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When Meng Changjin went up the mountain, in addition to a sickle was an empty basket.


But when she went down the mountain, there was half a basket of herbs, several wild rabbits, and a pheasant.


It could be said that the harvest was full.

But after Meng Changjin’s calculations, her brows dropped again.

It was too difficult to make money.




When Meng Changjin returned home, the two pigs were already groaning from hunger.


Putting the pheasant and rabbits in a bamboo cage, Meng Changjin first fed the pigs.


Then she called Da Niu and Er Niu out of the room.


Earlier, Meng Changjin told Da Niu and Er Niu to stay at home, so they stayed there very well.

Now that she was back, the two little girls looked delighted.

Although there was no smile on their faces, the sound of their feet running around her was light and fast.


After going out for a long time, she was also hungry.

The pheasant left before seemed to be dying, so Meng Changjin quickly took care of it.

She made a braised pheasant, cooked a vegetable soup, and set the dinner.


After eating, Meng Changjin moved a small bench to enjoy the cool air in the yard, and Da Niu and Er Niu also moved the small bench to join her like a follower.


The children were the most sensitive to perceiving whether others were kind or malicious to them.


In the past, their grandmother said daily that they were money-losing, useless girls.

Their father would directly hit them when he was in a bad mood.

Although their mother did not speak like their grandma, nor did she do it like their father, she treated the two sisters indifferently.


However, at the age of five or six years old, they remembered.

They treated their mother with precaution and were willing to get close to her if she was good to them.


One big and two small sitting on the small bench, looking at the stars in the courtyard.

The gentle wind blew, giving rise to a sense of comfort from the head to the soles of the feet.


If there were no other bad things, Meng Changjin liked this kind of life.


Self-sufficient, no worries about food and clothing, comfortable and relaxed.


Unfortunately, this was just a moment of peace, and she still had to fight for her life.


She also planned to talk about her plans and asked the two little girls what they thought.


Da Niu was only six years old, and Er Niu was just over four years old.

What did a little girl know at this age But Meng Changjin would respect the ideas and choices of the two little girls.


She just thought that if the two little girls stayed here, how could they have a good life with a patriarchal grandmother and an alcoholic and gambler father


But she would not take people away by force.

If they were willing to follow her, she would take them away.

If they didn’t want to, then it didn’t matter.

She was not Virgin Mary, and they were not in the client’s long-cherished wish.

If the girls were not willing, she would not press on.


So Meng Changjin told the two little girls in an easy-to-understand way that she would leave the house, and if they wanted, she would take them away.


Da Niu immediately made a choice.

“I’ll follow Mother.”


Er Niu’s head was still a little dazed, and when she heard Da Niu say this, she also expressed her intention to follow Meng Changjin.


“Don’t worry, you still have time to think about it slowly.

I’ll take you if you decide to go with me at that time.” Meng Changjin stroked the two little girls’ hair and said slowly.


Meng Changjin told them not to worry, but when they felt her hands’ warmth, Da Niu and Er Niu had already decided that they would follow this gentle mother.


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