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The person who came was a man in his 30s or 40s, with a look of sadness between his eyebrows.

She could see that there should be something bothering him.


But this had nothing to do with Meng Changjin.

More than one person in this world suffered so much.

If Meng Changjin had to deal with one, she would not be able to deal with it for the rest of her life.


Hearing that the other party asked about ginseng as soon as he came in, Meng Changjin glanced at Li Xiaohua first.


Li Xiaohua hurriedly introduced, “This is the person I looked for to see the ginseng, Mr.



Meng Changjin nodded, bent down, took out the ginseng still wrapped in old cloth from the basket on one side, and handed it to Li Xiaohua.


Li Xiaohua took it with both hands while feeling heartache and then handed it to the middle-aged man surnamed Zhai.


Meng Changjin, however, began to take Da Niu and Er Niu to enjoy their breakfast.


That indifferent attitude successfully made Li Xiaohua’s mouth twitch slightly again.


Was the other party not afraid that they would swap things around


Although they wouldn’t do this, Meng Changjin’s unsuspecting behavior caused people to worry that she might be deceived at any time.


Meng Changjin, who was drinking soy milk, moved slightly and continued drinking.


She naturally “saw” Li Xiaohua’s indescribable expression.

Although she was eating breakfast, her divine sense was staring at him.


After all, she had to rely on this ginseng to make a small fortune.

How could she ignore it completely



Zhai looked at the ginseng seriously and even took a magnifying glass.


While looking at it carefully, when Meng Changjin and her daughters finished their breakfast ten minutes later, the other party had also finished reading it.



Zhai, how is it” Li Xiaohua asked hurriedly when he saw that he had stopped.


“The 106-year ginseng is not bad.” After speaking, Mr.

Zhai turned to Meng Changjin.

“This ginseng has an outstanding year, and it is wild ginseng.

You can also ask someone else, but there shouldn’t be a higher price than mine.”



Zhai, I’ll send you as promised.” Li Xiaohua hurriedly interrupted.


“You have this intention, but I should buy it myself.” Mr.

Zhai patted Li Xiaohua on the shoulder and said.


Li Xiaohua paused but did not persist.


Meng Changjin squinted and looked at the two.

Judging from how they spoke, it was apparent that Mr.

Zhai had a higher social status than Li Xiaohua.

It seemed that Li Xiaohua would buy ginseng for this Mr.



Meng Changjin didn’t delve into the relationship between the two.

She nodded and didn’t bargain.


In fact, the bottom price in her heart was 100,000.


Unexpectedly, it more than doubled.




After Meng Changjin nodded and agreed to sell it to Mr.

Zhai, the other party was too straightforward.


There was a little problem with the transaction.


220,000 was not bad if it was converted into cash.


Half of the money should be filled if the money was put into the basket.


But Meng Changjin didn’t want to carry such a large amount of cash.



Zhai obviously thought the same way, and the transaction would also be done by direct bank transfer.


It turned out that Meng Changjin did not have a bank account, not to mention a bankbook.


Accompanied by Li Xiaohua, Meng Changjin went to the bank to set up a passbook and then transferred the money.


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