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Meng Changjin walked away.

Only then did the two little girls carry the heavy-looking basket into the yard.

Then they brought it to the spot where they put the ragweed.


Meng Changjin went to the yard to bring Hao Jianye, the client’s scumbag husband, to a room.

The two little girls, who were easily frightened, would see him in the yard.

Also, when Hao Jianye’s mother returned, she might be upset.


This old lady, they said, was kind, but she managed to conspire with Hao Jianye to fabricate the client’s death.

For her, she was just a weak woman.


Since she was not in the client’s long-cherished wish, Meng Changjin didn’t plan to pay attention to her.


In Hao Jianye’s vicious glare, Meng Changjin calmly threw him to the floor of the room and kicked him hard in the buttocks to avenge the kick she had just received.


She was very vengeful!


Hao Jianye, who had been kicked hard, stared at Meng Changjin with disbelieving eyes, looking at her like a dead woman.


If not gagged, that look was likely to start cursing the woman looking for death, to kill you, and so on.


Meng Changjin closed the door indifferently.

The scumbag needed to be cleaned up, and she would come back several times if he couldn’t be cleaned up once.

What Meng Changjin liked most was to lead people back to the right path in a physical way.


That was really a sense of achievement!


The door cut off Hao Jianye’s evil eyes, and Meng Changjin clapped her hands and walked into the stove on the side of the courtyard.


Hungry, she needed to eat to replenish her energy.


Suddenly, she missed the days when she could cultivate and abstain from eating.


But now, she was in an ordinary human body, and she had to replenish her energy when hungry.


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