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It wasn’t that she hadn’t considered staying in the county.

Still, the accommodation cost alone was estimated to be quite a lot.

Meng Changjin, Da Niu, and Er Niu still had to eat, so this calculation might not be enough.


Therefore, Meng Changjin’s plan was that if the wild ginseng could not be sold today, she would go back first.


“This may indeed take some time.

Why don’t you guys stay in the county town today, Miss Zheng I’ll pay for the hotel fee.” It didn’t take a little while for Li Xiaohua to invite someone over, and there was really no guarantee that he would be able to arrive before the afternoon.

He felt it was too unsafe for Meng Changjin to carry hundred-year-old ginseng back and forth.


Meng Changjin was a little hesitant.

After all, the deal had not been reached, and benefitting from someone was considered wrong.


“The person I invited may arrive at night or tomorrow morning.

It’s quite troublesome for Miss Zheng to go back and forth, isn’t it” Li Xiaohua said this seriously, but he was still worried about the safety of ginseng.


It was hard to come across such good ginseng.

If it was lost in the round trip, or Meng Changjin was fooled by others to sell it, it was a bloody loss.


After all, he was not the only pharmacy in the county.


“In that case, I have no reason not to agree.” Meng Changjin nodded in agreement.


In fact, she was thinking about the fear of motion sickness.

If she thought about the trips, she would have to toss at least three times, which would kill her.


She also saw that Li Xiaohua was also quite sincere.

Even if there were any other calculations, she thought she could handle them.

The major problem would be to let the price negotiation low when the time came.


Seeing Meng Changjin’s agreement, Li Xiaohua immediately arranged for her and the others to a room in the best hotel in the county.

He settled the accommodation problem and enthusiastically said he would invite the three, mother and daughters, to dinner.


“There’s no need to eat.” Meng Changjin rejected Li Xiaohua’s invitation to dinner and asked him to wait for the person he invited to see her.

Then, she took the room key and led the two little girls upstairs.


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