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The old lady had already been stunned at the scene of Meng Changjin’s skillful bondage and the ease with which she carried the 100-plus pound man to the corner of the courtyard.


Hearing Meng Changjin’s words, she suddenly felt that she was right.


Her son should hurry up and divorce this daughter-in-law, who had suddenly become completely different.


Where was Zheng Xiumei’s former honest appearance If things continued like this, they wouldn’t know what kind of torture they would be subjected to.


What happened to the honest daughter-in-law How did she become like this


How could such a daughter-in-law still be a daughter-in-law


The old lady hurriedly went to untie Hao Jianye after Meng Changjin clapped her hands and walked away.

She was not even looking at her and Hao Jianye anymore.


She had to talk to her son and get a divorce.


Since ancient times, daughters-in-law and mother-in-law were born enemies.

Only the old lady was looking at this daughter-in-law in a good way.

The son could manage, so she didn’t care.


But now it was her son who was beaten and bullied.

She naturally looked at Meng Changjin differently, and now she didn’t need Meng Changjin to say anything more.

She would also persuade her son to divorce her!


This kind of daughter-in-law they could not afford.

Their family temple was too small to accommodate this big Buddha.


Meng Changjin watched the old lady rush over to untie Hao Jianye, but she didn’t stop her.

She took Da Niu and Er Niu for a walk outside.


The old lady did not care where they were going.

She worked for a long time, but the rope could not be untied.


It looked like the knot was not tight, but there was no way to untie it for some reason.


Hao Jianye, who was uncomfortable being strapped in, also sobered up a bit.

Instead of scolding Meng Changjin, he urged the old lady to hurry up and untie the rope for him.


“Mom, hurry up, help me untie the rope quickly.” Hao Jianye urged.


“This knot is too evil.

Don’t worry, I’m untying it.” The old lady tried to use all kinds of methods, but she just couldn’t untie it.

What could she do


“How can’t you untie it, mom Do you not want to untie it for me” Hao Jianye suddenly got angry.


He was not a good-tempered person.

He used to beat his mother when he was drunk.

Now he was tied up, and his mother belonged to the “soft” side.

His temper naturally came up.


He might have done it if he was not tied up with the rope.


Because the rope had not been untied, Hao Jianye’s tone was getting worse and worse.

He was yelling at the old lady.


But the old lady’s face only showed sadness and not anger.


“Don’t worry.

Mom will get a knife to cut the rope.” The old lady didn’t want to ignore Hao Jianye, and she couldn’t untie it and be yelled at by her son.


“Then why don’t you go quickly!” Hao Jianye heard taking a knife to cut the rope.

His dizzy head slowly moved, thinking this solution was feasible.

But the realization of this solution did not come into play quickly.

He was here for a long time, deliberately making him uncomfortable.


“Ah, mom will go right away.” The old lady hurriedly went to find the knife and wiped the corner of her eyes when she got up.


She was treating her son like eye candy, but she knew how badly he treated her.


She had been so good to her son.

She had brought up her son with a handful of **; he was the first one around the house to be treated well.

But why did he become like this in the end


The old lady never reflected on whether it was because from childhood Hao Jianye was spoiled by her.

Because of this, he was nurtured into what he is now.


The old lady never seemed to understand the truth that spoiling a son was like killing him.


But even if she understood it now, it was too late.

Hao Jianye’s nature had already become such that it was impossible to change.


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