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Chapter 1412: The ClubhouseTranslator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

After getting Xia Xibeis consent, Qi Xins mood instantly improved.

If it was her who invited Xia Xibei, Xia Xibei would definitely not agree.

However, it was Ling Xiao who asked, so she naturally agreed.

No matter what, as long as Xia Xibei agreed, it was fine.

Then Qi Xin sent a message to her friends, saying that she would bring someone over.


After Qi Xins friends received the message, they didnt think much of it.

In addition to sending messages to her sisters, Qi Xin also sent messages to other people.

After everything was done, she took Xia Xibei out.

Along the way, her attitude was not very warm, but it was much better than before.

There was no tension at all, as if the previous disagreement between the two had completely disappeared.

Xia Xibei did not care.

“Its quite fun there, theres everything.

Hot spring, spa…i t has everything you need,” Qi Xin explained.

“Thats good, Id like to see it.” Xia Xibei also smiled and agreed.

The two of them were laughing and smiling, looking very harmonious, as if they were good buddies.

Half an hour later, the car arrived at the destination.

This was a high-class club, and it was a membership system.

To become a member here, you must first have money.

In addition to money, you also had to have power.

This place was a real playground for the sons and daughters of the rich.

Ordinary people couldnt even get close to this place, as the area around there had been bought, belonging to a private individual.

The gates opened and the car drove in.

Although it was night, the lights outside were very beautiful.

This place was even more wonderful and beautiful than some light shows, and it was clear that the club was rich and powerful.

Qi Xin introduced, “The owner of this place is a Han family member.

The Han family is similar to our Qi family, and generally people will not make trouble here.

If they make a scene, they will be kicked out.”

“Thats pretty good.”

Xia Xibei looked as normal, as if she didnt notice the Han familys name.

Qi Xin looked at her and also showed a smile.

Soon, the car stopped and the two of them got out.

Just looking around, they were able to see a large group of buildings, and there was a lake in the distance with waterfowl such as swans and mandarin ducks.

The weather was starting to get hot now, but it was still possible to continue soaking in the hot springs.

Qi Xin liked to meet up with her friend to go to the spa and gossip, which was very relaxing.

The college entrance exams were in a month, but that was not a priority for any of them.

If they didnt do well in the college entrance exam, they could always go abroad.

So, their life was not much different from before.

Qi Xin took Xia Xibei into a large private room, where several of her friends were already present.

Although the girls were not as beautiful as Xia Xibei and Qi Xin, they had an unusual temperament.

Their families were rich, and their wealth had been passed down for generations, so their pedigree was certainly not the same.

If ordinary people came here, they would be intimidated.

Seeing Qi Xin come in, several girls also greeted her happily, “Xinxin, youve arrived.”

“Yes,” Qi Xin nodded.

“Let me introduce you guys, this is my eldest uncles daughter that he just got back.”

As soon as these words came out, the expressions on several girls faces immediately changed.

One of the girls spoke up, “Qi Xin, thats not right.

What do you mean by bringing an illegitimate daughter here”

They were all legitimate offspring, and they had no dealings with the children of a mistress.

Qi Xin was happy but her face looked helpless.

“Dont be like that, its not what you think.”

“Then which is it”

The girls face was still not nice.

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