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Meng Changjin was suffering from motion sickness, so she told Da Niu and Er Niu to sit and not run around.

Meng Changjin leaned on the seat and closed her eyes.


After closing her eyes, she felt much more comfortable, and Meng Changjin fell asleep entirely after a while.


Da Niu and Da Niu sat in their seats obediently, repeatedly whispering, looking at Meng Changjin from time to time.

Finding that Meng Changjin had closed her eyes and seemed asleep, the two little girls’ voices were lowered.


Meng Changjin had bumped on the bus window several times and had woken up because of the bus turning.

Every time she woke up, she would look outside, and the bus was still moving.

Meng Changjin closed her eyes and continued to sleep.


It was unknown how long it had been.

Meng Changjin was woken by loud shouting from the county station.


Seeing that the other passengers had packed up their belongings and got off the bus, Meng Changjin knew this was the county seat.


She got out of the car with Da Niu and Er Niu.


As soon as she got off the bus, Meng Changjin was surprised to find that this world’s development in some aspects was impressive.


County towns were still not as good as first-tier cities, but there were still huge differences compared to rural areas.


The three stood on the side of the road, staring at the tall buildings.


As all three were bound by the limitations of their eyesight, none of them had seen such tall buildings.


Other passersby whom the trio had displayed their faces looked at them with contempt, giving them an up-and-down glance and labeling them as bumpkins.


Meng Changjin heard the conversation of those passersby but did not take it seriously.


She had never seen these high-rise buildings, and the client was an ordinary rural woman.

Although her body had been nourished by her spiritual energy, her sallow skin and crude clothes were not, and they could not be changed instantly.


Of course, Meng Changjin didn’t care what others thought of her.

After all, she didn’t care about them, so she didn’t care what they thought.


Holding the two small hands tightly left and right, Meng Changjin lowered her eyes.

“Okay, we’re going to get down to business.”


Then she received curious glances from Da Niu and Er Niu.


They probably didn’t understand what kind of business Meng Changjin would do.


Meng Changjin thought that selling ginseng should be a simple matter, but she still thought too simply.


The client had only been to the county town once and was led by someone else, so she didn’t know the way.


Meng Changjin basically just came to the county for the first time.


Then Meng Changjin took Da Niu and Er Niu and got lost in the county town.


The county seat was far bigger than she imagined, and the various stores were dazzling.

Meng Changjin wanted to find a larger pharmacy but got lost in multiple intersections.


As a last resort, Meng Changjin chose the simplest and most effective method: finding someone to ask.


After searching all the way, it took a lot of effort for Meng Changjin to find a large pharmacy.


The pharmacy was decorated with antique colors.

She looked at the store’s signboard, which was called Mingde Pharmacy.


Meng Changjin walked in with Da Niu and Er Niu, and a clerk in a white coat walked over and asked, “Do you want to buy medicine Is there a prescription”


Meng Changjin locked eyes with the other party and smiled.

“I won’t buy medicine.

I sell medicine.”


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