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When she returned to the bedroom and was ready to bring the trash to the storage room, she saw the two little girls who should have been asleep in bed staring at the floor.

Their eyes remained wide open, staring at their father, who was tied up securely.


The two little girls were unsure when they woke up, but they didn’t move because they saw Hao Jianye.

They didn’t let him loose because the man on the ground was their father.


Meng Changjin probably knew why.

Although the two little girls were small, Hao Jianye left an indelible impression of cruelty in their small lives.


This father was usually either at the gambling or wine table.

In addition, he would lose their money and beat them when drunk.


If a person had the right mentality, they would not like this kind of person.


Meng Changjin did not care, showing disgust at Hao Jianye in front of the two young girls.

It was important to leave the impression of loving parents to children, but this was not that kind of family.

It was more important for children to understand right and wrong.


For example, this kind of family member of gambler and alcoholic was not necessary to be polite to him!


“Wake up and get up.

The meal will be ready later.” She reached out to the two little girls, and they rushed and threw themselves into Meng Changjin’s arms.

Meng Changjin carried the two little girls out of the room, one by one.


The two girls were too sensible.

The little ones put on their shoes and went to get the basket.


“Why are you going It’s time to eat.” Meng Changjin went to turn over the potatoes in the pot and saw two little girls, each carrying a basket and walking towards the door.


“Cut ragweeds.” The eldest girl looked at Meng Changjin cautiously and said in a low voice.


Meng Changjin did not know what to say for a while.

It was said that the children of poor families were early to manage the household.

She had only heard about it before, but now it was happening in person.

Meng Changjin was a little sad.


“Put down the basket, eat first and then go.” Meng Changjin would go with the two little girls in a while.


Through the client’s memory, she usually needed to work in the field and the work of feeding pigs and chickens at home.

As for the client’s scumbag husband, he didn’t do **.

He came home and beat his wife and children when he got drunk, gambled, and lost money.


While the bacon and potatoes were not ready yet, Meng Changjin fed the pigs and chickens.

She worked as much as she could until the rice was ready.


The old lady went out early in the morning, and Hao Jianye was still tied and thrown to the floor.

Only Meng Changjin and two little girls were at the table.


Before going out later, she had to untie Hao Jianye.

Although it was summer, he had been lying on the ground without eating or drinking.

She had to be careful of playing to death.


The three of them ate, and the two little girls looked satisfied.


They felt that these two days were the happiest.

They didn’t get beaten and still had enough to eat.

If they kept living like this, then…


The two little girls couldn’t help showing a cute smile.


Meng Changjin raised her hand, touched the heads of the Da Niu and the Er Niu, and then went to untie Hao Jianye.


Speaking of which, in the client’s memory, the two little girls didn’t even have proper names and only the nickname Da Niu and Er Niu.


Girls in this world could also go to school.

Meng Changjin also wanted to send two children to school, so she must have a household registration.


But there was no rush.

When she divorced Hao Jianye, the household registration would go to her directly.

There were many things to do, and she had to make money.



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