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The young boy’s voice in her mind head paused and did not squeak.


Meng Changjin couldn’t help but smile.

“That said, from now on, we should cooperate for quite a short time.

How do I call you”


Hearing Meng Changjin’s question, the young boy’s voice in her mind sounded slow, “Then, you can call me Fourth Master.”


“Okay, Xiao Si.” Meng Changjin’s tone was calm.


“I said I am called Fourth Master!” The young boy’s voice grumpily said.


“Understood, Xiao Si.” Meng Changjin’s tone was even more calm, even with a smile.


Golden Red Fish:  …


Xiao Si was Xiao Si, okay


The golden-red fish in the sea of ​​consciousness waved his tail, and it was a pity that Meng Changjin didn’t call him Fourth Master.


Xiao Si asked curiously, “How will you fulfill the client’s long-cherished wish”


Meng Changjin smiled.

“You will know later.”


Xiao Si:  …


Yeah, right, pretend to be deep and mysterious!


Meng Changjin only took a sickle when she entered the mountain and carried pheasants when she came out.


The two little girls who heard the sound saw Meng Changjin carrying pheasants in both hands.

Their mouths were wide open, and they had a stunned expression.


Meng Changjin smiled at the two little girls.

She swiftly tied the pheasants’ feet with ropes and threw them in the basket.


According to the client’s memory, this world experienced three years of famine more than thirty years ago.

Then there was collective manual labor and equal treatment for everyone in the same institution.

A few years ago, the land was divided into households, but the grain yield was not high.

Families could only kill pigs on New Year’s Eve, eating them for a few days.

It was rare to eat meat on regular days.


Two pheasants were a lot of money for people nowadays.

Meng Changjin was well aware of the principle of not revealing wealth.

Even if it was exposed, people couldn’t take it away.

But it was a hassle, so it was better not to disclose it in front of people at the start.


The two little girls, Da Niu and Er Niu were surprised at first, but they didn’t make a fuss.

The two little girls had a dull temperament, didn’t like talking, and were extraordinarily silent.


Meng Changjin reached out and touched the heads of the two little girls.

“Let’s go back and eat pheasant today.”


The two little girls nodded heavily, looking at Meng Changjin with sparkling adoration.


Meng Changjin was very flattered.


Then Meng Changjin started to mow the ragweed, and she was already eyeing the pigs at home.


The two pigs, she had to have one when she got divorced, so now she had to feed them well.


While Meng Changjin was cutting the grass with the two little girls, Hao Jianye, who had been untied, came to his senses.


Feeling that the bound hands and feet were free again, Hao Jianye got up from the ground and hurriedly pulled the dirty rag out of his mouth.

The smell in his mouth was so disgusting that he retched.


After retching, the hungry and dizzy Hao Jianye remembered what happened yesterday.


Thinking of this, Hao Jianye gritted his teeth!


“Zheng Xiumei!” Hao Jianye shouted loudly.


After shouting, no one paid attention to him.


Hao Jianye started cursing, “Stinky woman, how dare you not answer me.”


Cursing, Hao Jianye’s eyes were red in anger when he thought of being tied up by Zheng Xiumei yesterday.


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