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The Royal Contract Chapter 30 - A Jealous Girlfriend

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Chapter 30 - A Jealous Girlfriend

"I also learned that he was the one funding my pro bono cases. In a way, I was sure that he had something to do with the firm hiring me for the position." Voicing out her irritation with her discovery.

"Wait. So, you're saying Alexander asked Mr. Blake to hire you. Why would he do that" Jacky said incredulously. Still, she could not find anything wrong with it. "Anyway, what if he funds your cases Isn't that what you were looking for Someone to back you up."

"I just don't like the way it was done." She could not explain it to her friend. The real reason why she could not work with Alexander.

Jacky was certainly making a good point, but she felt she was being manipulated and she did not like it. She was not sure of his motives, but she believed that he did not help her, out of the goodness of his heart.

"Anyway, what's the big deal Why are you so worked up about it" Jacky was starting to get curious and that was not good. If she did not give her a good enough explanation for this, she would start snooping and she would eventually find out the truth.

"I just don't like it when I'm kept out of the loop. It felt like I was duped in the circumstance of my employment." She stood up, cleared up the table, and proceeded to the kitchen. She had to get away from Jacky before she found herself saying more than she wanted to.

She took it upon herself to prepare some snacks and clean up the place while Jacky unpacked the remaining boxes, they brought with them. After a few hours, a little frame on the side, a vase on the corner, and a few shuffling of the furniture, the place was finally to her liking. It finally felt like home.

The apartment was located in an upscale part of the city, which was just a few minutes' drove to work or a subway away. She decided to touch her trust fund that her grandmother left her, to buy this small apartment.

It was a bit pricey, but she believed it was well worth it. She did not hesitate to ask Jacky to stay with her, which Jacky accepted wholeheartedly.

Tired and hungry, they ended up binging on sweets and chips while Jacky insisted on watching a gossip network, which she argued was relevant to her job. "You'll never know what information you'll find in them that can be useful later on."

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"I'll be right back." She went to her room, leaving Jacky in the living room. She wanted to take a shower after her busy morning.

Checking on her phone on her nightstand, there were several messages from her mom and a missed call from her dad. She never brought her phone when she went for a jog, not wanting a distraction while she was running.

Shaking her head, she prepared herself for her call. "Hi, Dad." She answered back as soon as she heard his father's voice on the line.

"Just wanted to remind you about the party this weekend." Her dad said in his loud voice.

"I have to check on my schedule Dad. You know that I'm just starting at my new job and I have a lot of responsibilities to attend to." She explained, but if she was being honest, she was wishing that she could skip the party entirely. She did not feel like attending such events even if it was for a good cause.

"I'm sure you can talk to your boss about it." He said confidently. Meaning the discussion was over and that she should be there no matter what.

"Ok, Dad. I'll try." Wanting nothing more, but to end the call.

The call to her mom was quick, just the usual. Her mom would ask her several questions about her condition. Then, her mom would rattle on about her new projects. She was part of a foundation that helped abused women and kids. Something she also had a soft spot in her heart.

Just liked the other times, if her father did not succeed, he usually used her mother to get what he wanted.

"Remember, it would be this Saturday. I will appreciate it if you'll come." Her mom said in her very sweet voice.

"Of course, Mom. I'll be there." She could not refuse her mom since she seldom asked for anything from her. Her mother was usually the giver, so this time, she would make sure that she would be there for her, not her father.

Moving away from his father, she believed was the best thing she did with her life. It gave her the chance to explore her options, free from his influence. She loved her father despite their difference, but she was just not up to a debate again about her choices in life.

"How're your folks" Jacky asked casually when she strode back and dropped down beside her on the couch.

"The same. Demanding." She said as they started eating again and focused on the news headline. She focused on the screen hoping to divert her mind to another topic. 'Be careful what you wished for' crossed her mind when she saw the next line on the screen.


The headline said in bold letters. "Tyra Richards is back in town and spotted on a date with her ex-boyfriend, Alexander Princeton, the new CEO of Welsh Group of Companies." The reporter stated on the screen.

She was left gaping on the television as she waited for the rest of the story. She was not sure why she was interested, but she could not take her eyes away from the show.

"Does this mean that the famous supermodel will be staying here for good and wedding bells are not far away" The reporter continued with her spiel as she speculated on the two personalities' lives.

"I never knew that Alexander used to be in a relationship with Tyra Richards. Look they were eating at the same restaurant as you, last night. Did you manage to see her" Jacky asked excitedly.

"I was just leaving when she arrived." She could deny to her friend that she had seen one of her idols and remembering that she mentioned seeing Alexander at the restaurant.

A picture of them having dinner together on the same table flashed on the screen, then another one as they were leaving with Alexander escorting her to his car.

"They looked great together. You are so lucky you got to see her," Jacky said dreamily. She had followed Tyra's career as a model. Her style of dressing was highly influenced by Tyra's fashion.

"Yeah. They do." She commented. Her mind went to where it should not go. Did they spend the night together Are they back together just like the news stated

"What's wrong" Jacky asked, studying her face, noticing the sudden change in her mood.

"Nothing. I was just thinking of my parents." Hoping that Jacky would not see her through her lie. What was she thinking

Could this day get any better She sarcastically mused to herself. Why did she suddenly felt like a truck just run over her She was acting like a jealous girlfriend and she had no right to be. Besides, she was not interested to be.



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