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She did not think it was a bad thing to be feared, but what would people in this world think Would they believe Meng Changjin was an alien and then guard against her, or want to study her


But it was undeniable that she would be stared at by countless pairs of eyes, which was not what Meng Changjin wanted.


So simply, if Hao Jianye wanted five claps of thunder, she gave him five thunderbolts, okay


Look at her; she simply answered people’s requests.

What a heavenly good person!


After giving herself a shiny good guy card, Meng Changjin jumped down the half-meter high platform and took a big step to the door to close it.


She half closed her eyes; divorce had to be on the agenda.

This time, Hao Jianye could find the client’s maternal family to make trouble, and he could do it next time.


Meng Changjin naturally did not feel she would lose but more or less would feel annoyed.


She didn’t want to waste her time on these verbal battles.


For Hao Jianye, this scum, his lesson should be about time.


After Meng Changjin closed the courtyard gate, she turned around and took the sickle and basket.

She told Da Niu and Er Niu to stay home.

Meng Changjin went up the mountain.


After the divorce, she would definitely move out from here.

The client’s maternal family could not be counted on, so she had to save money.


The client did not have any special money-making skills, and her way in the past was not applicable in this world.

She could only do some business without capital.


She didn’t go to the small mountain before.

There would not be too much stuff.


This time, Meng Changjin chose the mountain behind the Hao family.


This mountain was not ordinary.

The side of it would go to the endless mountains.


Meng Changjin plunged deeply into the mountains, spreading her divine sense, looking for something that could be sold for money.


Xiao Si’s fish’s eyes, who had followed Meng Changjin all the time, became brighter.

He flicked the fish’s tail, wanting to ask something, but he didn’t make a sound.


He didn’t ask and feared being slapped back by Meng Changjin’s ‘guess’ word.

But he didn’t have the face-reading skills of a bigshot, so he wouldn’t make a fool of himself.


When one day he would master the face-reading technique, he would have the world!


But hitting one’s face always came too fast, like a tornado.


When Meng Changjin used the sickle to dig a hole in the ground, he still couldn’t hold back and said curiously, “What are you doing”


Meng Changjin’s hands kept moving, and she calmly replied, “Plowing a hole.”


Xiao Si hated that he didn’t grow two hands and scratched his head vigorously.

Of course, he knew that Meng Changjin was digging a pit.

“Digging a hole for what”


Meng Changjin’s movements paused slightly, revealing a smile that was not a smile.


Xiao Si: …!


“Don’t say it.” Xiao Si hurriedly spoke, preventing Meng Changjin from saying that word!


Meng Changjin raised her brows and said nothing.


Well, there was no need to explain.


Meng Changjin dug a hole naturally to make a trap.

After all, she used to be a veteran of mountain forest survival.

It was not difficult to set up a trap or something.


The trap was quickly laid out, and Meng Changjin stood and walked in a different direction.


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