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Meng Changjin was a little confused.

Xiao Si did not squeak again after that one time, so Meng Changjin also did not fight him.

Meng Changjin touched the small head with one hand, and after thinking for a long time, she finally came up with two names.

As a waste of naming, asking Meng Changjin to come up with something good-looking and pleasant to listen to and what other meanings were there was pure bull**.

Meng Changjin came up with two names, a completely direct surname, and some things combined, and then it was done.

Anyway, it was a proper name.

If the name didn’t suit Da Niu and Er Niu’s wishes, they could change it when they had their ideas.

“Let’s do it, Da Niu’s name will be Zheng Mingyu in the future, and Er Niu’s name will be Zheng Mingzhu.

Let’s do this for now.

If Da Niu and Er Niu don’t like it, they could change it.” Meng Changjin patted the two little girls’ heads.

“We like it very much!” Er Niu was a very supportive little girl.

She didn’t know if her name was good, but it was good to have a name, right

No matter what name her mother gave her, she would love it.

“Where’s Da Niu” Meng Changjin looked sideways at Da Niu.

“I like it very much, too.” Da Niu pursed her lips and smiled.

She and her sister thought the same way.

It was good to have a proper name, and it sounded like what their mother gave them was really good.

Da Niu thought that Zheng Mingyu’s name differed from Zhang Lan and Li Yan in the village.

It was a pity that Meng Changjin didn’t have a pen and paper.

Otherwise, she would teach Da Niu and Er Niu to learn their names, and she could teach them to write.

But there was no way.

The mother and daughters chatted for a while, and at about eleven or twelve o’clock, they washed their faces and feet and went to bed.

Early the following day, Meng Changjin was awakened by a knock on the door.

After she put on her clothes and shoes, she opened the door and found Li Xiaohua.

“Miss Zheng, I’m really sorry to disturb you so early.

The person I invited came over early this morning.

Would you like to have the ginseng a look now” Li Xiaohua was very direct.

“Okay.” Although Meng Changjin didn’t expect to be that early, she was delighted.

She didn’t want to delay it for too long.

“Then, Miss Zheng, get ready.

I’ll wait for you downstairs.” Li Xiaohua said.

After Meng Changjin nodded, he went downstairs first.

Meng Changjin closed the door and looked back.

Da Niu and Er Niu were also awake.

The two held the quilt and looked at the door blankly at this moment.

Although their eyes were open, they didn’t seem to have woken up.

Meng Changjin was taken aback by the cuteness of the two.

She suddenly realized that these days, the two little girls looked a little fairer and more adorable.


“Get up.” Meng Changjin quickly went over and pulled a little girl out of the blanket with one hand, dressed the two, put on their shoes, and finished washing up.

Meng Changjin then put on her basket and led the two little girls downstairs.

Li Xiaohua waited downstairs.

After Meng Changjin brought Da Niu and Er Niu down, he returned the key to the hotel owner.

Li Xiaohua accepted the deposit from the owner, and then the group of four walked to the pharmacy.

After arriving at the pharmacy and entering the living room, Li Xiaohua put some soybean milk, doughnuts, and other breakfast on the table.

He smiled and said, “You have not eaten breakfast, and I have prepared some food.

It may take some time to see the ginseng lat.

You guys eat something to pad your stomach.”

Meng Changjin did not refuse.

“I troubled Boss Li.”

“You’re welcome.” Li Xiaohua waved his hand.

When Meng Changjin put down the basket and was about to start eating, a person walked in.

The first sentence when he came in was, “Where is the wild ginseng”


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