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Yesterday he drank wine.

He did not remember what happened last night, but he recalled that he was tied up by Zheng Xiumei, left on the floor in the room, and woke up frozen in the middle of the night.


Zheng Xiumei, how dare she!


Hao Jianye walked around the yard and called Zheng Xiumei’s name because he had a splitting headache from a hangover and was still hungry.


After looking around, Hao Jianye didn’t see anyone, so he had to go to the kitchen in the main room, but he couldn’t even find any mouthful of food.

Hao Jianye’s face distorted, and he hated Zheng Xiumei even more.


After tossing for a long time to get some food, Hao Jianye decided to wait for Zheng Xiumei to come back and teach her a lesson.

It seemed that she had been beaten less recently.

This stinky woman dared to tie him up and dared not cook for him!


In Hao Jianye’s view, if the wife was disobedient, she would be beaten hard.

If she was not obedient, then she would be beaten again.


Meng Changjin didn’t know that Hao Jianye at home had such an idea.

If she knew, Meng Changjin would definitely agree because she also thought the same about Hao Jianye.


After cutting a basket full of ragweed, Meng Changjin took the two little girls home.


When she was outside the gate, Meng Changjin’s footsteps stopped suddenly.


“Don’t go in yet.” Meng Changjin put the basket on the ground and told the two little girls to wait outside the yard.


Da Niu and Er Niu didn’t know why their mother didn’t let them into the yard, but they nodded obediently and stood on either side of the basket.


Meng Changjin settled the two young girls.

The corners of her mouth raised a mocking arc, and then she pushed open the courtyard door.


As soon as the courtyard door was opened, Meng Changjin saw Hao Jianye carrying a stick in the courtyard.


Seeing Meng Changjin at the door, Hao Jianye came over with a stick.

The stinky bitch had to be beaten up more, so what should be said after the beatings


Meng Changjin thought so too, so when Hao Jianye came closer and raised a stick to hit her, she raised her leg and kicked his abdomen, distorting his face.

Hao Jianye was kicked out immediately heavily, and he fell to the ground, screaming in pain.


“Damn bitch, you dare to hit me!” After Hao Jianye cried out in pain, he began to curse.


Meng Changjin snorted and picked up the stick that Hao Jianye dropped.

She stepped forward, and without saying a word, she skillfully hit Hao Jianye with it.


Specially focused on the most painful location to strike, the beaten Hao Jianye screamed.


Hao Jianye wanted to get up and fight back several times, but whenever Meng Changjin hit him in the leg with a stick, he couldn’t get up and could only be beaten.


After fighting for a while, Meng Changjin’s hands were exhausted.

Looking at Hao Jianye, who was covering his head, Meng Changjin said coldly, “How is it How does it feel to be beaten”


Hao Jianye was in great pain.

It was so tough that his teeth itched, but it was confirmed that he was a little afraid of being beaten.

However, letting him admit defeat to his woman, who he had been beating, Hao Jianye could not make any sound.


Meng Changjin did not care what Hao Jianye thought.

She ruthlessly struck another set of blows, adding two kicks, and viciously said, “Now I’ll give you two choices; one is that we divorce, Da Niu and the Er Niu belong to me.”


“You are dreaming!”


Before Meng Changjin said the second choice, Hao Jianye interrupted loudly.


Hao Jianye knew very well in his heart.

Although he didn’t like Zheng Xiumei, he also knew that if he divorced her, he wouldn’t be able to marry a wife.

So divorce was impossible.

So long as he wouldn’t nod, Zheng Xiumei couldn’t leave him!


Meng Changjin raised her eyebrows.

Without refuting, she said,  “Then be prepared to be beaten daily.”


Meng Changjin threw the stick and ignored Hao Jianye.

She carried the basket in and took the Da Niu and Er Niu inside.


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