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“Good.” Facing Hao Jianye, Meng Changjin blandly spat a word.


Meng Changjin agreed, Hao Jianye originally wanted to say something else, but now he could not say it.


He stood to the side and stared at Meng Changjin like a thief.


Meng Changjin flipped out the client’s identity card, waved it in front of Hao Jianye, and then walked outside the courtyard, holding Da Niu and Er Niu abruptly.


When she was about to step out of the gate, Meng Changjin looked back at the old lady sitting on the ground.


The old lady was still in tears and didn’t seem to have a problem with Hao Jianye agreeing to the divorce and consenting for Meng Changjin to take Da Niu and Er Niu with her.


Also, for the old lady, Da Niu and Er Niu were two little girls.

Sooner or later, they had to splash out the water, which was naturally not worth saving.


Obviously, they were women.

When they were maltreated, the old lady, who was also a woman, seemed to have taken it for granted.

These problems left behind by the feudal tradition should be discarded.

Still, they had been integrated into the old lady’s blood and bones.


Meng Changjin turned her head and no longer looked at the old lady and Hao Jianye.

Holding the little girls, she walked out of the Hao family courtyard without looking back.


From now on, everything here was no longer concerned with her.


The client’s long-cherished wish for divorce had been fulfilled, and the remaining life belonged to her, Meng Changjin.


When Meng Changjin led Da Niu and Er Niu out of the courtyard, the sky had already started to turn dark, and almost all the villagers were home.


Seeing that Meng Changjin was leading Da Niu and Er Niu toward the marketplace naturally caused the villagers to talk about it.


Everyone was curious why Meng Changjin took the two little girls out when it was almost dark, but no one answered their doubts.


Although today was the market day, the sky was dark, the stalls had already closed in the marketplace, and the doors were closed.


Meng Changjin and the girls were lucky enough, and they ran into a motorcycle on the way and took a ride to the marketplace.


There were also hotels in the marketplace, but the conditions were much worse than those in the county.


The room was a room, and the toilet was outside at the end of the corridor.


The conditions were poor, but Meng Changjin did not mind.


Time was short.

It was good to have a place to shelter from the wind and rain, so what else was there to think about


Da Niu and Er Niu were very excited on the way, probably because they understood that they had left the family that scolded them at every turn.

Their moods were inevitably soaring.


Meng Changjin mixed cold water with boiling water from the thermos to wipe their faces and feet, and the three squeezed into the small bed.


Meng Changjin went through the things she needed to do tomorrow.

Feeling that nothing was missing, she patted Da Niu and Er Niu on the back and told them to hurry to sleep.


She didn’t buy new clothes for her and her daughters when she had money.

Meng Changjin was worried that Hao Jianye would not quickly agree to a divorce if he knew she had money.


Naturally, she could use the money to get Hao Jianye to agree to a divorce, but this would not meet the client’s long-cherished wish.


The client’s long-cherished wish included teaching Hao Jianye a lesson if possible.

So giving a lesson was fine, but giving money was not even a dream.


Now that the long-cherished wish was fulfilled, Meng Changjin could splurge openly.


Da Niu and Da Niu obediently sleep, while Meng Changjin sat at the end of the bed and cultivated all night


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