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When Da Niu and Er Niu finished eating the wontons, Meng Changjin paid the money painfully and led the two little girls out of the store.


Three bowls of wontons cost her twelve yuan, and Meng Changjin sincerely felt that money was really not well spent.


Meng Changjin didn’t stay in the market for too long.

After leading Da Niu and Er Niu out, she went straight back.


On the way back, Meng Changjin took Da Niu and Er Niu back by motorcycle.

Although they could not arrive home directly, they still saved more than an hour on the road.


After getting off the motorcycle, Meng Changjin looked at the vehicle eagerly.


The motorcycle owner watched Meng Changjin’s eyes staring at his vehicle, charged the money, and rode away quickly.


Meng Changjin’s mouth twitched slightly when she received the look from the owner before he rode the motorcycle away.


Then she took Da Niu and Er Niu toward home.


It took them about half an hour to walk back from where they got off the motorcycle, mainly because the road was not good.

The distance from here to home was only a muddy path, and they could only walk back by themselves.


In the other direction, there was a widened dirt road.

But it required a long detour, and these motorcycle owners were simply unwilling to make the trip.


But even if someone was willing, Meng Changjin may not be very glad.


The longer the distance meant more money.

She, a person who had just gotten out of the predicament that her pockets were cleaner than her face, would not be involved in such unnecessary things.


She was willing to spend money to ride home to save some time.

And on the other hand, considering that Da Niu and Er Niu were too small, two round trips would take four hours, which was too much activity.


It took about half an hour to walk on the muddy road back from getting off the motorcycle.

Because there was no watch or timekeeping tool, Meng Changjin judged by looking at the sun.


Da Niu and Er Niu were very excited along the way.

The two little girls walked in front of her, jumping up and down, and from time to time, they would get together and whisper.


It could be seen that these two little girls had become much more cheerful in the past few days.


After all, they were little girls.

No matter how calm their personality was, they should have some childish temperament.

But in that kind of environment before, the childish character was suppressed.

They were silent, hungry, and dared not speak.


Now that they had a mother who had become very good, their mentality had naturally changed.

They became more courageous.


Meng Changjin followed behind, looking quite satisfied.


After fulfilling her client’s long-cherished wish and divorcing Hao Jianye, she would take Da Niu and Er Niu away and send them to school.

If the two were too cowardly, Meng Changjin was worried that they would be bullied by their classmates when they went to school.


But seeing that the courage of the two children was gradually getting bigger, becoming more and more cheerful, she was relieved.


The most important thing now was to make money.


When they got home, the house was quiet, and it seemed that Hao Jianye and the old lady had not returned.


Meng Changjin asked Da Niu and Er Niu to stay at home and help her look at the herbs drying in the yard.

She went up the mountain again with the sickle on her back.


After Meng Changjin went up the mountain, she followed the route that she had set up the traps yesterday.

She was just going for a walk, but she didn’t expect prey was actually caught by the traps.


A fat wild duck, visually estimated to be more than five catties if not fluffy.


This wild duck should have gone to this area for food, stepped into the trap by Meng Changjin, and hoisted up by the vine.


The feathers were already messy from flapping, so it looked like it had been hanging for some time.


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