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Chapter 26.1


Translated by ChewBerry

Edited by ChewBerry


This time, the client’s name was Yu Xiaotang, born in a two-earner family.

Both her father and mother were middle school teachers.


Theoretically, if the parents were teachers, the children’s performance would not be too bad.

However, Yu Xiaotang herself was among the dirt in terms of grades.


It made the parents unable to hold their heads before their colleagues.


Initially, Yu Xiaotang’s life would probably be to graduate from junior high school, attend senior high school, enter society after graduation, get married, and have children, as expected.


But in the second half of the third year of junior high school, Yu Xiaotang suddenly played hard to study.

As for a reason, it was because the best student confessed to her.


The best boy was named Zhuang Qi.

He did well in his studies and was very handsome.

He confessed to Yu Xiaotang, hoping to be in the same class in high school, so Yu Xiaotang suddenly made an effort.


Yu Xiaotang was late in the game and played her best in the second semester of her junior year.

Although she made progress, she did not make that much, close to the bottom of the list, so she graduated.


After three years in school, Yu Xiaotang became Zhuang Qi’s little follower.

Zhuang Qi asked Yu Xiaotang not to reveal their romantic relationship because they were still students.

Hence, she obediently did as she was told.


For Zhuang Qi, Yu Xiaotang studied really hard.

So after three years in high school, she got into the same university as Zhuang Qi.

However, compared to Zhuang Qi’s excellent results, Yu Xiaotang was still at the bottom of the list.


This was clearly a wonderful thing, from junior high school to senior high school and then to the same university.

Perhaps after the two graduated from university, they would directly take the school uniforms to their wedding clothes, making many people envious.


If that was the case, it would be good; where was the issue


Zhuang Qi’s family conditions were not good.

In fact, he faced quitting school in his junior year because his parents, who were gamblers, all had no money for him to go to high school.

He was told to quit school and go out to work in his junior year.


Zhuang Qi did not want to.

He was brilliant, and only studying would be the best way out.


But his parents wouldn’t understand this.

When Zhuang Qi insisted on studying, his parents ignored him.

He couldn’t even eat at school without money, so Zhuang Qi would have given in and had to drop out of school to work.


Zhuang Qi did not want to give into the situation.

He wanted to study and become successful and let his parents, who were short-sighted and only knew how to gamble, be unable to hold a candle to him.


But he could not even eat a meal that cost a few yuan in the cafeteria.

He was also just a 15-year-old minor with neither the ability to make money nor the idea to do so.


He wanted to study and thought he could get ahead by studying.

But he was too poor and had no money to eat or buy books and pens, so sooner or later, he would give in.


At this time, he overheard someone bragging about having a girlfriend, so he didn’t have to pay for his food and could save his living expenses to buy cigarettes.


Zhuang Qi suddenly had a bold idea deep in his heart.


If he had a girlfriend, would he be able to solve the food problem


After this concept appeared in his head, he couldn’t stop thinking about it.


Zhuang Qi carefully observed the classmates around him and finally chose Yu Xiaotang, a dumb student whose parents were working together.


Of course, Yu Xiaotang was not his only choice.

Zhuang Qi meant to have a girlfriend for food, and he chose several candidates to be on the safe side.


But he didn’t expect to succeed with Yu Xiaotang, and the other candidates didn’t come into play.


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