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“I do not care if you are wrong or not.

If you really feel that you are unfair to Zheng Xiumei, then you should agree to a divorce without delay.

This is the real compensation for Zheng Xiumei.” Meng Changjin slightly leaned over, looking directly into Hao Jianye’s eyes with a sense of oppression.


She did not use me but Zheng Xiumei because she thought Zheng Xiumei was Zheng Xiumei.

She was her.

It did not matter whether Hao Jianye’s words were sincere or a way to make “Zheng Xiumei” not divorce him.

Meng Changjin would not have a second solution here.


She would only follow her client’s long-cherished wish.

Whether Hao Jianye was sincere or not, the very thing he was genuinely sorry for was gone.

It was too late even if he sincerely repented.


In addition, Meng Changjin did not think Hao Jianye would sincerely repent.

It was just a means to achieve the result he wanted.


After seeing Hao Jianye’s eyes dodge a little, Meng Changjin was so sure.


Meng Changjin’s vision seemed so sharp that it pierced one’s heart.

Hao Jianye’s head was still dizzy from the alcohol.

Still, he knew better than ever that her words about divorce were absolutely true.


Hao Jianye went into a sudden rage.

He was not sensible; he bullied the weak, feared the strong and was short-tempered and suspicious.

So when he realized it was impossible to fix it, he didn’t think about stabilizing “Zheng Xiumei” anymore.


“You just want to divorce me to find your lover.

You bitch, shameless, do you think people in the county will be able to look at you if you divorce me I will not divorce you.

Stop daydreaming.

Trying to kick me out Impossible! Do not think I will not let you get what you want.” Hao Jianye’s tone changed.

He began to scold Meng Changjin, and his words were highly demeaning.


As if Meng Changjin became inferior in his words, he would become noble.


Meng Changjin laughed when she heard this.

No matter how hard Hao Jianye scolded her, she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

Although Hao Jianye was scolding her, the truth was that the person was not her.

What did it matter to her, Meng Changjin


It wasn’t a matter of concern, but Hao Jianye cursed too hard to be annoying to the ears.

Meng Changjin couldn’t bear it.


“Go find a rope for mom.” Meng Changjin turned around and arranged for Da Niu and Er Niu to help her find a rope.

She decided to do it the old-fashioned way, tie him up and gag him.


But this time, it was not a matter of tying up and sleeping on the ground for one night.

Meng Changjin decided to be ruthless and wouldn’t untie or give food unless he agreed to a divorce.

She had seen a lot of people like Hao Jianye, who was afraid of the strong.

As long as someone was ruthless, s/he would be willing to let go.


Da Niu and Er Niu quickly untied a rope from the back basket, usually grass-filled.

They quickly ran over and handed it to Meng Changjin.


Meng Changjin took the rope and prepared to tie up Hao Jianye.

At this time, the old lady had just returned from outside.


She didn’t know what had happened previously.


Meng Changjin glanced at her and then continued to extend her hands to Hao Jianye.

Hao Jianye naturally would not obediently let Meng Changjin tie him up, so he struggled.


Meng Changjin was a little displeased and raised her foot to give Hao Jianye two blows.

She kicked the man to the ground and started to tie his hands and feet.


The old lady screamed in shock and rushed forward.

But she didn’t dare to get too close, but her mouth was filled with frightening questions.

“What do you want Why are you tying up my son Stop!”


However, Meng Changjin was not moved at all.

She quickly tied Hao Jianye and pulled him up by the collar, and he was thrown to the corner of the courtyard.


Then she looked at the old lady.

“Why don’t you persuade him to divorce Zheng Xiumei as soon as possible Otherwise, things like this will happen more often in the future.”


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