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Chapter 24.1


Translated by ChewBerry

Edited by ChewBerry


In this way, Da Niu learned by teaching the knowledge again to Er Niu and Meng Changjin.

By doing so, she thoroughly chewed up the knowledge taken, and Meng Changjin and Er Niu also learned a lot of things.


Later, as she got older, Er Niu also had to enroll in school.


In addition to learning textbook knowledge with two girls, Meng Changjin added other things that interested her.


For example, motorcycle ~


Flying with a sword was done, so riding a motorcycle was not a problem.


Meng Changjin’s current financial resources to buy a vehicle could be afforded, but she did not purchase it.

It was because she did not have a driver’s license.


In Meng Changjin’s words – Learning was learning!


Meng Changjin learned some of the behavioral habits of people in this world and became more and more integrated into this exciting world.


The times were booming, and more exciting things appeared to replace what was eliminated.

Meng Changjin’s motorcycle had been replaced by a scooter, and the small phone was replaced by a touch screen smartphone.


Da Niu and Er Niu also went to college and became beautiful women.


More than ten years had passed, and the years did not seem to leave any traces on Meng Changjin’s body.

Instead, she felt younger the longer she lived.


For example, she would be considered their sister if she was on vacation and drove to pick up Da Niu and Er Niu.


The girls often find it hard to explain that their mother wasn’t their sister.

Nobody believed them, or they thought that even if she was really their mother, she must be their stepmother!


A lot of times, the two were too lazy to explain.

What others believed was what it was.


Da Niu and Er Niu went to graduate school after college.

Meng Changjin was not the kind of person who would think it was useless for girls to read so many books.

The two wanted to study.


The city was not like the countryside.

If Da Niu and Er Niu were not married in their twenties, there would always be people making a lot of fuss and criticism.


Everyone in the city was very busy and had no time to bother with other people’s business.


In private, Da Niu also had a conversation with Meng Changjin.

She was not ready to get married, and she should have been influenced by her family when she was a child.


Meng Changjin did not say anything, respecting Da Niu’s choice.


After Meng Changjin’s remarks, Da Niu was more at ease and boldly devoted to her studies and work.

She never came out once she entered the research institute all year round.


Er Niu was younger at that time.

The impact on her was there, but not as great as Da Niu’s.


She expressed that the person should not gamble and drink.


When Meng Changjin’s body was fifty years old, Er Niu and her boyfriend of three years got married.

Da Niu also took the time to come out from the research institute to attend her sister’s wedding.


A few years later, when Er Niu’s child could run and jump, Xiao Si told Meng Changjin that the client’s deadline was approaching.

In other words, he said it was time for her to leave.


This limit had nothing to do with physical health.

Because Meng Changjin could cultivate every day, it was not a problem to live to 100 years old.


Meng Changjin’s property already had a will of testament.

It would be fairly distributed to the Da Niu and Er Niu.


The two things that she took with her at the end, Meng Changjin still chose the motorcycle and gasoline from the start to the end.


These two things would be put away for her by Xiao Si when she left, and she could use them anytime in the future.


“Are you ready” Xiao Si asked.


“Yes.” Meng Changjin nodded.


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