since they had been enemies not too long ago, Zich addressed them informally.

The two also didn’t protest against his manners, and even if they had their complaints, they knew they had to keep them to themselves.

Seeing that Zich didn’t show any negative reactions to them, Chelsea looked relieved and talked more amiably.

“We came to see the dragon’s corpse.”

“Are you trying to assess your share of the dragon’s body”

“Honestly, that’s what we came here for.” Chelsea glanced at Zich while saying this.

Pina also looked nervous.

Although they had supported Zich and his companions in defeating the dragon, they thought Zich could be uncomfortable with the idea of sharing the winnings with them due to their past relationship.

Yet, the two were desperate.

The dragon’s body was beyond rare; this was the only dragon in existence.

Even if they kept a very tiny amount, it would clearly be of great help to them in one way or another.

Although they had indeed gained the opportunity to turn things around after becoming dragon slayers, their future was still shrouded in a thick fog.

Contrary to their worries, Zich simply said, “Is that so” and turned his eyes back to the dragon’s corpse.

“…Are you fine with it”

“Why wouldn’t I be”

Zich's carefree tone shocked Chelsea.

“Um…you know, because we used to be enemies”

“Does that have anything to do with the help you gave us when fighting this dragon”

Although the two had rushed into the battle for personal gain, it was true that they had also helped tremendously.

Pina worked with Walwiss and Elena to guard against the dragon’s magic.

The dragon’s attacks had incorporated five different magical properties at once, pretty much calamity itself.

Pina made significant contributions to reducing the damage, and she showed a noteworthy performance.

Chelsea’s accomplishments were even more impressive.

While the team defended against the dragon’s final breath, Chelsea only focused on healing Zich while Lubella focused on healing the rest of the party.

Since Zich received special care from one of the previous Saintess candidates, he was able to inflict a critical attack on the dragon after its breath ended.

Considering all this, Zich had nothing to dispute about the two taking parts of the dragon’s body.

“We have already decided to split up the dragon’s parts among those who participated in the battle.

You guys clearly did your part, so what can I say” Zich said.

Chelsea was very glad to hear this.

“Then, does that mean we can take some parts”

Chelsea had felt anxious because some people were heavily scrutinizing her and Pina as they snooped around the dragon’s corpse.

Now that the representative of the dragon slayers took their side, all her worries disappeared.

After all, who could refute his words

“It’s as long as you guys don’t covet more than the contributions you made,” Zich said.

“We will never be so greedy!” Chelsea said.

Truthfully, she wanted her share and a little more than that if possible.

However, Chelsea and Pina knew that if they acted too greedily, they might lose even their original share, and they didn’t want to throw away this chance that Zich had given them.

“Well, I suppose you guys will only be able to do that after we decide on the distributions,” Zich murmured while hitting the dragon’s scales with his fist.

Hearing Zich’s and Chelsea’s conversation from a distance, Pina said in surprise, “…How unexpected.”

“What is” Zich asked.

“I didn’t think you would accept us taking our share so easily when we had been enemies not so long ago.”

“W-Wait, Ms.

Acous! What are you saying” Chelsea tugged the edge of Pina’s clothes.

There was no need for them to say frivolous things after Zich already admitted that they would get their contributions.

If Zich became offended, he could take back what he said.

Even if the two contributed to slaying the dragon, with just a single word from Zich, their contributions could all be washed away.

Was Pina speaking out of curiosity like mages usually did

‘This is why mages are…!’ Chelsea repressed a great urge to shout a flurry of curses into the air.

Seeing the ladies’ reactions, Zich asked, “Did you guys do anything personally wrong to me”

“No, of course not! I mean, in the first place, we barely met face-to-face,” Chelsea immediately responded.

“Then, do you still like that guy, Glen Zenard”

“No.” Pina looked disgusted.

She almost fell into a deeper pit than the one she had been in because of that bastard.

Unlike Pina, Chelsea maintained her bright expression.

“I wish that guy would quickly go and die in a ditch somewhere.” She had no idea that Glen had joined hands with the Bellids; as someone who dreamed of becoming the Karuwiman Saintess, it was an event more terrifying than most disasters.

It was to the extent that Chelsea would wake up in the middle of the night and grit her teeth at the thought of how much she was suffering because of Glen.

“Then that’s enough.

I already accepted Lara Browning as a member of my party, so why would it be different for you two I don’t have any personal grudges against you two, so there’s no need for you two to worry so much about it.”

Of course, if they made Zich angry without knowing their place, he would only give them the liberation of death after destroying their minds with all kinds of ridicule, contempt, and torture just like all of the enemies he faced so far.

Regardless of what Zich thought, Chelsea and Pina sighed in relief; it was now at least clear that Zich didn’t consider them his enemies.

“The only thing I’ll admit is that you two have a stake in the dragon’s dead body.

Don’t you two have other problems to deal with other than taking your share of the dragon’s body”

Chelsea and Pina’s faces, which had been bright with joy when Zich acknowledged their stake in the dragon’s body, instantly hardened.

As Zich said, their futures were exactly like the treacherous and rough sea; getting the dragon slayer title and earning a part of the dragon’s body was equivalent to getting a ship to sail across the dangerous sea.

Despite earning the dragon slayer title and a part of the dragon’s body, their precarious situation hadn’t changed.

“Cough! ...Sir Zich” Chelsea asked again with a smile on her face.

“Excuse me, but you know that I left the Karuwimans, right It’s all because that abominable Glen Zen…” She gritted her teeth, indicating how much she detested Glen, and continued, “…ard tricked me.

I really wish to return to Karuwimans, so would you be able to lend me a bit of your strength Aren’t we comrades who fought a fierce battle together”

Pina’s gaze intently pierced Chelsea’s head.

As soon as Zich told them that he didn’t have any ill feelings toward them, Chelsea immediately changed her attitude.

Pina thought, ‘Didn’t she hate him before’

Pina had heard Chelsea grumble about Zich several times, saying that he was the person who helped Lubella.

However, she was now cajoling him for a favor.

Shameless—there was probably no better word to currently describe her behavior.

“You’re shameless.” Zich seemed to have thought the same thing, but there was no sign of displeasure or annoyance on his face.

Rather, he was smiling as if he thought she was funny and said, “Well, I don’t hate people like you.

It’s fun to watch.”

“Then” Chelsea asked with a hopeful voice.

“I’ll say a few words for you.”

Chelsea raised both hands.

Even though Zich said he’d say a few words for her, considering Zich’s current influence and power, his every word was worth a thousand gold coins.

The Karuwimans would never turn a blind eye to Zich’s words.

Chelsea thought she might be able to strengthen her relationship with Zich using this incident and go up a little higher in the Karuwiman social ladder.

A rose-colored future filled Chelsea’s mind, but Zich’s next words crushed Chelsea’s spirits.

“Give up on being the Saintess.”

“…Is that an order”

“No, it's a piece of advice.

Think about it.

Do you think you can beat Lubella”

“…But she used to be a kid who couldn’t say anything to me!” Chelsea was annoyed as soon as Lubella was mentioned, and her voice became slightly confrontational.

However, Zich just snorted at her attitude and said, “It’s not like that anymore.

On the contrary, I think she became a bit too violent for me to wonder if it’s okay for a Saintess to act like that.”


Chelsea recalled the time Lubella beat her up.

From that point on, Lubella had definitely changed.

“I don’t know what she used to be like, but as soon as you return to Karuwimans and try to crawl up a bit, she’ll immediately stomp you down.

You can bet with me on this,” Zich said.

“…Damn it.” Chelsea couldn’t refute his claim and swore instead.

“Go for it if you want to.

I’m not your family, and we’re not close enough for me to tell you what to do.

I’ll just have to ask Lubella to tell me later how she crushed you like a bug.

I think it’ll be a very interesting story.”

“Perhaps…would you be able to say a few words for another person to the Karuwimans”

“Who is it”

“He’s a knight named Winstin Dyner.”

“He’s the person who acted as your bodyguard when you were a Saintess candidate.”

Winstin seemed to have left the Karuwimans with Chelsea and managed to not die in this war.

Since Chelsea’s support base was probably all gone, it was obvious that she wanted to reinstate someone in a similar situation as her and rebuild her power.

“We at least have a connection since we fought a dragon together, but how is he related to me in any way” Zich and Winston had worked together when they were searching for Bellid hideouts in the Steelwall Estate, but considering that collaboration was a far reach.


Chelsea hung her head low at Zich’s firm words.


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