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The Scarlet Blazing Peacock tried to stand up but was too weak to do it

Shadowslash knows what it wants to do it wants to see its child up close one last time so he carefully wraps his tails to the egg and started to go down

He then approached the Scarlet Blazing Peacock and bring the egg closer to it

The Scarlet Blazing Peacock looks at the egg with great affection and loved it then cried

Silence descended the Scarlet Blazing Peacock was still facing the egg but there were no longer any life left

Shadowslash sighed and drops a blood to the egg after establishing the blood binding contract the SYSTEM then notified him something

(The egg can absorbs the two monster especially its mother and be hatched a lot earlier the Host just need to agree)


looking the two carcass Shadowslash nodded after hesitating for a bit

Then like a whirlpool the egg absorbs the two monster the color of its shell is getting more darker and finally after absorbing everything the egg hatched

Shadowslash then scans the little fella

Scarlet Blazing Peacock(Variant) (Lvl 1) (Superior) (Fire and Wind type)

It then looks at Shadowslash with bewilderment then opens its mouth and started chirping

Shadowslash let out a helpless smile it seems that this little fella thought of him as its parent

*Sigh* “Just let it be it wont hurt me anyways he then picks the little fella and started to travel back to the cave even though he did not find any rare plant but still at least he obtained another member

After arriving at the cave Shadowslash called for a family meeting and showed the little fella to them

“Oh wow such a cute little fella where did you pick it you know taking it from its mother is not a great practice” his mother asks in concern

*Sigh* “it actually like this you know that I went out to search rare plants to transport in the cave right” he looks at everyone and saw them all nodded

“I actually encountered two Gold Rank monsters fighting and one of them was this little fellas mother but sadly she died living her last wish to me”

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After hearing the story they all looks at the little fella with pity

“Oh now that you brought it her you should name it after all she is now a part of our family so it is now our responsibility”

Hearing this Shadowslash nodded and think for a couple of minutes before speaking “I still did not check wether this little fella is a boy or a girl if it is a boy the name should be Blaze while if it is a girl the name should be Scarlet”

Mary then check the gender and found that it was a girl so they agreed to call her Scarlet

She then started chirping and seems hungry so Shadowslash brought her to the dragon carcass

(I suggest the Host to let her eat one Fire Type monster everyday)

Hearing this he was just prepared to hunt for a Fire Type monster when he saw J-Darwin bringing a dead Gold Rank Flaming Great Boar

He then brought Scarlet to the carcass and let her eat the whole thing

J-Darwin then left the cave again to hunt while Shadowslash left Scarlet to the girls to be taken care of while he went to the core zone again to continue his search

He then found a red mushroom that is called Blazing Mushroom a {Violet Quality} mushroom that can increase the chance of Fire Type monster evolving to 50% he then transported it to the cave and started to continue his search but this time he was not searching for plants but prey

He decided to hunt any monster that he can take down and the monsters needed to be the same attribute as his family

He then retreated to the inner part of the Jade Forest he knows that he had no chance of killing a healthy Gold Rank monster

He was transversing through the forest searching for a suitable prey after searching till nighttime he finally found a suitable monster whats more it was actually had the same type as him

Blazing Dark Hound (Silver Lvl 8) (Rare) (Fire and Dark type)

Seeing that it was night he knows that both him and the hound had their abilities increased

He then started to sneak closer to the unsuspecting hound and after reaching a suitable distance he pounced towards it and used [Double Dark Slash] inflicting a grave injury to the Blazing Dark Hounds body

The Blazing Dark Hound let out a yelp and lash out at Shadowslash

Shadowslash easily dodged the attack training with his clones increased his combat ability

He then kept attacking the Blazing Dark Hound using [Double Dark Slash] in just a couple of minutes the Blazing Dark Hound was killed

He then started feasting on the Blazing Dark Hound carcass after he cooked it of course

After he finished eating and was about to continue hunting when suddenly he was messaged by Leafinia to return home

Even though he did not know the reason why he was being called back home he still returned nonetheless

When he finally returned to the cave he saw Scarlet pounced on him and started rubbing her head onto his chest

Looking at her Shadowslash started patting her head and looks to everyone and asks “Whats the reason calling me to return back”

All the girls let out a helpless sigh and helplessly said “Scarlet was very restless without you and whatever we do did not manage to calm her down at all”

“Oh” he raised his brows and looks at Scarlet who was still rubbing her head at him

He then just smiled and told J-Darwin to return home he and the others inside the cave then had dinner and sleeps

The next day Shadowslash then started his training with his clones once again J-Darwin then went to hunt after waking up last night it seems that it returned when all of them already sleeping

The girls brought Scarlet to train with them while Flora and Mary went to hunt to train themselves

Shadowslash was using his tails to attack and defend but it seems that his clones have also learned how to use their tails just like him

After training for 3 hours he was beaten down again but this time he finished off one of the clones

He then went to the girls who are practicing to learn [Foxfire] what made him surprise though is that Scarlet also learned [Fireball] but she can only make a very small fireball and was easily dissipated

Shadowslash smiled thinking that Scarlet was just a hatchling and yet she was already learning a skill in which she already have mastered even though the power if her skill is weak now but with continuous practice that skill will be a force not to be reckon with

Shadowslash then told Leafinia to take care of Scarlet while he was searching

He then left the cave and started to travel towards the core zone

After arriving to the core zone he became very cautious and started to travel in the shadows

While he was walking he saw many Gold Rank monster he even saw a monster that he could not see through

It was already sundown and the number of plants he teleported is 7 and all of them were the same kind of plant

(Golden Water Lily : Has the aura to calm down Water Type monster it also increases the strength of the monster living in the same water as it is

Reminder : The longer the Golden Water Lily or the quantity or quality increased in the pond or lake the stronger the ability of the Golden Water Lily

Quality :Blue Quality)

He found it in a huge pond that as huge as a lake

He then goes back to the inner part of the forest and decided to hunt in the cover of the night he has a specific target of Fire or Dark Type monsters

While he was travelling he saw many bats travelling in the darkness he scanned the bats to find out their ability

Hellsfire Bats (Silver Lvl 1-10) (Rare) (Fire, Dark and Wind type)

Great Hellsfire Bats (Gold Lvl 1-3) (Good) (Fire, Dark and Wind type)

There were actually both Silver and Gold Rank in the cluster of bats and what so scary about it was the number of bats is at least 500

He then lie low and decided to follow them to their nest and targets them in the morning

He then sent the message to Leafinia to tell the others he wont be returning for the night

He then saw the bats were actually going towards the core zone

He then follows them back to the core zone he saw many powerful Gold Rank monsters getting slaughtered by the bats what surprised him more is that the bats actually started to bring back their prey and the carcass of their dead members



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