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“You have a guilty conscience, right, cough cough.

You think people look up to you!” Hao Jianye coughed while glaring at Meng Changjin; all the while, his features twisted.


Meng Changjin had a completely black question mark face and could not help but ask Xiao Si in her head.


After getting the answer from Xiao Si, Meng Changjin suddenly realized.


It turned out that yesterday when Hao Jianye was discharged from the hospital in the county, he saw Meng Changjin from afar.


It was the time when Li Xiaohua was actively sending her and Da Niu and Er Niu to the hotel.


However, Hao Jianye didn’t rush up to question her for some reason.


Instead, it was only today that he gloomily spewed crap in this place.


In fact, this was the case.

Hao Jianye saw Meng Changjin from afar yesterday but was not quite sure.

The most important thing was that the man beside Meng Changjin was dressed like a rich man.


And Hao Jianye was a person who bullied the weak but was afraid of the strong.

Even if he felt he had a green hat on his head, he did not dare to go straight up and ask Meng Changjin.


After returning home without seeing Meng Changjin, Da Niu, and Er Niu, Hao Jianye thought the other party might not return.


He was naturally outraged but afraid to go after Meng Changjin’s man.


He didn’t expect Meng Changjin to come back.

Yet he knew he couldn’t beat Meng Changjin now, but he could scold her.


Calling her shameless, calling her a bitch, as long as he could trample people into the dust, he would feel comfortable in his heart.


It was a pity that Meng Changjin was not used to people’s stench.


It was not that she would not do anything if Hao Jianye would not.

She could not just stand there and let people scold her.


If it were not for the legal constraints of this mission world, Hao Jianye would have died long ago in the world of cultivators, where people die at every turn.


After all, Meng Changjin wasn’t exactly a good person either.


“You gave me a man who had nothing to do with me.

I do not care as to explain to you, but this face of yours really makes people pour clean their appetite.

I still want to advise you to agree to divorce sooner.

Da Niu and Er Niu belong to me; otherwise, I don’t mind being widowed if my patience runs out.” Meng Changjin finished calmly and walked toward the room.


Walking back from the marketplace made her dizzy from motion sickness.

Still, the slanderous words of Hao Jianye made her brain hurt and annoyed.


Perhaps the word “widowed” that Meng Changjin mentioned played a role, or another reason because Hao Jianye didn’t push but was still coughing.


Meng Changjin knocked on the door and asked Da Niu and Er Niu to open it for her.

After entering the room, she originally wanted to nap to ease her dizziness.


Suddenly, she had a sudden thought.

Since spiritual energy could repair the damaged body, could it make dizziness and motion sickness go away


She did what she thought was best and told Da Niu and Er Niu to go play while Meng Changjin sat cross-legged on the bed.

She made hand seals and began cultivating, focusing her spiritual energy on her head.


The dizzy head was blown by a strong wind, and the fog that represented the faint pain was quickly blown away.


Meng Changjin: ……!


It felt like a loss.


Why didn’t she think of doing this before


Seeing the annoyed expression on Meng Changjin’s face, Xiao Si, the fish, was happy to become a silly dog.


It was rare that Meng Changjin had such a stupid time, and Xiao Si was pleased.


He was pleased to record Meng Changjin’s stupidity this time.


Although Meng Changjin did not know what Xiao Si was doing, she heard Xiao Si, a silly fish, laughing.


The kind of laughter that was almost out of breath.


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