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It hurt, it hurt all over.

It wasn’t like the pain of fighting with someone; It was more like the pain of suffering a severe beating from someone else.


Meng Changjin gritted her teeth.

How many years had she not been beaten like this


As soon as she opened her eyes, she was kicked heavily on the waist, which sent Meng Changjin tumbling out directly.


“Stinky woman, dare to take care of me.

I’ll beat you to death!” An incomparably vulgar voice reached Meng Changjin’s ears, followed by the messy sound of footsteps and the smell of poor-quality wine so thick that people wanted to vomit.


Meng Changjin followed the voice and looked over.

Striding towards her was a short-haired man who was obviously drunk and not a good person judging by his face.


He was the one who had kicked her just now.


How could this be tolerated


It must not, so when the man rushed over and raised his hand to hit her, Meng Changjin endured the pain and kicked the man three inches below the navel.


Meng Changjin kicked without any psychological burden because she had controlled the angle and strength.

This kick would only make the man twist in pain but would not affect his function.


The effect of this kick was really great.

The man who just wanted to beat her to death was now covering his crotch with his hands and curling up on the ground in pain.


Meng Changjin was very satisfied with what she saw.

After looking around, she found a rope.

Meng Changjin swiftly tied the man up and threw him to the ground.


After dealing with the most important thing at the moment, Meng Changjin had the time to check the client’s memories.


The client’s name is Zheng Xiumei, the second child in the family line and was born in patriarchal times.

Therefore, from birth, she was not loved by her mother and father, and her grandmother scolded her for losing money every day.


When she grew up to 15 or 16, she was sold out with 30 catties of grain and married a no-good bastard.


After three years, two children were born, and both were daughters.

This era of valuing sons over daughters meant to be scolded as a hen that could not lay eggs.


This was nothing.

The client’s husband was an alcoholic and a gambler.

He beat his wife when he was drunk and suffered losses.

Not only his wife but also his own mother.


What a great example of scum!


Because she was beaten twice in three days, her body was fundamentally injured.

The client could not conceive again, and the bastard husband hit her even more violently.


At first, the client couldn’t resist, but as times progressed and the divorce rate increased, the client thought of divorcing her scumbag husband.


Knowing that the client actually wanted a divorce, the scumbag husband naturally couldn’t agree to it.

For the scumbag husband, if the woman refused to obey, he could beat her up.


In this game, the client was killed.

The scumbag husband was afraid of going to jail and colluded with his own mother, saying that the client died from a fall.


Meng Changjin opened her eyes and looked at the man who was tied and thrown to the ground, her eyes full of disgust.


No matter what world they were in, scumbag was a disgusting thing.


The client’s long-cherished wish was to divorce her scumbag husband.

If she could teach him a lesson, that would be fine.


This kind of scumbag should be “well” educated!


“Stinky woman, you dare to hit me!” The scumbag, bound and thrown to the ground, groaned in pain while covering his crotch and scolding Meng Changjin.


Meng Changjin, who heard the cussing, froze for a moment.

This was her mistake, allowing the scumbag to voice out.


To make up for the mistake and correct it in time, Meng Changjin found a black rag that should be used for wiping the stovetop.

She stuffed it into the scumbag’s mouth, and now the world was finally quiet.


After a disgusting glance at the hands that became black, Meng Changjin went out into the courtyard to find water to wash her hands.


When she couldn’t find something to wipe her hands, Meng Changjin used the drying process.


Halfway through, she saw two little girls walking into the courtyard door one after the other, carrying a large basket.


The two little girls shrank their necks subconsciously when they saw Meng Changjin.


The two little girls were tanned, but their eyes were exceptionally bright.

The way their necks shrink, they looked pitiful and inexplicably cute.


“Back.” Meng Changjin stopped waving off the water droplets and smiled at the two little girls.


The two little girls shrank their necks again and took a step back.


The smile on Meng Changjin’s face gradually disappeared.


At the same time, Meng Changjin also saw the two little girls were relieved.


“Come in first.

What are you doing standing at the door” Meng Changjin left after leaving that sentence.


These two little girls were the client’s two daughters.

The older one was six years old, and the other was four and a half years old.

The client did not have deep feelings for the two daughters.

After all, her severe beatings were also due to the birth of two daughters.


There was no single word for the two daughters in the client’s long-cherished wish.


Meng Changjin could not comment on what the client was like but could only say that a woman should not make things difficult for women.


Meng Changjin personally still liked this kind of cute and lovely little girl.

After the divorce, she decided to take the two little girls away.

In this family, the two little girls would be ruined.


After all, with an alcoholic, a gambling addict father, and a grandmother who valued men and belittled women, staying here meant doomsday, sooner or later.


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