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Chapter 15.2


Translated by ChewBerry

Edited by ChewBerry


Meng Changjin’s eyes moved from the bed to the window.

The distant sky was dyed golden by the afterglow of the setting sun, and the breeze raised the curtains of the hotel printed with green bamboo pandas.

This picture made Meng Changjin feel nothing, but people with artistic cells thought it was stunning.


However, she had no culture and could only say it was beautiful.


Then she looked away without hesitation, rolled over, and got out of bed.



When Da Niu and Er Niu woke up, it was completely dark.

There was no light source in the room, but there was light outside from the window.


The two little girls just opened their eyes.

With a little movement, the next second, the room lit up with a click.


The light bulbs in the hotel were obviously much brighter.

Compared with the dim lights at home, the light bulbs were like daytime.


Meng Changjin let go of the hand that pulled the light switch rope and, at the same time, withdrew her gaze toward the light bulb.


Turning to look at Da Niu and Er Niu, “Awake Get up and eat something.”


Da Niu and Er Niu agreed, got off the bed, and put on their shoes.


Meng Changjin handed each of them a piece of cake the size of a palm.


“Mom, you can eat it too.” Er Niu raised her head and pushed the cake in Meng Changjin’s direction, her eyes full of pure innocence.


“I’ve eaten.

It’s yours.” Meng Changjin smiled and patted Er Niu’s head.

In the beginning, she was a little uncomfortable being called mom, but now she could accept it very calmly.


Knowing that Meng Changjin had eaten, Da Niu and Er Niu nibbled the cake obediently.


“There is cold water here.” Meng Changjin reminded by pushing an enamel cup on the table.


The cake was still a little dry, so Meng Changjin poured boiling water ahead of time to cool it for fear that Da Niu and Er Niu would choke.


Meng Changjin watched as the two little girls ate a cake with one mouthful of water and then handed each of them another piece.


The two took it calmly and began to eat the second piece of cake.


After eating the two cakes, Da Niu and Er Niu patted their stomachs to show they were full.


After the dinner problem was solved, they couldn’t sleep at all.

Er Niu leaned on Meng Changjin’s leg.


She didn’t say anything but seemed very happy as long as she relied on Meng Changjin.


Da Niu looked a little warm, but she felt she was already a six-year-old child and couldn’t get close to her mother like her younger sister.

That was what children do.


But she was so envious in her heart that she wanted to be next to her mother like Er Niu.


Meng Changjin saw the longing in Da Niu’s eyes and beckoned her to come to her side.


Da Niu’s eyes widened with joy, and she moved shyly to the other side of Meng Changjin with her short legs.


Meng Changjin held a child in one hand and felt she should say something.


After all, they ate and drank enough and had woken up.

They couldn’t fall back to sleep, so it was better to chat.


“Do you want to go to school, Da Niu” Now that children could go to school at the age of six.

The state encouraged sending their children to school, but some people still did not plan in rural areas because of tuition and book fees.


The family’s male children are sent to school.

As for girls, many people in rural areas preferred sons to girls, and they felt that girls didn’t need to study.

The money and effort, but in the end, they would still have to marry out, so much effort to do what


Five or six-year-olds could also help at home.

It was better to work at home than to pay money for school.


Only a handful of girls in the village went to school.

When Da Niu was cutting ragweed and working, she was so envious when she saw others carrying a small schoolbag to and from school.


But she could only be envious because she felt that her mother, father, and grandmother were not planning to let her go to school.


But now Meng Changjin’s question had raised hope in Da Niu’s heart.


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