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The client’s mother’s family was unlikely to take her in.

After all, how could a family that sold their daughter capable of taking in a divorced one


Her mother’s family was the same as none, so she had to make money to make a living.

According to the client’s memory, many people started to do business in this era.

Before Meng Changjin died, she was a small rogue cultivator, selling some of the herbs harvested in the mysterious realm or something.

But this world did not have cultivators, and there was no secret realm for her to get herbs.

The client had no other skills except to work in the field and do housework.

Meng Changjin couldn’t think of how to earn money in this world for a while.


But Meng Changjin was not worried; she was just unfamiliar with this world.

As long as she understood a little, Meng Changjin did not believe she could not find a way to earn money.


She untied Hao Jianye.

As for the dirty rag blocking Hao Jianye’s mouth, Meng Changjin was not so kind as to remove it for him for fear of getting her hands dirty.


After doing all this, Meng Changjin and the two little girls went out with the baskets on their backs.


“Where do you usually go to cut ragweed” Meng Changjin went out with the two little girls.

She turned around with the sickle in her right hand and asked casually.


“At the foot of the mountain.” Da Niu pointed to a small hill in front of her and said.


It was midsummer and looking out from the yard, it was a green field.

The client remembered that these crops were corn, and the plants would turn yellow in autumn, which was also the harvest season.


Meng Changjin had the client’s memory, but it was not as good as what she saw with her own eyes.

Her eyes felt a lot more comfortable when she saw the green patch.


Meng Changjin felt a little richer spiritual energy but was only a little richer.


Although Da Niu and Er Niu were both children, their walking speed was not slow.

The three of them quickly passed through the middle of the corn forest to the foot of the mountain.


The leaves of the corn rubbed against their skin, and it was itchy.

Meng Changjin scratched several times in a short time.


When they reached the foot of the mountain, Da Niu and Er Niu began to mow the ragweed swiftly.

Meng Changjin glanced at the hill for a while and told the two little girls not to wander off here, and she went up the mountain to look.


The two little girls had no objection to Meng Changjin’s words.

After nodding obediently, they silently watched Meng Changjin walk up the mountain.

When Meng Changjin’s figure was entirely hidden by the bushes, the two little girls squatted down and started to work nimbly.


Into the mountain forest, the surrounding tall trees blocked most of the sunlight.


Meng Changjin released her divine sense and watched the surroundings.


Stepping on the wild grass on the mountain and walking forward for a while, Meng Changjin suddenly stopped.

She looked sideways to the right, walked over there, and found four green wild eggs, smaller than an egg, from the bushes.


This was an unexpected harvest.

She didn’t expect that there would be pheasants on the mountain so close to human life.


“How can you use your divine sense” A young boy’s voice resounded in her mind.

It was the golden-red fish.


This was the first time he spoke after sending Meng Changjin into this world.

Meng Changjin raised her eyebrows slightly and thought she was thrown into the mission world and was left alone, but he was still there.


“Guess” Meng Changjin said, using her mind while tucking the wild eggs separately into the pockets of her clothes and pants so as not to get cracked.


Golden Red Fish:  …




How could he guess! He didn’t have the big shot’s face reading skills.


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