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A barefoot doctor in the village happened to be among the villagers watching the fun this time.

Now that Hao Jianye was struck by lightning and fell to the ground, he was pushed out.


“Hey, hey, I’m not sure.

Let’s go to the county hospital.” The barefoot doctor was a little afraid to step forward and had just learned to deal with minor injuries and colds.

In case he really was struck dead by lightning, he could not escape the blame if he got involved.


The reason why he said that was mainly due to Hao Jianye’s old lady.


Bereavement at an early age led to this person’s personality going to extremes, and reasoning made no sense.

The reason didn’t matter.

As long as the mother and son suffered a little, it must be because others saw them as orphans and widows, and everyone wanted to bully them.


This kind of nonsense nature was naturally unpleasant.


It was reasonable for the barefoot doctor to fear getting into trouble.


The old lady didn’t eat at noon because she was angry and didn’t come out after returning to the room.


But as soon as the barefoot doctor finished speaking, the door over there opened.


In fact, she was quietly listening to the movement in the yard before, but she didn’t plan to come out.


As for what she was thinking, she was the only one who knew.


But after five claps of thunder, the sentence “Hao Jianye was struck by lightning!” scared her to death.

She hurriedly ran out to see her precious son.

When she opened the door, she heard the barefoot doctor suggest sending the person to the county hospital.


After the old lady came out, she rushed to the blackened and fallen Hao Jianye.

Seeing that she didn’t know whether he was alive or dead, the old lady hurriedly looked at the barefoot doctor.

She prayed, “Doctor Li, please help me look at my Jianye.”


“Here, I’ve never seen someone struck by lightning before.

Auntie, you should take him to the county hospital to have a look.” The barefoot doctor still squatted down and took a look.


He rolled his eyes and checked his nostrils, but he was still alive.

Still, he was struck by lightning five times, and nothing couldn’t happen.


He couldn’t cure him either, so he could only recommend sending him to the county hospital.


The people in the village were still very simple and honest.

They moved Hao Jianye, who was in a coma, into the back of a tractor.

The people who helped also asked the old lady to hurry up, get the money, and go to the hospital immediately.


Someone also asked Meng Changjin if she wanted to follow him to the hospital.

Meng Changjin glanced at the man quietly, and that person immediately remembered why Hao Jianye was struck by lightning.


After the old lady took the money, she took the villagers’ tractor to the hospital in the county, and the people from the Hao family also dispersed.


The client’s maternal family took advantage of the chaos and quietly left after Hao Jianye was struck by lightning.

Meng Changjin was quite surprised.


But after thinking about it, she figured it out.

It was said in the client’s memory that this world had experienced some superstition-busting activities decades ago.

However, there were still some people who quietly believed in it.


In addition, the incident of Hao Jianye being struck by lightning was found in full view, so people with impure minds were naturally guilty and dared not stay any longer.


How many people in the client’s family would feel sorry for the client



It was just that when the thunder struck Hao Jianye, they were next to Hao Jianye.

If the thunder was a little bit off, they might also be hit it.


Something that happened right next to them finally made them have a little fear.


Meng Changjin felt that it was a pity.

She thought that the five claps of thunder should have hacked Hao Jianye and the four members of the client’s family, but that would be too obvious.


The five of them had just scolded her.

Then all five of them were struck by lightning, which naturally had a frightening effect.

Perhaps more people feared her.


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